Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I Don't Care. Go Ahead."

Even with the boys away, I haven't had an opportunity for Meg to make an entrance (or exit into the world of civilians).  I had a little free time on Tuesday and did some laundry.  Well, of course, the easiest way to wash everything would be to change into something from Meg's side of the closet.  It was just a blouse and skirt, but even that makes a big difference in how I feel.  Even organising the guest area and cleaning up the bathroom for my weekend houseguest is more pleasant that way.

During the week, my wife usually gets on her computer until midnight or 1AM.  I try to get up early and I'm in bed by 11.  When it got close to (my) bedtime, I told her that I was going to take advantage of the boys' absence and wear a nightgown to bed.  I told her I'd stay in the guest room, if she'd prefer.  Her less-than-enthusiastic response is the subject of this post.

Wednesday, I did the same but without mentioning it in advance.  She said nothing either time.  I made a point of not showing up downstairs where she was after my shower.

Unless something else is going on at bedtime tonight, I'll repeat.

My wife has been hedging about whether she'll be out tonight or not, and for how long.  Meg may make a full appearance tonight.  I've been prepping for the past few days, just in case.  I'd like to go out shopping, but even a couple of hours around the house will be nice.

As I said, I've been prepping.  The weekend will be shorts weather; I'll explain hairless arms and legs if necessary.  If I'm asked, that is.  I won't bring attention to it, but I won't tell stories either.

Update: my wife will not be working late. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My current project involves, among other things, getting biographical information.  Nothing unusual there.

Among the items requested is "gender."  That's better than "sex," which as we all know, is wrong.  Nothing too unusual there.

The choices were a bit unusual, but I think they are standard for certain government organisations:


All that's missing is "AMBIGUOUS NAME, NO GENDER GIVEN"  Right, Pat?  Right, Kim?  Right, Chris?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now I Understand

A few days ago, I wrote about my company's equal employment opportunity policy and about how I didn't understand "perceived sexual identity."  Now I understand.  It's other's perception.  So if you act effeminate because, well, that's just the way you are, you have recourse if others react to you being you.

When it comes down to it, I think the best, most honest, fairest equal rights policy would be:

no-one may be discriminated against for being who themselves.

The Washington Post had a little article taken from wire services:

6 NYC “party-crashers” charged with murder as a hate crime; Long Island teen beaten, stomped

NEW YORK — Authorities say six New York City teenagers have been charged with murder as a hate crime in the beating and stomping of an 18-year-old perceived to be gay [emphasis mine].
Anthony Collao of Bethpage on Long Island was attacked in March while leaving a birthday party in Woodhaven, Queens.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Thursday the defendants were each charged in a 21-count indictment that includes second-degree murder as a hate crime. Brown said the charges were upgraded after new evidence from witnesses.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said previously that the suspects made “homophobic remarks” and scrawled on a wall with red markers after crashing the party.

The defendants could face up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

[end of article]

Let's hope.

An aside: sorry about Saturday.  I get what might be migraines that last for about three days.  I just couldn't drive myself to even post a Saturday CD cartoon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

No Surprise

She said no.  So Meg stayed away Sunday night.  I might have some at-home opportunities during the week, since the boys are away, but probably no out-of-house episodes.  I'll keep my eyes open for any chances though, even if I have to come home as Meg while my wife's at home.

Last night, just for a bit of fun, I came in from dropping off my son.  My wife's friends were here and I said hi and "if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go change."

I changed from a polo- to a t-shirt.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She Hasn't Said No

About once a month, my wife has some friends over for her spiritual book club.  It's more video than book, and sometimes more an opportunity to shmooze than get spiritual.  One of the members is the one I told about Meg.

Tonight is such a night.  For the first time, both boys will be away.

Last evening, I reminded my wife that she often asked me to join the ladies for her meeting.  I told her I'd feel funny as the only guy, but as Meg I'd join.  Her comment was "none of the women dress up for these meetings, or wear makeup."  I said I'd still feel like joining only as Meg.  She changed the subject.  Later, I mentioned that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me.  She said that I seem to take any chance I get.  I agreed that I enjoy my time as Meg and like new experiences and meeting with her friends would be a new experience.  She changed the subject.

Any time I brought it back up over the evening, she sidestepped and changed the subject.

But she hasn't said no.

I'll continue today, pushing for that once-in-a-lifetime chance.  If permission is granted, I'll have to spend some time shaving and getting ready.  I think my Arizona museum outfit would be a good choice.

It's all nice to plan and think about it, but I know: she'll say no.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hint, Hint

I have a new work-related e-mail account. I won't go into details, and I won't post any comments that go into details ~ people who have seen this before know what it is.

You've all probably had accounts with security questions. "What is your mother's maiden name?" "What school did you go to for 3rd grade?" "What is your quest?" "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

This was security questions on steroids.

There was a choice of twenty questions. You had to pick fifteen. Each had a choice of pre-defined answers, or you could fill in a "custom" answer. This is useful in the off chance that the name of your childhood best friend wasn't on the list of a dozen or so names they included.

I picked, among other questions, "what scares you?" "what is your favorite hobby?" and "what game did you like best as a child?"

For hobby, I wrote-in "cding."  That wasn't one of the choices.

For what scares me, I wasn't sure what to write but one of the choices was "getting caught." Bingo. That works for me. :)

For game, I was writing in "handball," something we played every night as kids (Chinese handball, actually. How many of you played that as a kid?) But I looked over their list and there was "dress up." Handball was fun, and the loser had to buy a soda for the winner, but if I had the choice between handball and dress-up, I would've gone with dress-up. So I put down the alternate reality answer.

And why not.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Eyes Are Everywhere

I no longer sit in a private office or cube where I can turn my monitor away from passing eyes.  There are six desks in the room I'm in, and people come and go all the time.

This limits what I can do outside of job-related web access.  Formerly, when on break or during lunch, I'd check out the Washington Post headlines, or the comics, or femulate, or I could pre-post tomorrow's callMeMeg entry, or check out other trans-related sites, or approve comments.

I can't do most of those things now.

I can still check my mail (infrequently) ~ even my Meg accounts.

Yesterday, early, I received an e-mail from Glamour Boutique, the only trans-related site I shop at.  I spent the entire day hoping for an empty room for at least a few minutes so I could open it and see where I might spend my money.  It never happened.  Normally, I don't mind being kept in suspense.  "Do not open 'til Christmas" does not bother me.  Unless, that is, it's a package from someone who knows about Meg.  Then I want to tear it open immediately.

I really wanted to read that e-mail, but I know it's going to be mostly pictures.  Later in the day, when there was only one other person in the room, I was calculating how well he could see my screen from where he was and whether I could safely open the message.

The answer was "fairly well" and I had to wait.

Patience is supposed to be a good thing, isn't it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coming Up!

I was looking for a clip for this but couldn't find one.  All I found was this thumbnail.

Thursday at 10pm Eastern, two episodes of Futurama will be shown on Comedy Central.

