Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes (and Shopping, Too)

There are few women in this office.  One, K, favours blouses and skirts.  I came by to ask her something she did not know.  She offered to look it up; I said I'd ask someone else who probably knows.  She accused me of not wanting her to answer my question.  I agreed and said I love her shoes and just wanted to see them again.  She was wearing red open-toed slingbacks.

She said "everyone should own a pair of red shoes.  Women, men, children ~ everyone."

I thought: I like her already.

I picked my responses carefully, but said that I doubt they make shoes like that in my size.  She said "you never know" and we went back-and-forth a bit.  I told her about a BT guy in the UK who showed up for a team dinner wearing fire-engine red shoes (true story).  She told me red is a "bright neutral" and you can wear red shoes with anything, according to the "new fashion rules."

We're going to have to talk fashion at some point.  Or at several points.

I found an opening and told her I "did drag" for Halloween last year, but that I didn't wear red shoes.  She asked if I was anyone specific and I told her.  She asked if it was a political group and I told her it was in the midst of 200,000 in DC.

Then the conversation, alas, drifted to crowds and crowded events and such.

I'll be back.

Addendum:  The above happened Wednesday.  On Friday, I asked her a few questions about the course I'll be taking next week.  Of the people in the office, she took it most recently.  One of my questions was about dress code (casual).  I said "I really wanted to know if red shoes were required."  She said they were optional.


After work Friday, I headed back to the mall.  My beautiful friend Amanda had suggested if I wore a dress "with straps" I could wear a t-shirt underneath.  She also gave me her opinion of my dresses and skirts.  I appreciate all of your help.

Anyway, I added "white t-shirt" to my list of things to look at at the mall.

Girl jeans (older ones are tearing and fading)
Girl polo (I could use one more)
casual dress(es)
casual top(s):  I wanted solid colours, since most of my skirts were prints.
shoes: probably two pairs.  Light shoes in colour and style.  Strappy low- or mid-heels.

I picked up two tops, two jeans, two pairs of shoes.  I also purchased a small scissor.  I really need one for touching up brows and such.  I tried on the jeans (JC Penney.  I had to walk across the store for the men's fitting rooms).

I didn't get a t-shirt because I didn't see any strappy dresses I liked.  I hope to go shopping at the main mall in Sierra Vista as soon as possible, to try to get my hair issues taken care of, and to look for local style clothing.  I won't mind too much if I bring clothes but wear what I buy there instead.

I have some more skirts that are possibles.  I think I've exhausted dresses I might wear there.  Others are too dressy, or too heavy, or otherwise unsuitable.

I should have some alone time tomorrow ~ not too much time however.  I will spend it wearing my new shoes and trying on combinations for your judgement.  Please don't let me down!

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