Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funnies ~ A Few Pearls

One day only!  Just a few Pearls Before Swine that made me laugh.  I particularly like the ones where Rat decides the artist is a menace to life on earth.  By the way, if you ever have the good fortune to meet the cartoonist, his first name is spelled "Stephan" but he pronounces it "Steven."

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dinner with the Ladies ~ Nailed It

Charity likes to do nails, both hers and mine.  A few weeks ago, she ordered a nail stamping kit.  I had
never heard of this, and it seems the other girls at dinner hadn't either.

It works like this:

There are a stack of metal disks with patterns engraved on them.  You choose a pattern, and add a tiny amount of "stamping polish," to fill in the pattern.  There is a blade which you run over the pattern to remove the excess.  Then there is a small ruubber roller, like an old ink blotter that you rock back and forth to blot the extra ink.  Yes, none of us ever actually used a blotter like that.  Our (grand)parents might have.

I don't know exactly which set she purchased, but it was like this and this together in a single kit.

Since we were going out late, she wanted to do my nails and she both polished and stamped them.  I always wish I could keep the polish on longer (my toes are still Big Apple Red), but I still need my fingernails bare (or shiny at best).  It seems like a lot of work for one day but it really takes just a minute or so per nail.

Here are both paws.  Click for detail:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dinner With the Ladies ~ More Photos

As I said, prime seating for our group. I need to work on my lighting. If you click to enlarge you'll get a better look at the ladies.  Oh... as we were leaving, two girls who came in late, came over to chat.  They didn't want to interrupt the group so they hung at the bar until the cheques were paid.

Pamela and Beth (across my table)

The rest of my table (l-r): Sharon, Charity, Pamela, Beth, Christine

a couple of the partners were camera shy so they leaned back

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Small Change

I wrote about my wig forms here.  There's been a slight change, for the better I think.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinner With the Ladies

I've mentioned Sharon before.  I might have known her longer than anyone else in the community, although neither of us remembered our first meeting.

Sharon asked if she could come over to the apartment to carpool to the restaurant.  I happily agreed ~ Charity and I both like Sharon and we always have a pleasant conversation.

The drive was typical for the Washington area: we were backed up for twenty minutes or so, so we were among the later arrivals.  The plan was drinks at the bar at 7, seat at 7:30, and some of the girls might want to go to another club afterwards.

We got there during the "cocktail hour" and there were at least twenty girls present, including several partners.  We owned the bar area.

Christine and Pamela had scoped out the restaurant a few weeks earlier.  Christine was looking for a quiet restaurant, not knowing how many of us would show.  The restaurant she chose was on the top (17th) floor of a hotel.  She said when she checked out the room there were only a couple of occupied tables, and that might appeal more to the girls who were newer to going out.  When we got there, the restaurant was about half full.

There was a spectacular view of the Potomac.  As I said, about half of the tables were full but we had prime real estate: five tables that could seat six right by the plate glass windows overlooking Washington (from the Virginia side).  Other patron sat further away from the view.

Yes, we had that many guests.  I think the total was 27.

We were invisible.  I never saw anyone even glancing our way.  The waiters were attentive and helpful and, above all correct: "ladies" and "ma'am" as appropriate.

The food was so-so: much was purchased pre-made and frozen and heated for dinner (you know ~ those steaks with the "grill lines" on them.  That sort of thing).  Proof of the pedigree of the food: Sharon sat to my right and she ordered roast chicken.  The waiter informed her that they were out of roast chicken.  She changed to fried chicken, which they had.  OK....  That means they had chicken.  They were out of... roasting?

Pamela, Beth, and Christine made up the rest of the table.  Beth is a GG Mary Kay representative and she's helped several of the girls with makeup and more.  She has a little transformation studio in her apartment.  She's also offered lessons.  She's a welcome addition to our group!

We ate the so-so food, posed for pictures (and took some), enjoyed the view (and the sunset!), and talked about Just About Everything.  Most of the girls wandered from table to table, catching up.  (for instance, Rhonda joined our table for a while; Linda took my place while I was grabbing a few photos).