Futurama, for the uninitiated, is an animated series which takes place 1000 years in the future.  A pizza delivery boy named Fry was accidentally frozen for those thousand years and he now works for an interstellar delivery company with Leela (a one-eyed alien woman), Dr Zoiberg (a lobster/human sort of something I haven't figured out), a robot named Bender, and a few other characters.

In the teaser I saw last night, the main characters seemed to decide they didn't want to be their chosen genders and were switched.

This isn't the first time Futurama has done something like this.  Bender once decided to become a female wrestler.  There was the standard bad sci-fi mind switching machine episode.

I like Futurama.  It's usually very funny, but I never know when it's going to be on.  This time I'll remember.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Equal Opportunity

My new company has an Equal Employment Opportunity policy. It says the company:

"is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and to compliance with the law."

Well, that's typical boilerplate bs. In English it says, "We'll be as good as the law requires us to be."

But it goes on, and they go above and beyond what's required:

"It is [company] policy to provide equal employment opportunity and to make all employment-related decisions without regard to race, ancestry, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, familial status, political affiliation, or any other legally protected status or characteristics."

Gender identity. Cool. They don't define that, which is uncool, but they do include gender identity and...


"sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation?"

That's a new one on me and I have no idea what it means. But I approve and I'm impressed.  The only HR person I met did not impress me as someone with a serious grasp of her job.  But soon I'm going to hunt down the HR people who know what they're doing and discuss this with them.

I am intrigued.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Whenever I leave my room or house or wherever I am to join the world as Meg, I spend a moment or two in panic mode.
Do I have my house key? Do I have my car key? Do I have my cel phone? Is everything secure? Do I have my purse? Did I put my essential papers (license, insurance, credit cards, cash) in my purse? Do I have tissues and necessary makeup in my purse? Do I look OK (subjective, I know)?

I think it's all a little excessive, but I put it down to 'nervous about going out.'

Last Monday, in Arizona, I went to the office.  Before I left my room I caught myself thinking

Do I have my room key? Do I have my car key? Do I have my cel phone? Is everything secure? Did I put my essential papers (license, insurance, credit cards, cash) in my pocket? Do I have a handkerchief with me?

Meg is just a female me. That's really comforting to know.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Arizona Notes

My Arizona rental car had two features, one I could use, one not so much. 

Cruise control is useless back home.  In Arizona I can go at 75 or 65 or whatever the limit is and not even see another car for ten miles.  Cruise control is priceless.  And Meg does NOT want to get pulled over!  So driving at exactly the speed limit is a good idea.

The other feature, heated seats, isn't very useful although it does feel like it's stuck in the 'on' position.

On Sunday night, I drove about ten miles south of town.  I could go no further.  A new fire had sprung up, and police were turning everyone around.

Tuesday, I could see the fire from my room and from the office.  Ramsey Canyon, a very popular Nature Conservancy preserve is threatened.  At least one of the people from my company was evacuated.  It looks like the fires won't be controlled until the rainy season starts in a couple of weeks.

This is not the big fire you've been hearing about.  That's still raging.  This is a new fire.

It's both scary and sad.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bust or No Bust

Well, both.

Too Drippy for Meg

I wasn't sure what my plan for Sunday was, but I had Meg clothes (probably the same as Friday night ~ I wasn't out long that night) and painted fingers and toes and some ideas of Things To Do.

Sunday morning, I woke up early thinking I could get dressed and go to Bisbee and take the copper mine tour and have breakfast there.

Instead I woke up early and was sneezing non-stop.  I don't know what was causing that ~ my eyes were watering and I had to make a decision.

Instead of getting out my makeup, I got out my nail polish remover and tissues and sadly started removing my fingernail polish.  It still wasn't over: I didn't need painted fingers to go out.  Just a painted face.

Mine tours were at 9 and 10:30 and further on into the day.  I wanted to make the 9, but I wasn't wedded to the idea.

By 8, the sneezing had slowed (but not stopped).  I was getting hungry so I decided to leave Meg at home and got dressed in a t and jeans.

I didn't consider it over for this trip though.  Bisbee was about 40 minutes away; I could come back afterwards and change for the afternoon and maybe go to Tombstone (touristy, but Meg might enjoy it).

The mine tour would have been a tad awkward.  Ladies, wear pants on this one!  Much of the tour is on a mine train, where you are straddling a 4x4 or 6x6 or something.  It's not skirt friendly.  I suppose you could ride sidesaddle but the tunnel is narrow and it's probably a real bad idea.  The tour was given by a man who worked in the mine for thirty years, and he had a lot of little details that a guide with a script wouldn't know.  For instance, he mentioned that the miners were "allowed" to take rocks for themselves.  If they found a pretty rock, they could take it ~ they hid it in their lunch bucket.  Everybody knew, nobody cared.  If they found gold or silver they could take that too, but they never did.  If they took copper, well, it was only a couple of cents worth.  The mine boss did the same, except he got the pick of the rocks.  Sometimes, the miners would steal his finds on the principle that the rocks are community property until removed from mine ground.

Breakfast in Bisbee also might have been uncomfortable for Meg.  It looked like a biker town, and I'm sure it was Meg friendly, but I was thinking about how I would have felt as I looked around and I felt I would not have had a lot of support there.

Corsets and Petticoats

After breakfast my eyes were still shedding water so Meg stayed home as I went to Tombstone.

I didn't go to the OK Corral re-enactment.  There are lots of places to buy native jewelry or geodes or stones.  There are a lot of restaurants ~ if it wasn't so far, I'd go back for dinner.

The other thing you can find in Tombstone is the Wild West side.  Guns, holsters, leather goods, "old time photos," and people in period clothing.

If you're looking for 1880s clothing, head for Tombstone.  Lots of fancy Saloon Girl clothes (pricey), lots of more modern western wear of the kind I was looking for: pretty tops, long loose skirts, denim skirts, light and open shoes.  AND bonus: if you're looking for corsets or petticoats, you can find them here.  The prices were all reasonable and I Was SO Tempted.  I'll be back and less likely to resist temptation.  If Meg was there, she definitely would have bought something!  Or several somethings.

Monday Nothing, Tuesday Nothing

Sorry.  That's a really obscure song reference.  Ten points to anyone who gets it.

Monday, I did not have class but I went to my office and met my peeps.  I tried to be open, friendly, sociable ~ everything I am normally not.  That, seriously, was harder than being Meg on Friday and Saturday.

I planned to work until 4 or so and then go out for dinner and maybe shopping at the mall where I had my nails done.  Instead, I worked until almost 7, and i had more work to do in my room.

Tuesday, I had to choose: I could get out at 430 and do something as Meg for at least an hour or two, but if I put in extra time I could take a day off when I got back to Virginia and spend it with my son who'll be going to New York for a summer job.  I love Meg, but not as much as my boys.  I worked late to get ahead on hours.  I don't have any vacation hours I can take yet and the contract frowns on unpaid leave.

I won't have the travel opportunities I had at my last job, but I still plan to have times out at home, for another clothing swap and maybe a trans-meeting.  That's a current goal of mine, and I need to work out the logistics.  It's certainly not impossible.  My wife is getting more vocally opposed though.  I need to figure out how to quash that.  I will also be coming back to Arizona, and I may go to some conferences.  Meg will be around.

