Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dani Asked....

"What is TSA?"  This is TSA.  It's a great organisation, mixing business with technology.  These, the organisers hope, are the future engineers and engineering managers.  As such, they expect the entrants to behave professionally.  But they're all teenagers, so they can only enforce that they dress professionally.  Which means female teachers and students all wearing clothes I'd like to be wearing.

I was judging high school video games.  There were nine entrants and three standouts.  Today, we interview each of the top teams and decide on the final standing.  I will make a point of telling the best that there are three top games and the difference between them was minuscule ~ we might as well have tossed a coin.

Too bad I can't get a copy.  I can only urge them to find a place to publish.  It'll look great on their cv.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I Made Some Time

I did get my eyebrows waxed ahead of my trip to Dallas.

I left work around midday yesterday.  This has nothing to do with my impending departure from the company.  It does have to do with my impending departure for Dallas.

Prior to a trip, I have to understand the customer's system and the product I'll be configuring.  I have to make air, car, hotel reservations.  I need to arrange when and where to meet the customer.

At home, I generally have to do laundry and pack for the trip.

With my weekend being largely devoted to TSA, I realised I didn't really have time to launder and pack.  So after ensuring I've put in at least my normal 40, I left early.

Passing the mall, I decided to take a chance and see if one of the women who had done my brows previously were available.  V, who had done that and my manicures was not.  The woman who did it last time, when V was on holiday, was.  She was the one I went to afterwards and told about Meg.

She did an, um, enthusiastic, job.  At first glance, I thought she went too far, but my brows passed the big test: my wife.

One deciding factor was it was Thursday.  My wife works until 9 or later on Thursday, so any redness would be gone by then.  She always comments on my brows but not this time.  There was no clue.

I might try to keep my brows like this, and next time let her give them a bit more arch.  By the time I'm 90, I'll have a nice, feminine brow. :)

I packed a dress and a blouse and a couple of skirts for Meg.

I may be off the air for the next few days.  I'm going to wipe all of my browsing stuff off my computers before giving notice, although with a trip to Dallas imminent I think I'm safe from being booted out the door.

I'll be doing TSA after work and tomorrow and then catching up on some sleep that I won't get tonight.

I hope to write Sunday, but I have to get some things organised before my flight.  I get in late, with just enough time to unpack, get out my torture device and try to clean up my arms and/or legs, and shower.

With luck, next week will involve going out and posting photos.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shortened Cycle

By now, most of you know I'm detail-oriented (the polite term for 'anal').  Tuesday afternoon, I discovered I will be heading to Dallas next week.

Normally, I spend a lot of time organising flights and hotel and car.  I try to get the best prices for everything, and the best schedule for myself.  I try to have the client's data and requirements before I leave for the airport.  I try to have a step-by-step process for setting up the client.

I also have a detailed packlist, especially when I'm packing for two.  I like to go out and look for and perhaps buy a new dress before I travel.  I go through everything to ensure I'm not carrying lots of accessories I'm not going to wear.  I make sure I have all of the cosmetics and shaving materials and so on.

This trip, I have to compress everything.

I expect to bring Meg, I expect to go out although I have no idea where I'll be going.  As of yet, I have no idea where I'll stay (I just found out the client office is in Richardson TX) or what's nearby.  And I don't have a lot of time to figure it all out.

At work, I decided to do a dry run of the customer process.  This is because I have never done this before.  I have a 100 page manual that describes the process.  It is sometimes wrong.  I have a classroom manual which gives most of the steps.  I wrote notes in the borders and can often read my handwriting.  Sometimes I can't, and I guess.

I just re-read the next part, and it's kind of over-detailed and geeky and crabby.  Feel free to skip to the bold line below.

A process that was supposed to run overnight on Tuesday was not only still running on Wednesday, it decided to fail in a very odd and, if you asked me in advance I would have said 'impossible', way.  I had to not use the database I wanted to use and then convince the smaller database (70 million vs 100 million records) to be recognised ~ it wanted to argue.  That took hours instead of minutes, and now it is running the overnight process.  If it fails, the next smaller database is about 200 records and not a very good test but it will have to do.  All of the work I did already is geared towards the first database; it all must be redone.

The basic process takes two days.  If all goes well.