I remember noting that it was about 9:15 when we finished dinner.  Sharon didn't want to be home before 10, and we figured that if we left now, she'd be home around then.  But we did a little table-hopping and schmoozing and the next thing I knew, the after-dinner-chat was over (for me anyway) and it was close to 11.  Plenty of girls were still at the restaurant when we left.

I leave you with a few pictures.  Click to enlarge, but be forewarned: some are pretty large.  I think I'll have dinner photos later in the week.

Oh... one more thing.  If you're in the Northern Virginia area (or plan on visiting) join us!

Sharon and Meg.  HOT dress, Sharon!

Sharon and Charity. Before dinner ~  a little greenery scenery.

View from our table.  Note DC traffic on the bridge!

The ladies who made it all possible:
Christine and Pamela

Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday Night Games

I signed up for the Friday night (civilian) games.  It fills up quickly so I was surprised I got a slot.  In the

New dress.  Under $20!
past, they had two groups and I'd be in the "overflow" one.  Now I was in the big time!  So to speak.
I picked out an outfit ~ salmon cap sleeve top, white maxiskirt with a salmon pattern near the hem.

Thursday night I didn't sleep well.  I'm normally tired on Friday and I was dragging (no pun intended) all day.  I noticed my anxiety about being around people increases proportionately when I'm tired.  I spent part of the day trying to overcome that but part of my mind fought back by looking at worst-case scenarios: everyone will be in cliques when I arrive, games will be full and I'll be hanging in the background, and so on.  Even though those things never happen.  The only real issue is not recognising people who I met before but I could minimise that with a little preparation.

But... I was tired.  I kind of knew that if I started to change to go out I'd wake up and go out and have a great time.  But although I knew this, I didn't really know it and there was a waiting list for that night so I changed my RSVP to no and let someone get in from the wait list.

There will be more game nights and I was going out the following night anyway.  That's where the picture to the right came from.  More this week.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Herb and Jamaal

Never hilarious, but often fun or thoughtful, is Herb and Jamaal by Stephen Bentley.  It's on my daily comics page and I'll keep it there.  I used one a while back (oddly enough, also about a pedicure).  Here are a few I really enjoyed.  (And two would fit under my 'cd-ish' heading.)

Clever.  Try each word.

My goal in life!

No laughing.  My foot usually just jerks.

Don't complain!  Go for the dress!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

From the Collection

Just a few miscellaneous cd(ish) cartoons this morning.


crossing that fine line
(jealous, perhaps)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?

The restaurant was noisy.  Response to the food was mixed.  I mostly conversed with the ladies who were closest (Vanessa, Joanie, Charity) and I hardly spoke to Cindy at all.  During the meal, I was considering crossing over and sitting next to Bree so I could chat a bit with someone I hadn't met before.  But I got distracted ("squirrel!") and never did.

But we were out and everyone looked nice and we were treated (and referred to) as ladies and that's what counts, no?

Here's the ice cream I dessert I missed.

Bree and Cindy
Joanie and Vanessa

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls' Night Out

Charity chose a blouson dress for me, one I had never worn out before.  It's a bit dressy but not too

dressy for Old Town Alexandria.

Old Town is a stretch of city several blocks wide and about a mile and a half long, with a Masonic Temple at one end and the river at the other.  There are lots of unique shops, the city hall, trolleys that run up and down the streets.  It's a nice place for a walk or a meal.  At one point, I think there are only restaurants on King Street.

You'll find a wide variety in clothes on a warm weeknight in Old Town.  People live nearby or drive in and they go out after work in basic casual clothes.  Many people head there straight from work, in somewhat dressier items.  And there are some upscale restaurants which require people to dress up from their daytime wardrobe.  I was kind of in the "work just ended, and here I am" mode.  I think that's one of my favourite ways of dressing.

The dress I wore a black background and I wore a black cami and slip underneath.  I was trying to choose between black open-toed platform heels and silver wedges.  I went with the wedges, partly because of the weather, but I have to remember: stilettos are contraindicated when walking in parts of town with brick or cobblestone walks.