And A Special Note for Dani

Dani wrote, in a comment:

As soon as I have an excuse to get rid of my mustache (maybe an upcoming play will provide it), I will attempt this...but only at night and only if going to a place where I am sure not to see anyone I know.

BTW--did you go bare legged?

Well, yes.  It was something new for me, and I felt better with a longer skirt.  It's also the first time I was out with a skirt below my knees!

But... the reason I copied this post is so maybe you could use this clip as your why I don't have a moustache explanation.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sonora Sage, Part 3

(there is trans content in here, I promise)

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum calls itself a museum, but it's much more.  When I think of animals in a museum, I think dead stuffed creatures behind glass.  There is some glass, thankfully (they have way too many rattlesnakes in Arizona) but no dead stuffed creatures.

I didn't see the whole museum.  There's an art museum part.  We skipped that; neither of us was interested in looking at pictures when there are so many living bits there.  Liz said it was an "animal, vegetable, and mineral" museum.

There are coyotes, lizards, javelinas (I never heard of them either), owls, prarie dogs, wolves, bears, reptiles, big cats, longhorn sheep, and more.  Some we saw, some we didn't, but they're animals with their own minds and their own ideas of where they want to be when.

There is also a beautiful walk-in aviary, large enough for the birds to be comfortable but small enough that there were birds everywhere.  And if that wasn't wonderful enough, there's a walk-in hummingbird aviary!

A Typical Museum View
If you go to the map page, you can click on different parts of the image to see what's there.  By the way, even if you can't get to the museum spend a bit of time on the web site.  It's dam good.  The webmistress is an intelligent, creative, lovely woman named Liz.  Or something like that.

And the scenery was magnificent.  I know I touched some of this yesterday but I was truly impressed.  Every time I'd turn my head, I'd say wow

I've been in the southwest before and it's always impressive to see the plants and mountains and scenery, but this is almost an overdose of desert life.  It's the difference between drinking a gallon of water with a teaspoon of honey in it, and drinking a teaspoon of honey.
The only thing I didn't like about the museum has nothing to do with the museum.
It Was Hot.
I was afraid Meg would pass out from the heat, since the summer is not Meg-friendly.  The wig is hot, There Are Undergarments that are made to hold my tummy in, not keep my tummy cool.  Silicone forms pressing against skin can be sweaty in the best of circumstances.  Foundation blocks your pores.  We saw a wolf acting very dog-like, lying down and panting.  I was thinking, "I understand and wish I could join you."
At one point, I could feel moisture dripping down my back under my cinch and I said "I thought it was a d'ry heat.'"  Liz said "it is.  The moisture is coming from you."  She's right, of course.
But it wasn't unbearable, and the experience convinced me that it's OK for Meg to go out in the summer.  Bare legs and strappy shoes helped at lot.  It was worth the extra time needed for shaving.  I remember Stana had a similar epiphany.  Until just a year or two ago, she didn't go out during the summer.  Now she does.
I'm glad Meg went.  I felt comfortable.  Liz helped a lot, but I think every time I go out, I feel more comfortable.  I know it's always possible that something will go wrong, but I don't worry about anything, really, when I'm out.  Everyone has been nice, and it's wonderful being treated as any woman would be.
On a scale of one to ten, I'd give the museum a ten.  With Liz there, I'd rate it a thirty-four.
One more thing....  There is an entry fee.  We kind of went in through her office, and I was her guest and I didn't pay an entry fee. 
So I went to the website.  I could become a member, but I don't want them sending me dead trees, even though I'd get free admission (and free [shade grown] coffee ~ yay).
Then I found their wish list page.  They need stuff.  They can use artificial plants for their fish ($9.00) to lamps for the bat area ($65.00) to camera traps in the wild for a study ($500.00) to a 1,500 gallon holding tabk ($13,000).
Now they need one less item.
If you love wildlife, if you think you'd like to support an organisation that is friendly to girls like us, consider joining the museum.  Or at least buy a plant or three for the little fishies.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sonora Sage, Part 2

Sonora Sage and Meg ~ click to enlarge
I met Sonora Sage (instead of writing that, I'll just call her Liz)....

I met Liz at a little restaurant called Coyote Pause, which is not far from the museum.  I called her when I was near, so she'd know it's time to head over and she answered the phone with a cheerful "Meg!"

I bought us breakfast and we chatted, getting to know each other.  Liz is a friendly, chatty woman, the type people just seem to like.  Some people just give off that vibe.  People like her.  I like her.

After breakfast, I followed her the five winding miles up Kinney Road to the museum.  The scenery was absolutely awesome.  That's an overused word that I rarely use.  Saguaro cactus twenty feet high sprouted up on the side of the road as regular as telephone poles.  You could see new growth at the top of many.  In front of many plants there were smaller, maybe four-foot cactus ~ probably the offspring of the giant behind it.  Some just grew straight.  Some had a pair of branches raised high, like they were in the middle of a stickup.  Some had multiple arms, like a Vishnu in the desert.  Many had holes, from woodpeckers or other birds.  Scrub and a variety of other plants completed the landscape.  Near the road there were prcikly pear bushes.  I thought if one was walking along the road and a car came close, it would be a tough decision... get hit by the car or jump into a cactus bush.

After we parked, we walked over to Liz's office for a moment.  She had offered to introduce me to some of her co-workers (she said they were used to her t-friends) but no-one was around.  I suggested that it might be a good idea for me to use the ladies' room before our walk.  She said the one in the building was always a mess but she knew one "no-one ever used."  That was fine with me.  I don't have a problem using the ladies' room, really.  I have a problem with making other women uncomfortable.

So, of course, as I was about to walk in a woman was walking out.  I said "excuse me" and walked past her.

From the Too Much Information file: Strangely, at home I would stand.  Even though the ladies' room was empty, I sat.  Later, I went into a single toilet rest room and sat as well.

We did a lot of walking.  She knew where everything is, what to see, where to go.  Eventually, I started apologising for saying "wow" so much.  The views are spectacular, the variety of plant and wildlife is incredible.  There was a walk-in aviary and a walk-in hummingbird house.  Most people never see a hummingbird.  Here you can see a dozen or more without even trying.  It was amazing.
She introduced me to some of her co-workers, and she introduced herself to some docents who are only there on the weekend, when she usually is not.

I wish I worked in a place I'd want to invite friends to!

It was quite warm and very sunny and I have a bit of colour going too far up my arms and on a neckline not usually found on men's clothing (see the picture).  We sat and had some lemonade and more chat.