I will spend Thursday trying to finish the process on whichever database I use.  I will hope I don't rush and miss a step or make a mistake.  I will hope it all works when I'm done.

This afternoon, I have a conference call with the customer.  I'm going to try to get them to do a couple of steps (like that overnight one) in advance.  They told me yesterday what was on their computers right now.  It is about as wrong as one can get.

So here's how my week will go:
Wednesday: dry run that didn't go so well.
Thursday: conference call with customer and dry run that hopefully will go better, but it will be a long day.
Friday: work until 4.  That's not late, until you consider I get to work around 6.  Drive with rush hour traffic to the state TSA conference where I will be judging a competition.  It unarguably takes the longest to judge, and as co-ordinator, I will be there well after everyone else leaves.  Last year, I finished after midnight and I have to be back there the next morning (with my son) by 8 to do the second part of the judging.  I hope to eat somewhere in there.
Saturday: did I mention the TSA event?  Because my son is in the competition, we'll stick around until the awards are given out.  We'll probably be done by 6.
Sunday: take my son to a field trip (I shan't be staying) at 9am.  Pack, get on a plane which I haven't booked yet.

In addition to my regular work week, I have decided to completely clean the computer I'm leaving behind and shift everything to the computer I'm bringing to TX.

Somewhere in there, I have to book that flight, hotel, car.

No time to prep.  No pre-shaving or continuing my epilation experiment, no time to get my eyebrows waxed.

I hope I don't forget something vital to Meg's first trip to Dallas.  Or to my client.

As I said in the part y'all skipped, it should be a two-day ordeal, but they bought a week of my time.  I'm going to try to get a no-penalty ticket so I can change my return if necessary.

If I can finish by Tuesday evening, I'll try to head home Wednesday evening so Meg has some quality time out Wednesday morning.  Even if the work drags on for most of the week there is probably nothing I can do after-hours so Meg should have at least one and maybe two nights out.

I'll keep away from McDonalds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Next Up....

It looks like I'll be in Dallas next week.  Is there anyone in the Dallas area?

This is a different type of project than I've done before.  If all goes well, it should take 2-3 days.  If not, well, who knows?  But I should have my evenings free.  I have no idea where in Dallas it is yet.  I do know it's for a private company, which is different from what I usually do.

I hear Dallas is fairly liberal, for Texas, but I will admit to being a bit worried after what happened in that McDonalds in Baltimore last week.  At some point I'll write about that, but there is so much wrong about it that it's hard to start.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up In The Air

Right now, I'm not only working at my current job but I'm also trying to track down everything even remotely Meg-related that's on my (two) work computers.  This means:

* images.  I normally take a break and read the funnies and save some ~ especially those that are crossdress or style related.  I also sometimes have Meg pics on the computers here.  They all have to go!
* notes.  I keep todo and other similar lists.  I don't want anyone seeing a packlist that includes "breast forms, bra, eye liner, dress...".  I also put blog entry notes into files that may be on the computer here.  My breaks are a busy time!
* e-mail.  I sometimes send e-mail to my work e-mail with blog notes or other related stuff.  Must Not Stay!
* browsing history, cookies, temp files.  I'll probably uninstall Firefox and delete my profile.  I have a session restore program that could be used to discover assorted t-blogs and other t-related links.  I need to ensure I'm logged out of everything.

and on and on.  I'll probably trash everything before handing in notice, in case they decide that I can leave immediately.  One never knows with this place.

I still don't know if my tentative offer will become an actual one, so I'm still looking and not talking.  In fact, you ladies are the only people I've told about this!

Meantime, since leaving is not something I often do, I was looking at resignation letters.  I'd like to resign more-or-less like in the show I lifted those images from (does anyone else remember The Prisoner?), but I won't.

The first letter I found started with:

I would like to inform you that I am resigning my position as....

And my reaction is "I would like to inform you?"  That sounds lame.  I'm leaning more towards

I am ecstatic to inform you that I am resigning my position as....

or maybe

I am having non-stop orgasms at just the thought of informing you that I am resigning my position as....

I have a rich imagination, but I never do anything with it.

My manager has a new manager.  He introduced himself today, after being in the office for a week.  I was really hoping to have my letter ready so I could go into his office and say "hi.  I'm _____ and, well, this is awkward" and hand him the letter.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

With an update, below.