OPI Big Apple Red
We were ready early and drove into town with at least fifteen minutes to spare.  It turns out we needed it: parking was scarce.  I found a spot almost three blocks from the restaurant and we walked back, alas, without an umbrella.  (Remember, I said they were threatening severe weather that night.)

Charity and I checked out the restaurant and it was kind of crowded, but there were open tables.  Our friends weren't there yet.  We went out and tried to decide what to do next.  At this point, I knew I wouldn't be eating there so I wanted to look at some of the nearby restaurants (and shops ~ lots of small, cute shops in Alexandria!).  We walked down the street towards the water.  The restaurant was only a block and a half from the Potomac.  We walked up the other side of the street past the restaurant and went one more block before crossing the street, turning, and heading back to the meeting place.

Joanie had texted me and asked if I wanted to look for a different place.  I wrote back that we were outside the restaurant and it would be OK.

As I mentioned, serious storms were expected but one blasted through in the morning and another in the late afternoon (but a few miles north of where we were) with a small tornado in Maryland.

Then we started to feel some drops.  The rain wasn't heavy, but it was the large drops that make an impact when they hit.  We were discussing walking back to the car to get that absent umbrelly when Vanessa showed up.  With an umbrella.  Smart gal.

Vanessa is a take-charge gal and she did just that.  In a moment, we were sitting in the restaurant at a table big enough for ten.

Soon, Cindy and Bree arrived, followed by Joanie.  I was hoping Rhonda would make it, but she didn't (I think I'll see her Saturday).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Simple Pleasure: Live and Learn

It's very cute
I bought a necklace last Saturday at a small jewelry store.  They sold a mix of vintage and new, fine and
costume (why isn't the opposite of "fine jewelry" "coarse jewelry?").

They had some that were hand crafted.  Charity bought a bracelet that was beads and a vintage dog tag (the type that goes on a dog collar, not a soldier).  I bought a necklace for under $15.  It had something I thought was new: a couple of inches of "extra" chain that allow you to clip the clasp onto any of several loops to lengthen or shorten the chain.

(Joking with civilians note: I said "maybe I'll wear it out" when she offered to put it in a box; when she laughed, I said, "you're right.  I'd have to remove my owl" and I showed her my clockwork owl which she thought was nice.  The funny thing is, I was wearing a woman's ring and my charm bracelet and neither triggered anything that said to her "he's serious ~ it is for him.")

The next day, I decided to wear it instead of my owl.  When I took it off at night, I noticed that the smaller eye on the end of the "extension" part of the chain was large enough that it could go into the hook opening and act as a stopper so the chain could be even longer than I thought.  I put it down and left it that way overnight.

Monday, I wanted to wear it to work.  I opened the clasp and put it on.

A few minutes later, I felt something moving on my chest down to my stomach.  I opened a button and reached in ~ the necklace fell down.  I was confused: the clasp looked closed, and the pendant was all the way at the other end of the chain.  I thought the chain broke (big deal... under $15, remember?) and that's when I learned something new: There are chain extenders that clip onto an existing chain to make it longer.  This one matched the chain perfectly.  The end that came off was the one I thought fit through the clasp without being clasped in (clearly, I was wrong).

Cute pendant
Long chain (16.5")
Extender (3")
Learned something new
Did I mention it was under $15?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Planned to Write

Last Thursday, a group of six girls went out to Freddie's.  Some part of the local group goes out to Freddie's at least once a week.  I've never been.  The full name is "Freddie's Beach Bar" and Meg's never been one for bars.

It's a gay bar, and I've never been to a gay bar before (dressed or drab).

They had karaoke at 9; our plan was to have dinner at 7.  Since it was Thursday and we had to work on Friday, I didn't expect to be there when the karaoke started.