We finished up the tour, looked around the gift shop, and took some pictures of each other, and both of us together (like here).
After the tour, I offered to buy us lunch.  We agreed on the foods we don't like, and decided to visit a Chinese restaurant she had recently gone to.  After lunch, we shared a hug and went on our way.  Before I reached my hotel, Liz had shrunk and mailed me all of her photos and uploaded them all to flickr.
I spent an incredible day at an amazing place.  And, to use a word I use judiciously, Liz is awesome.
When I'm looking back and sorting the best days in my life, this one will be way up near the top.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sonora Sage, Part 1

The Lovely Sonora Sage
 Saturday, I met Senora Sage.  She had commented on my blog and I loved the name.  I poked around a bit and found her blog.  I read a few entries, went back to the beginning, read her bio, and I could find no obvious connection to the trans community.  She did have a number of t-followers.  Every blog of every reader I've had time to look at so far has been t-related.  I wrote her and asked her about it.

It turns out she works at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  She's British, from the Brighton area (SS ~ correct me if I misremembered anything) and has been in the states (various states) for a long time.

She also has a lot of friends in the lesbian and t-community.  And now she has one more.

I don't know what led her to my blog, but it was timely.  It was shortly before my trip to Arizona; she offered her opinion on my outfit options.

She offered to give me a "special tour" of the museum and perhaps go shopping.  I took her up on her offer.

I did not get enough sleep Friday night.  It took a while to write those posts you read over the past few days and longer until I felt like changing. Then, by the time I removed everything it was around midnight. I didn't put everything away, but I knew I'd have to do that before I go out Saturday so the maid service wouldn't trip over all my stuff.

One liberating thought: I had to remove everything, but I didn't have to remove everything.  I removed my makeup but didn't need to make sure every drop was cleaned up.  The next time anyone would see me, I'd still be Meg.

I was up, and not ready to fall back asleep, at 5:30. I was planning on getting up at 6, so I spent a futile half-hour trying to sleep for the quick minute I knew I needed but wouldn't get.

Notes From the Vanity

* Makeup should be repeatable. It never seems to be. My foundation did not seem to go on right. It seemed to cake in spots and not cover in others, especially my nose. Then... it did.

* My eye liner went better today than yesterday. Both eyes have thin black lines pretty much where I wanted them. Yesterday, from the line thickness, it seemed I had eye liner confused with ocean liner.

* My brows have looked better. Thank god for bangs!

* I decided to go with my "Christine O'Donnell" lipstick and gloss. Then I changed my mind and took it off and picked out something else.

* I considered getting coffee downstairs before leaving.  Did I mention my classmates are staying here? I have not decided to do this, but I'm getting nervous about it.

At 745, I was ready to go, sorta.  I e-mailed Sonora Sage and told her I was ready to lock up the computer and head out.  But I forgot to put everything away.  I quickly put away my makeup and clothes I wasn't wearing.  I also put the top and skirt from yesterday in a bag, along with my new slip and my mules.  I brought the mules so I could change shoes if the wedges became uncomfortable.  I brought the clothes because I decided to get coffee in the hotel after all and wanted insurance against a spill on the road.  I was careful and didn't need the extra outfit, but, well, that's why you have insurance, right?
I'll go into my visit with Sonora Sage tomorrow.  There was one interesting event on the road.
I'm Screwed.  No, I'm Passing
About ten miles out of town the speed limit went from 65 to 55, then 45, then 35, then 25, then 15.  The two-lane road became a one-lane road and a sign "all cars must stop ahead" followed the 15 miles per hour sign.  That was followed by an INS checkpoint.
There were three cars ahead of me.  Three agents were very interested in the car at the front of the line, opening doors, looking in windows, and so on.  They then directed the car to a holding area.
My thought: I'm screwed.  What do I say?  "Hi.  Well, this is embarrassing."
I didn't have a clue, really.  The next two cars were waved through with a just a glance inside.
I rolled down my window.  The agent waved my car to move up.
I looked at him through my sunglasses.
He said "thank you, ma'am.  Have a nice day."
I drove on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Finally Found One!

After my nails were dry, I walked into Dillards and lingerie was right by the entrance.  As I sat in the salon, I realised I needed a longer slip.  I had a short slip, for the dress, but this skirt is very sheer and really needs a slip.  Even sitting in the pedicure chair, I could look down and see my legs easily.

I found the small selection of slips and noticed some floor-length ones.  I picked up the leg and it wasn't a slip at all!  It was a pants liner!  The elusive pants liner!  It had three rows of lace, one at the hem and the others a couple of inches above each other.  I took one off the rack and held it up to my waist.  It was very long.

A woman asked if she could help.  I said "no" and then "I do have a question.  I've seen pants liners where the bottom comes off easily at the lace.  Does this one do that?"  She said no, but it could be altered.  Instead, I found a slip that was just about the right length ($12.80) and I bought that.

I stepped into the cool, dark, Arizona night and I could hear a herd of teenagers heading toward the mall.  My car was between the group and the entrance.  There was a mix of boys and girls and they were talking loudly.  I was worried for the first time that night but I kept to myself and got to the car about the same time they did.  There was no problem, and I returned to my room.

I've been sitting here, writing for the past couple of hours.  It is now 11 and I still haven't changed and I want to get out early to meet a woman in Tucson tomorrow!

So I don't know how Saturday went yet, but that will be tomorrow's story.

By the way, I forget if I mentioned it here, or to someone in private, but I'm not very productive when I'm dressed.  Tonight, I was.  I think Meg is growing up!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nailed It!

After (Photo by Rita)
 Friday night, you may have gathered, I went out and had my nails done.  The "after" picture is to the right.  Click and you can zoom down to see my toes.  I know one particular reader will zoom in to my feet and say "Not. Your. Toes."  I'll talk about the picture and Rita, who took the picture, in a little bit.

I've only done this a few times.  I've only had my fingernails done as Meg, and my toenails done in drab.

Manicures and pedicures are enjoyable.  It's not just "clean up nails, put on varnish."  I won't go into the details ~ you all probably know there are creams and lotions and massages involved as well.  For a pedicure, you start with your feet in a warm whirlpool bath, while sitting in a massage chair.

I was a bit apprehensive when I walked in.  There were eight techs that I could see, and half were male. A few people were waiting. I asked the man who asked if he could help me how long I'd have to wait for a manicure and pedicure. He said "no wait. Pick a colour." I asked who the technician would be. He said (exact quote) "that woman in the back." The key word in the right answer was "woman." If he said "man" I would have requested a female tech. I don't care how I'm dressed; I'm really not interested in holding hands with a guy for an hour or so.

The woman in question was maybe 35, and pleasant looking.  That's fine.  She prepared chair five for me, and she told me to put my feet were put in that little whirlpool bath, and the male tech working on the woman in chair four showed me how to turn on the massage.

Chair four was occupied by a loud, large woman who kept talking across the salon to her friend who was getting a manicure.  I know the type.  She says what's on her mind, she doesn't mind any attention she might get ~ she craves it.  If she can get more attention by being crude, so be it.  She also is entertained by her own act.  She thinks she's funnier than she is.  That's OK, really.  All women are wonderful.

About the time I was wondering how long I was going to soak, a different tech came over ~ a pretty young woman who said she was 26, but looked 19.

While I was waiting, chair four made a couple of random comments in my direction, such as "don't mind me. We'll be gone soon." I assured her I was enjoying the pedicure with entertainment. She bantered with her friend about bangs ~ her freind wanted them and she told her that wasn't a good look for her.  I was so tempted to jump in and say "should I take that personally?" just to see what she would say.  She mentioned (shouted) to her friend that she can't wait to get to DC. I used the opening to ask if she was visiting or moving to DC. We chatted a bit.  She was worried about making friends in the DC area and I said "I doubt you'd ever have trouble making friends."  She said "I'm not a social butterfly; I'm a social bulldozer."  She was entertaining.  She was very talkative, and I tried to keep up my end of the conversation, asking questions and talking about DC and what she'll find there.  The rest of the patrons ignored me.  I looked around at them more than they did. There were a couple of men in the salon, chatting with wives, coming and going as their wives/girlfriends had their treatments.  They ignored me too.  Maybe they wished they could share the experience with their OH, but....

I chatted with the tech too, about the colour and what she thought of it, how long she worked there, and such.  I mentioned that I have never had my nails done before.  As I said previously, it's a little lie but a conversation starter.  Plus, I have my nails done so rarely that by saying "never" I get more guidance from the technician. She assumes I know nothing.  I told the tech I'd have to remove the polish in a couple of days and she responded with a shocked "why?"  but she didn't wait for an answer.  She scurried off to get these weird foam flip-flops so I could get up and walk to the fingernail station.

At one point, while she was doing my fingers, I asked if she ever had "a customer like me." She said "what do you mean, like you?" I smiled and said "thank you." She said "you're a client, no different from any other client." While my nails were drying, she had a problem. She came to me and said "ma'am, I accidentally voided your credit card payment" and she needed me to pay again. I told her I couldn't open my purse with my wet fingers but I would take care of it before I left. I asked if she would take a picture for me, and she said she had to leave and couldn't but someone else would.

The appointed photographer spoke way too little English. He came by and said "picture?" I said "after I'm dry."  He persisted and so did I and eventually he understood.

About drying: I was placed at their little drying table, with the fans and lights to speed drying for hands and feet. It was right at the front of the shop, and you could sit on either side, facing in or facing out. She sat me facing out, next to the only other patron at the table.  My first impulse was to face in, so I'd have a smaller audience.  My second was to face in, so I wouldn't be next to someone else.  I tossed both aside and sat down.  My neighbor was on the phone; she only had a pedicure so her hands were free.

She ignored me, and made another phone call, apparently to her husband.  At least I didn't hear any "you'll never guess what I'm sitting next to" comments.  Eventually, she looked up from her phone and said "that's a pretty colour. It looks very nice on you." I thanked her and said it was my first time. She was amazed, like meeting someone who never had her nails done was more amazing than meeting a crossdresser!  We started talking. She was down from Phoenix to be with her daughter who was getting a pedicure right over there and expecting twins Any Day Now. My fingers seemed dry and she seemed content to sit there, since she had to wait anyway.  I mentioned that I had to take off the polish in a couple of days and she said "why?" as well.  I told her I couldn't go to work like this and she laughed.

Her son-in-law and granddaughter (age 5) came in.  He talked to her briefly, ignored me, and went to talk to his wife.  I heard the granddaughter say: "I want purple.  No, pink with glitter"  and so on.
The man came by again to get paid and take my picture. First he was insistent on just taking a picture of my fingers. I said no, I wanted me and my fingers but he wasn't understanding that. I suggested standing in front of the rows of bottles but wanted to make sure my new friend wasn't in the picture. She joked "you don't want my picture?"  I said "I'd love your picture" but didn't get one.  That was stupid.  Really really stupid.

I was trying to figure out how to hold my fingers and she came to the rescue. She introduced herself (Rita) and I, of course said, "call me Meg." She suggested the pose and insisted on taking two pictures, in case one didn't come out. I asked if she could get me and my toes in a photo. She did, taking two more. She handed me my camera and said "you know you're beautiful... absolutely stunning."

She must have been the one who was stunning, because I was stunned.  I was speechless. I squeaked out a thank you, wished her and her daughter the best of luck and I haven't stopped smiling since.  Hours later, I figured out the correct response.

A hug.

On the way out, I walked into the Dillards which was between my car and me. It was now about 8:30 or a bit later.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday Night

In My Room
 Friday 3:45pm

The instructor finished early and I left the class around 3:30 instead of 4:30.

That means I can move my schedule up or catch up on some things that need doing and go out on schedule.  If I assume it's goingto take two hours to get ready, I could get out around 5:30.  That's too late for the nail places that close early, so I think I'll take my time and stay more-or-less on schedule.

One thing I've been wrestling with: my laundry.  No-one seems to know quite when it will reappear at the front desk.  I'd like to pick it up before I change.  I'm not sure I'd be comfortable going there afterwards, partly because my classmates, as I've mentioned, are staying here.  Coming out is one thing.  Being found out is another.

I'm going to check the location and hours and services of two possible salons, then check on my laundry, then shower and get started.  If they tell me my laundry will be ready soon, I may check after showering or delay changing for a few minutes.  I plan the heck out of everything and then end up playing everything by ear!

It turns out that one nail salon is 2/10 of a mile away!  I can walk, even in my heels.  The other I was interested in is three miles away but the home page says they are not accepting any new nail customers until August!

And then there's the mall.  Two nail salons, walk-ins welcome.  There are also a lot in town, many on my way to the mall.

Friday, 4:15pm

Score!  My laundry is ready, so I'm ready.  I have a few preliminaries and then I should be ready to get ready (!) a few minutes ahead of schedule.

First problem: I called the salon around the corner.  I got an answering machine but I left a message.  I gave my male name, since my voice doesn't track.  Hopefully, they won't call me back while I'm in the shower!

Friday, 5:40pm

I am not doing a great job on my eyes.  My liner is a bit too far from the lash line to be right, but it will have to do.  And I just poked myself in the eye with the mascara!  I left a black blotch right on my contact.  I dabbed it off but I can't really remove the contacts to clean them without messing up a lot of face.  Ugh.

Friday, 6:10pm

I'm dressed, except for wig and accessories but....  I see a hair on my chest.  I shaved low, but this top is low low.  Top off, bra off, pads out, shave AGAIN, pluck a couple of strays and now I'm dressed AGAIN.

Friday, 7:00pm

I could not get hold of the salon.  I spoke to my family back home ~ my wife is dead set against me going out this weekend, she thought it would be dangerous.  At least as far as tonight went, she got it completely wrong.  Details coming up!

I made a list of other nail salons nearby.  I rejected one, even though it had good google reviews (for what they're worth) because it was to the west.  I was told that I'm at the western edge of the "safe" neighborhood. 

I was somewhat anxious tonight as I was getting ready.  I'm not sure why.  One of my readers who doesn't want her name mentioned, wrote and I started writing back how I was feeling, what I was doing, and that helped my mood a lot.  So a special thank you to [name redacted]!  Maybe there's something to this therapy stuff after all.