In fact, I wasn't sure if I'd be there at all ~ the forecast was for some extreme storms and I was a bit concerned.  Last June we had a derecho, a kind of straight-line tornado that caused a lot of damage in my area: power was out for over a week in some area (a million lost power for at least a day), roads were closed, trees were down.  I didn't want to be caught out in something like that.

But it looked like the serious weather would be earlier in the day, and Meg hadn't been out in weeks, so I was ready to go.  Plus, Bree and Joanie were here from Colorado, which is not a common event.  I guess they wanted to get away from the fires.

LOTS of shaving! :)
That's what I was going to write.  Then we started discussing restaurants near Freddie's as an alternative.

Then someone mentioned Alexandria (a few miles away) and we started looking for alternatives there.

We agreed on a pizza place in Old Town.

I'm going to tell you all something shocking: I've never had pizza.

There's a reason.  I seem to have a serious allergy to Romano and Parmesan cheeses.  It probably extends to other cheeses ~ I haven't tried to find out.  I can eat some cheeses; I suspect it's the hormones or enzymes or whatever they use to make those types of cheeses.  But it's a can't-breathe-going-to-pass-out-and-die kind of allergy.  If I have a packaged pasta sauce with a bit of cheese in it, I will know by the fact that... see previous sentence.

When I was a kid, I couldn't even go into a pizza place, so I'm improving.  I have had a couple of experiences where I had to get away from the cheese smell, but it's rare.

But pizza places have pasta, subs, and so on, so I was good.  I was good until I looked at the menu.  Salads, appetizers, pizza, dessert.  I asked the group to reconsider, but it was too late.

I did learn that Meg going out for dinner and not eating is fine way to spend some time, AND it's better for the waistline.  I did enjoy a pretty good Great Lakes beer called "Edmund Fitzgerald."  They offered close to 200 different beers so I had to try at least one.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Yo Silver

(for the record, I rank "juvenile westerns," such as The Lone Ranger, down near the bottom when I listen to my old radio shows.  "Adult westerns" (Gunsmoke, Six Shooter) can be fun though)

When I went out with Joanie and the rest of the girls Thursday night, I decided to wear some new jewelry.
The idea was to show both stars together. :(

Along with my Swarovski Crystal star ring (which I wear pretty much daily ~ if you  see a guy wearing that ring, it's probably me) and an "engagement" and "wedding" ring (both costume, probably under $20 for the pair), I had two new items.

When I was in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Charity noticed they had a "clearance gift shop" in the basement.  There, they had a pair of Swarovski star earrings.  Amazingly enough, they were clip.  Even more amazingly, they were $20.  Note: in New York City, $20 plus tax is around $145.  OK, not really, but it seems that way.

My ring is a hexagram.  The earrings were pentagrams.  If they matched up, I would have cheered out loud.  But the shop still made a sale.

Funny thing... I joked with the cashier about the earrings being for me, and she laughed, and didn't seem to believe me even after I drew her attention to my ring.  Remember, this was a drab day.

For my birthday, a reader gave me a necklace.  It's a short silver chain with a beautiful script Meg, also in silver.

I put on a clunky bracelet that went well with my dress and we were off.

rings and necklace.  clickk to enlarge!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Funnies ~ This 'N' That

 A little eclectic mix this week.  I went through my recent cartoons and picked off the ones that made me laugh the loudest.  I hope they work for you too!  (Clicking to enlarge makes them funnier)

I post far too few Dilberts here, compared to how often I LOL

I can always relate to Rob Harrell's "Adam:"

There will be more Arlo & Janis

Yeah....  Creighton Barrel?  (From One Big Happy)

A first: Zack Hill in the blog!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yeah, Mom!

I haven't found many trans cartoons lately and my inventory is running low.  But I have to share a recent "Heart of the City" with you.  I'm still in awe of the fact that Mark Tatulli's other strip is Lio, about a strange little boy who never talks and hangs around with squid, ghosts, Death, spiders and so on.

But go back in time... don't you wish your mom had caught you practicing?  You might have had a fruitful discussion.