As I've done hundreds...  um, dozens... um, too few times before, I stepped out of my room (the entrance is to an outdoor walkway, second floor) walked to the stairs in my fuschia wedges and down the steps.  As I got to the car, I realised I left the list of nail salons on the desk in the room.  About face, up stairs, and another grand entrance into the world, paper in hand.

And (thank you again) ~ I was calm, happy, ready to face the world.  And I did.

First salon on the list was a couple of blocks off the main drag.  There is ONE main drag here ~ Fry Blvd.  I drove there and immediately noticed that this did NOT look like an area I wanted to be.  I drove back to Fry and went to salon number two.  That was a salon/flower store.  No.  Salon number three was in a strip mall, as is almost everything.  I drove in and there were a half-dozen teenagers, mostly girls, standing outside the salon.  Loud music was playing and they were sort of crowding the front of the store.  I swung carefully around them and drove on.  The next salon was a block later and I missed the driveway.

So it was on to the mall.  Someone was clearly guiding me there.  It worked out well, but I've written enough that I'm going to leave the mall for tomorrow.

I'm still dressed as I'm writing this, at 9:25pm Friday.  It wasn't a long trip out, but it was truly one of the best.

I feel great, and I'm thrilled that I get to share my experience with you all.  I think I've said it before: go out.  It is worth it.  I wish I could take every one of you who refuses to share their beauty with the world by the hand and go out ~ just for a drive maybe.  But out.

I shouldn't say that.  That's what the pusher says to the kid: try it.  It's on me.  See if you like it.

But it's worth it.  I wish I had started going out thirty years ago.

The picture is from before I left for the mall, with my new purse.  I don't have much in the way of photo editing here so it's kind of large, if you click it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Tuesday, after work, I came home and wanted to switch immediately into my black shoes and wear them for the evening.  It's not a great test because I'll be sitting a lot, but it's better than nothing.  I want to see which shoes are most comfortable.

But I didn't.  Arizona won out.  My feet were so sweaty I couldn't put on my shoes for a bit.  But I did wear them for a couple of hours.  Wednesday, I wore the fuschia wedges, as you saw from the photos.  They're neither terribly comfortable nor terrible.  I think I could wear them for a full day, but I think I'd like backup.

Wednesday was wedges all evening, as you could tell from my photos.  They're OK.  I think I can wear them all day.  I think.

Thursday, mules.  The mules are the most comfortable, I think.  They're from "Air Supply Plus" and padded and soft.

I'll write about my Friday night either later today or tomorrow.  Remember: today is definitely a going out day!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I had breakfast at the little restaurant across the street.  Many of the clientele wore army fatigues.  I was there early, and Meg would be there later, if she decided to eat there.  Two of my classmates are staying at this hotel.  I'll try to find out what their weekend plans are without getting invited along.  I just want to avoid them.  I may have to give up Sunday and join one or more, to be sociable.  As I've said, I'm not sure if "sociable" or "Meg things" are further outside my comfort zone.

I skipped lunch to meet my new teams.  I was hoping to get out by 4 so I could grab some fast food (ugh) before my waxing appointment at 5.  I didn't.

I originally went to a different salon that sounded promising.  No appointments Tue or Thu, and they closed early on Wed.  Plus we planned to have dinner as a group Wed, so that wouldn't work anyway.  The friendly woman suggested Friday, but that wouldn't work.  I went to my second choice salon.

A young woman told me there were no appointments for that day, but she had some for Wed or Thursday at 5.  I asked if the waxer had experience with eyebrows and she said "ten years."  I opted for Thursday, at 5 with Liz.

People dropped out of the Wednesday dinner, so I dropped by the salon where an older (as in, older than me) woman said there was nothing available that evening so I stayed with what I had.

The older woman, I discovered when I arrived, was Liz.  She led me to the wax room and left while I removed my shirt and pants and wrapped a towel around my waist.

She was friendly and chatty.  She must have noticed my panties as she tucked the towel over the waistband to keep them wax free, but said nothing.  She said I had to sit up so she could do my shoulders and I told her I wanted to be able to wear a sleeveless top without hair showing.  She said "I understand."  I was tempted to ask if she really did, and explain if she didn't.  I didn't ~ it didn't seem necessary.  She could also see that my chest was shaved down to about my nipples ~ no comment on that either.

I know she couldn't go up to my hairline.  It's ragged in the back and the only way to make a smooth line would be with a razor.  So I tried to fix the back myself but I'm not that worried about it.  My wig will cover any sins.

When she was ready to do my brows she asked if I wanted to "follow the line" and I said I wanted a slight arch.  She said "like now.  They're arched.  I can follow the arch."  She did.  She asked if I wanted them trimmed and I said "whatever you think they need."  My wife will not like this.  I do ~ it will make the weekend easier.

Shaving my arms has not worked as well as hoped.  I gave myself some serious razor burn on the underside of my upper arms the other day.  It looks better today, but not great.  I'm still learning where the most sensitive skin is, and how to avoid it.  I know the inside of my elbows and backs of my knees are very sensitive.  I barely touch the skin with a razor there, to avoid burn.  I know my underarms are, but I didn't realise it extended down my arm so far!  Boy sleeves cover it; girl sleeves will not.

My evening was spent in my mules, and I tried to put all of my clothes, accessories, and makeup ready for tomorrow evening.  I noticed I brought way too much makeup.  I mean, for starters, do I need four mascaras?  Absolutely not!

The salon closes at 6, so I can't have my nails done there.  There's always the mall.

I keep going back and forth between skirt and dress for Friday evening.  I'm concerned that the nail lady will feel like I'm trying to flash her if she's giving me a pedicure and I have a short dress on.

I just realised I've never had a pedicure as Meg.  I think this will be my third.  I will deny ever having had one to the nail lady, of course.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Request for Help ~ Honest

Well, for this trip anyway.  I have seven outfits for three (max) outings.  Well, that's assuming I mix-and-match.  I tried to match the top to the skirt for each of these pictures, but if I screwed up let me know.  I can go out three times at the most.  Tell me what I should wear for my first (evening, to get my manicure and pedicure), second (sightseeing in Tucson), third (sightseeing at tourist traps).

Here we go.

It's very late and blogger wants to put pictures and words all over the place.  Plus, I rotated pictures and it refused to acknowledge that and I had to rotate them all sideways and then they uploaded properly.  Insane.  Anyway, it's very late and I can't spend more time on making this pretty, but please tell me what you think!

purple flowers, purple top
I think this purple top and flowery skirt go well together.  I know it looks like my bottom is huge and top is tiny, but the camera angle was a bit low in all of these pictures.  Also, no makeup and wig means no faces.  My hair is mostly gone ~ alas, no tan at all.  My bare legs, I think, are frightening.

The blue flowers, well, I don't think it goes with either top, but I'm not sure.

The flame seems to go with the salmon.

The dress is front and side ~ it actually looks like I have a butt!

The reason I said NO DRESS is because it's way overdressing, but I think I can do the Friday night nail session wearing that and maybe the black shoes.

I brought the fuschia wedges, the mules, and the black shoes.
flame, salmon top

blue flowers, salmon top



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Had A Thought

No No NO!
As I was sitting at breakfast today, I was surrounded by people who I don't think would appreciate the effort and practice that goes into crossdressing.  I'm trying to be delicate.

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday will be tricky.

I'm not sure I want to eat at the hotel.  There's a place right across the street but I don't think I want to eat there twice in a row as Meg.  What I want is to avoid trouble in an area where I think trouble might be hard to avoid.

I'm a bit nervous.

I also realised that the print dress is OUT.  There is a thrift shop right across the street and I hope to visit it soon.

I brought an empty zip-up canvas bag with me.  I think it'll be full when I go home.

An Update

I try to write in advance.  I'm not very far ahead right now, but I wrote the above post Tuesday morning.

Tuesday at lunch, I came back to the hotel and did some work and then walked across the street to the thrift shop.  There are some possibles, but nothing I felt I needed to buy.  I saw a purse for $10 which I liked but passed on.

Tuesday after work I tried to get my back and brows waxed.  My first choice was booked, and booked on Thursday.  On Wednesday they close early and I couldn't make it.  I drove back a few miles to my second choice and made an appointment for Thursday at 5.  I wanted to do this sooner; I'm afraid I'm cutting it close, so to speak.  I will tell the wax lady I'd like my brows "a bit feminine" and tell her why if she asks.  I suspect she'll either know why or ask "why?" as in "why would you want to do that?"  Either way, I asked and was told she's been waxing for ten years and should be a professional about it.  I will also tell her my goal for my back is to be able to wear a tank top without hair showing.  No, I have nothing sleeveless.  I just don't want any hair showing regardless of what I wear.  If they do a nice job on my brows and back, I'll make a Friday evening appointment for my nails.  If they have no appointments available, there are two nail places in the mall.

Which I know because, after I left the salon, I went to the mall.  It's not very impressive.  There is a Dillards ($) and a Sears (¢).  I found a Sag Harbor faux snakeskin bag (they call it charcoal).  This is it.  It was on sale from $42, and I thought it roomy and reasonable.  My problem with purses is, I'd feel it was worth the money if I was in love with it, but I'm never in love with purses.  I don't have this problem with dresses or shoes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

My blog, anyway.  My personal birthday was two days ago.

On 7 June, 2010, I wrote my first post.  Now it's 365 days and about 420 posts later.  I haven't run out of material yet.  I have a couple of guest posts waiting in the wings.  I have some comments that were incredibly thoughtful and require a follow-up.  I collected some weird search terms.  I hope I have some future trips to write about.  I think about trans issues a lot ~ I have some ideas and scribbles to share.  And some cartoons.

It's been Meg's most "out" year ever.  I believe I was out seven times, in six different states!  Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, DC, Colorado, Texas.  I'm not counting the ones I flew over.

I won't have the same options this year, but I plan to own Arizona.  Or the contract will not be renewed and perhaps my old job will still be open.  The Reason I Left is gone, and the company and I may have discussions in August or September.  I'm also going to push for travel to trade shows at this job.  We'll see.

Over 90 ladies have joined my little circle of friends.  I wish we could all get together and have one huge sleepover.  Maybe in the coming year.  Hey, my Meg life is all wishes and dreams, isn't it?

I barely missed meeting one reader.  I did meet another.  I hope to meet more, in drab or dressed.

Of course, dressed is better.

The Eagless Has Landed

Just checking in with y'all.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Just Realised

I'm committed to the weekend.  I have NO extra clothes that are Non-Meg.  And I decided to not bring a handbag this trip.  Mine are black or brown.  I need something summerier.  I hope I can get something inexpensive in Sierra Vista!

Travel Day

I'll be home alone once the kids head off to school.

My plan:


Make sure all of Meg's stuff is packed gently and snugly.  Make sure I have enough clothes for my workdays.

All of the pants and two of the shirts I packed are women's.  My only non-Meg shoes are from the women's department.  All of my undies and socks, well, that's all I own.  I did bring mostly solid or OK-for-male patterned socks.  I will be working with military sorts after all.

My travel wardrobe is a tee, one of my new girls jeans, girl socks and undies of course and my usual necklace and charm bracelet.  I am adding One More clearly girl item: Meg's watch.

As I mentioned, my plan for girl shoes for the flight will not pan out.  I also looked at a pair of black loafers with a 1-3/4" heel (I measured).  BUT ~ they'd probably bother my little toes, and I think I'd be uncomfortable, physically with the fit and psychologically with the style.  I'll do the watch.  One thing at a time.  If a stranger comments on the watch and I say "my battery died so I borrowed my wife's" is that a story?

Oh....  I also almost made an error.  Normally, I have A Meg Outfit.  That includes a bra and a cinch and a couple of pair of hose in case one runs.  This trip, I will need to pack a second bra and cinch.  I don't think each will stand up to more than one day's wear.  And I can't guarantee it will be dry the next day after being hand-washed in the evening.

I may need a larger suitcase.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Help Needed!

First an oops: I need to shave my arms before Tuesday morning.  Last night it occurred to me that my classmates and possible workmates might notice my hair-today-gone-tomorrow look.  It is a short-sleeve town after all.  Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's a new job and a new group of people.  I think I need to make a concession or two.   I shall be wearing my charm bracelet however.  I will remove the women's watch.

It's now 11am.  I'm home alone for about two hours.  My goal: get pictures of my new tops and possible skirts; write this post; look for a pair of flats I KNOW I have.  They're women's, they won't pass, but the odds I'll see someone I know are small so I might wear them.  I have to find them first.

Also, get out my jewelry and makeup and ensure I have everything I need!

It's now almost 1pm and as you can see when you read on, I accomplished most of my goals.  I took pictures, I found my flats (and another pair I had forgotten about!), and I went through my makeup/jewelry.  I've been wearing my black earrings/necklace/bracelet the last few times I went out.  I think I'll be a bit more colourful this trip, since my clothes will be more colourful as well.

If you offer opinions (and please do!) remember I need a more casual look.  Friday night, I might get away with a dressier dress but not for weekend shopping and touristy things.  Unless I go to church Sunday. :)))

And remember to check my morning post for more shoe options.

On to the clothes!


 A good idea, but alas, no.

Are these at all passable?  Not really.  The straps are too thin, the heels are wrong ~ but they'd be great to go through security.  Slip off, slip on.

I would have worn them, except they're size 13 (I picked them up via freecycle) and they slip right off.  I'd need to pad the front or back or something.

So sneakers it shall be.
I found these hiding in the basement in a box (with the flats).  I forgot about them.  They are perfect if I wanted to go to a club in Arizona, but that's not one of my plans (although someone I've been chatting with says they go out once a week or so, so maybe...).

Too dressy for tourist traps.  Maybe I could wear them shopping Friday night, but, well, I don't know.  I'm not sure what outfit they'd go with.  But they certainly wouldn't interfere with my nice new pedicure.

I bought this skirt for my Mardi Gras outing.  Diagonal stripes were in then, and I thought they were really appealing.  The top is new, and I'm wearing it in most of my pictures because most of the skirts have some purple in them.