The other cartoon (Strange Brew) is just... strange.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Joanie: Never the Same Twice

I met Joanie for dinner last night.  So far,
- I met Joanie while in drab
- Charity and I met Joanie with me in drab

And now, Meg finally got the opportunity to enjoy Joanie's company!

That's kind of how it started.

By coincidence, Joanie's friend Bree was here from Colorado.  Cindy Tease, queen of the Classy DC Sisters, joined us.  Vanessa, well on her transition journey came out as well. 

Six girls, nice staff, and just a pizza joint in Old Town Alexandria.  More next week.  Right now, it's about 10:30 and I still have some unMegging to do.

(l-r) Me, Charity, Cindy, Bree, Joanie, Vanessa

Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Fun With Civilians

When I see a woman I know wearing an exceptional dress, I'll comment on it.  I'll sometimes add "they never seem to have that in my size" which is good for a laugh.  It's helpful to not use that when the woman is question is close to your size.

I rode down the elevator with the office fashionista a couple of days ago.  She was going to lunch, I was going to go for a walk ~ if it wasn't raining.  She asked if I was going out to eat, or just walk around.  I said walk, and used the same line I use whenever anyone has food I don't care to eat "I want to get back my girlish figure."  If I think I can get away with it (I didn't), I add "I got the top and hips down.  It's the middle I'm having trouble with."  I admit ~ if I've already used that line, or if there are guys around (hey, girls find the previous line funnier than guys do), I'll say "I'm trying to get back to my original weight: seven pounds nine."

(Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday this month)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ AGAIN With the Bathroom?

Click to read the Dove sayings
I've been hanging "Meg" name tags on my mirror.  I think I mentioned this a while ago.

I have a little cup of Dove chocolates on my desk.  Every couple of days, I grab one.  On the wrapper is a
little saying.  If I like what it says, I keep it.  And I stick it to the mirror by sticking it onto the name tags.

I keep sayings like Feel Free to Be Yourself and Do What Feels Right.  I don't keep Chocolate: Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways or things like that (that's probably not a real Dove saying, but since I don't keep those I don't know what they say).

Since I tookj this picture, I added a fortune cookie fortune: You Will Have No Problems In Your Home

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dressing: Always Good for a Laugh: Elevator Version

I was in an elevator at the office with three women and a guy.  One woman got out at the second floor; the man departed on three.  As we headed towards the next stop (mine), one woman said to the other "I
think I have the exact same dress, only in grey."  I looked over at the dresswearer.  I'm no expert, but to my eye the dress was HIDEOUS and if I was a woman I'd never admit to owning one in her colour (brown) or grey or any other hue.  But I'm not a woman (at least I wasn't at the moment) so I said "I think I do too."

Both laughed and I said "I think I better leave now" and they laughed again as I acted like I was waiting impatiently for the doors to open so I could escape.

I wonder what they would have done if I said "no really." They probably would have laughed again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dressing: Always Good for a Laugh

I joke around a lot.  I tell people to assume I'm joking, unless stated otherwise.

One of the interesting thing about admitting to crossdressing is, people think you're not serious.  I take advantage of this.

On Saturday, I bought a new pair of Aerosole wedges at their outlet store.  As I was looking at shoes, a saleslady came up and asked if I was looking for something in particular.  I said "it's so rare to find something in my size, I'm just going to browse," which I did.

The store has a clearance section where they leave out one shoe of a pair ~ you have to request the mate  (and box) from the back room.  I was with Charity, who had asked a saleswoman about shoes in her size.  When I showed her the shoe I wanted, the same saleswoman turned to Charity to ask if these were the shoes she wanted.  I said they were for me.  She seemed surprised but say "oh.  OK" and got the shoes.

At the checkout, I was handed off to another saleswoman.  We chatted a bit and I said "I was thinking of wearing them home."  She laughed and said "I don't think so.  At least, not with that outfit."  I said there were plenty of stores where I could get appropriate clothing.  "I could start with the Bali store," I suggested.  She laughed and said something along the lines of "that probably wouldn't work."