If you like a top and different skirt (including the first ones I posted), let me know!  Alone, I am a fashion fail waiting to happen.

If you get a close-up you can see my normal charm bracelet.  I wear it everywhere.

The blouse's neckline is Just High Enough to not need a camisole.
The skirt is light and airy and feels nice but I just don't know.  Here, if you zoom in you can see my usual drab necklace and bracelet.  If you see someone wearing these two items, you can be pretty darn sure you've spotted Meg's alter-ego.
Another skirt I bought for Mardi Gras.  This one never made it out of the closet.  There's always a first time.
The salmon top I bought.  I like this top.  The skirt looks southwestern, I think.  I tucked in the top so you could see the waistline and drawstring.

One more....

A very light, although lined, skirt. Other than the first purple one, I've never worn any of these out. They're all just too long for Meg! But I think longer is more casual and that's really the look I want, but of course I don't want to give in and go with jeans or shorts.

Voting is now open. I do my final packing at 7 tomorrow so vote early and often!

Help Me!

Private to Sara: write me!
As I mentioned, I bought two pairs of shoes.  My kids were out briefly yesterday, so I wore each pair, plus one I had in the house, for 10-20 minutes each.

 The black shoes are my old shoes.  I'm not sure where or when I picked them up.  They might be thrift store shoes.  I've never worn them out but they fit my Arizona requirements: light and airy.

It did take me a minute or five to figure out the straps!

These are my new fancy shoes.  I think they fit the "casual" criterion.  I've never had wedges before.  They feel OK.  If I do get my toes done, these are a good candidate of shoes to wear.
What do you think?

I was looking at a different pair of shoes from the same company.  I had picked up the only pair of 11s and then I saw these.  I liked the colour better; I was afraid white would scuff especially if I was off the beaten path at all.  The heels are low enough for walking but high enough to remind me I'm wearing heels.

The style was slightly different from my original choice.

When I tried these on, I realised they have no strap on the back.  That was on my "must have" list.  I didn't want shoes slapping at my feet all day, or falling off because I'm not used to them.  Plus, I've heard worse things about flip-flops than high heels.

But I wore them for a bit and they seem fine.

Opinions, ladies!  And if you haven't looked at the dresses and skirts from the other day, please do.  And I hope to post some other skirts/tops before the weekend is over, so please come back around 4pm Eastern!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

To Be Clear....

I have to travel in drab.  I'm hoping a future trip to Arizona will be different.  I'll be going every two or three months.

The clothes I'm looking for are for the weekend.  My goal:
Friday after work: change to Meg, get a manicure and pedicure
Saturday: Meg goes sightseeing and/or shopping
Sunday: more of the same
Sunday night: fingernail polish goes away, but I'll keep my toes ready for another opportunity.

So please help me choose casual desert-friendly clothes.  Shoes and more skirts and tops should be posted Sunday, maybe in two posts.

The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes (and Shopping, Too)

There are few women in this office.  One, K, favours blouses and skirts.  I came by to ask her something she did not know.  She offered to look it up; I said I'd ask someone else who probably knows.  She accused me of not wanting her to answer my question.  I agreed and said I love her shoes and just wanted to see them again.  She was wearing red open-toed slingbacks.

She said "everyone should own a pair of red shoes.  Women, men, children ~ everyone."

I thought: I like her already.

I picked my responses carefully, but said that I doubt they make shoes like that in my size.  She said "you never know" and we went back-and-forth a bit.  I told her about a BT guy in the UK who showed up for a team dinner wearing fire-engine red shoes (true story).  She told me red is a "bright neutral" and you can wear red shoes with anything, according to the "new fashion rules."

We're going to have to talk fashion at some point.  Or at several points.

I found an opening and told her I "did drag" for Halloween last year, but that I didn't wear red shoes.  She asked if I was anyone specific and I told her.  She asked if it was a political group and I told her it was in the midst of 200,000 in DC.

Then the conversation, alas, drifted to crowds and crowded events and such.

I'll be back.

Addendum:  The above happened Wednesday.  On Friday, I asked her a few questions about the course I'll be taking next week.  Of the people in the office, she took it most recently.  One of my questions was about dress code (casual).  I said "I really wanted to know if red shoes were required."  She said they were optional.


After work Friday, I headed back to the mall.  My beautiful friend Amanda had suggested if I wore a dress "with straps" I could wear a t-shirt underneath.  She also gave me her opinion of my dresses and skirts.  I appreciate all of your help.

Anyway, I added "white t-shirt" to my list of things to look at at the mall.

Girl jeans (older ones are tearing and fading)
Girl polo (I could use one more)
casual dress(es)
casual top(s):  I wanted solid colours, since most of my skirts were prints.
shoes: probably two pairs.  Light shoes in colour and style.  Strappy low- or mid-heels.

I picked up two tops, two jeans, two pairs of shoes.  I also purchased a small scissor.  I really need one for touching up brows and such.  I tried on the jeans (JC Penney.  I had to walk across the store for the men's fitting rooms).

I didn't get a t-shirt because I didn't see any strappy dresses I liked.  I hope to go shopping at the main mall in Sierra Vista as soon as possible, to try to get my hair issues taken care of, and to look for local style clothing.  I won't mind too much if I bring clothes but wear what I buy there instead.

I have some more skirts that are possibles.  I think I've exhausted dresses I might wear there.  Others are too dressy, or too heavy, or otherwise unsuitable.

I should have some alone time tomorrow ~ not too much time however.  I will spend it wearing my new shoes and trying on combinations for your judgement.  Please don't let me down!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Schedule BUSTED

As I mentioned, it's best to get out of the house by 7:40 to avoid traffic.  Yesterday, that didn't work.  I had a few dresses I wanted to try and photograph.  I had some longer skirts I wanted to try.  I have some light, shorter skirts that I wanted to try as well.

To get the best idea how the dresses would fit, I needed to put on my bra, forms, and cinch.  I also wanted to look further back in the closet and see if there were other possibles for Arizona.

I worked fast, but it was about 7:50 before I was done.  Then I had to take off the undergarments, put everything away, get dressed in drab, brush teeth, make sure I didn't leave anything out, put the camera in the basement, get my computer and such for work, and get out the door.

I wasn't real late, but I didn't get to the knee-length-and-above skirts either.

There are several options that I'm posting here.  My hair and makeup are still in the closet, so no head in any of these.  I tried to get my feet for longer skirts.  I didn't try on the white or blue from the other day, but they're still options.

The top in the skirt pictures is just the first thing I grabbed.  I'm actually hoping to get back to the shops today to get a pair or two of summery shoes (I don't really have anything appropriate and comfy shoes are a must, or Meg will have a short time out), and a top or two.  I'm thinking cap sleeves and not shaving as much as I planned.  Or cap sleeves and I WILL shave, just as a dry run for next time.

Let me know what you think, in either comments or e-mail.


b&w mini
Ab&w sheath
long pepper
short print
salmon mini
black maxi

light blue maxi

flame maxi

black flower print

purple flower print