Later, too late, it occurred to me that I could pull blog pictures onto my phone.  I could have showed her one or two.  But my battery was weak, the store was busy, and my brain was slow.  Ah well.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Thursday...

... I was reading my online comics and had to stop several times to literally laugh out loud.

Here are the best.  Little explanations in the caption
My kids would do this

I *LOVE* the expressions on their faces.

Monty invented "gecko shoes."

Sadie's just nuts.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Someone's Trans....

Well, probably not.  But a wig?  And that sure looks like breastforms on the cabinet.  (Click to enlarge.)

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Red Letter Day!

Today is the third anniversary of this blog.  Since I did "introspection week" not long ago, let's see what else noteworthy happened on 7 June....

Well, there's nothing t-worthy (except as I mentioned above :) ) but:

The Tony awards happen around this time, so every few years they collide with the 7th.  The Lion King and Les Miserables both won Tony's on this date.

The Belmont Stakes also happen on a Saturday in early June so Whirlaway and Gallant Fox (two great horses) both took the race on this date.

Cleveland broke ground for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Prince was born on June 7th and one year he celebrated by changing his name to a symbol.

In 1977, Anita Bryant led a successful crusade against Miami gay rights law.  She neglected to get the last laugh.

But in 1965, the Supreme Court rules Connecticut's 1879 ban of contraceptives is unconstitutional.

"Thank God I'm a Country Boy," by John Denver hit #1 in 1975.

Sony Corp introduced its home video tape recorder, priced at $995 in 1965.  Not a cassette.

In 1896, G Harpo and F Samuelson rowed across the Atlantic (it took 54 days).  Ten years later, the Lusitania launched.

And in 1989, it was 01:23:45, 6/7/89.  Here in the states anyway.  Brits had to wait 29 days. :)

In addition to Prince, Liam Neeson, Thurman Munson (Yankee catcher and Captain), Clarence White (guitarist for The Byrds), Tom Jones, Dean Martin, and Paul Gauguin share 7 June birthdays.

And Max Factor, Leo Gorcey (of The Bowery Boys), Dorothy Parker, and Zasu Pitts died on this day.

And in 2013, if the forecasts are correct, Tropical Storm Andrea will annoy Northern VA.

(by the way, I believe you can watch episodes of SheZow on the Hub online.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exposure Is Good

There's a Canadian/Australian cartoon show that's made its way to the states.  It's called "Shezow," it's on Hub and it features a twelve year old superhero.

I think that's a good start: give the audience someone they can identify with.

The superhero story is kind of a mashup of others: a magic ring (a la Green Lantern) converts him into Shezow (credit Captain Marvel).  His powers include super strength, speed, and voice.  He has gadgets (belt, car, plane like Batman).  He protects the people of Meg(!)adale.
The ring is made to be passed down from woman to woman within his family and when he puts it on he magically acquires the SheZow costume (and hair, but he seems to keep his own voice).

He's all-boy and totally unfazed by wearing the costume.  He's clearly not transsexual in any way, but he
seems comfortable with the costume, which is a great lesson for kids (it doesn't really matter what you wear, does it?).  I guess he's an accidental crossdresser, and the show has a couple of important lessons for those outside our community:
   * women can be empowered and powerful.  One of the problems civilian males have with crossdressing is, dressing as a woman is seen as giving up power.  You're taking a strong (male) role and giving it up for a weak (female) one.  This might help kids shake that long-standing stereotype.
   * dressing is OK.  The hero (Guy) doesn't become a woman when he uses the ring.  He becomes a superhero who has long hair and wears a skirt.  If he had a hammer, he'd be Thor.

One fun thing the creators added: he gets his powers from "good grooming."  In episode two, his hair gets messed up and he loses his powers until he uses the special hairspray in his "beautility belt."  Yes, they are pun-heavy.

So far, there's one season of SheZow.  The hero is 12.  His voice doesn't change, his physical features don't change.  When he has to make an appearance he's clearly trying to sound like a girl.  I wonder if he'll have to make an effort to pass as he grows older.

Only the writers know.