I've written about freecycle several times.  It's a collection of yahoo groups.  Each is for a small geographic area.  People post OFFERs of stuff they want to get rid of, and then TAKENs when someone grabs it.  It's great for getting rid of Things You No Longer Need.

I've never used it to get rid of clothes.  There are some people who know our family on the list, and I'd hate to post a "OFFER: Size 10 Red Minidress" and have a friend or neighbor think "hmmm....  She's not the kind of woman who'd wear a red minidress."

But I have used it to acquire clothes.  Sometimes, the clothes are great, sometimes a waste, sometimes they're a mixed bag (so to speak).  I don't re-freecycle what I don't want (although I promise to) but they do go to the clothing swap, so they are reused, which is the goal.

Today, I'm kind of breaking a rule.  I have decided to get rid of whatever I won't wear out of the house (well, with exceptions such as nightgowns).  But I answered the following OFFER:

White Tennis Skirt, Size 10 (though Size 10 from 1986) in really good condition.

I don't think I'll be playing tennis as Meg.  But I've always coveted tennis skirts, and the price is right, and a size 10 from 1986 ought to fit.

I'll pick up before work and then I have to wait until later in the week (possibly the weekend) to try it on.  If someone gave me a package and said "it's a present.  Don't open it until your birthday in six months" I'd say "fine" and put the package aside.  If someone said "it's a dress.  Don't open it until your birthday in six months" I'd have a rough six months and may cheat and open it just a half-year early.

It'll be a long week.  I'm even thinking of sneaking it into the office and trying it on in a stall.  But I won't.  But tell the truth ~ you'd consider the same, wouldn't you?

Update:  I did.  I'm usually the first person here, and always the first male here, so the restroom is pretty safe. 

It's a wraparound skirt and seems to fit OK.  I need to check it out further at home, but at least the hard part is over.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under Pressure

I have too much on my plate to serve up some Sunday Funnies.  Too much stress, not enough sleep, mostly, so I'll just leave you with wishes for a happy Easter and this:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

A few weeks ago, I quoted an article about how Maryland was about to pass a trans-rights bill.

Even though it was watered down, the Maryland senate, afraid to offend The Usual Extremists, voted against it..

Maryland has a reputation as a liberal state.  How it got that I have no idea.  This session they voted against trans rights and gay marriage.  Maybe some day, someone will remind the government that there's supposed to be a wall between church and state.  I mean, every day, someone reminds the government that it's OK to own a bazooka.  We need a champion.

Senators kill transgender protection measure; same procedure ended gay marriage bill in House

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Advocates of increased protections for transgendered individuals will have to try again next year.

The Maryland Senate voted 27-20 Monday to send the proposal back to a Senate committee, effectively killing it on the last day of the 2011 session.
The proposal would have protected transgendered individuals from housing and employment discrimination. Activists who had pushed earlier in the session to legalize gay marriage have also lobbied for the transgender protections, but Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, D-Calvert, made clear the measure would not likely pass his chamber.
The Senate avoided taking a conclusive vote on the bill by sending it back to committee, just as the House did with gay marriage legislation.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Change (Cont'd)

No TG content.  This is just a little bit about me.

If you have looked at my "about" box, you may have noticed that, since I started this blog, it said something to the effect of "looking for a different job."

Last Friday, I gave a tentative accept to a tentative job offer.  For reasons I should not go into, but people who work with the government will immediately understand, I have to be approved not only by the company I'll work for (done) but by the client company as well (not).  I have an interview this morning.  This means I be at work for three hours or so, rush home, put on an (alas) regulation suit, and head to the client company.  Then back home, change, back to work.

If all goes well, I will hand in notice on Monday and be in a new position in two weeks.

The new job will involve a lot more responsibility, probably more hours, less opportunity to travel to places Meg can be Meg, but there are other advantages.  And I'll certainly work to let Meg out more locally in the coming weeks and months.  After all, I have a lot of extra time that I used to spend in the great job hunt.

Oddly enough, since my tentative acceptance, my immediate management (much of the reason I wanted to leave) has changed and I received two calls with interesting opportunities.

It never rains, but when it does, I'll put on my skirt-and-boots. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Change

It may be premature, but I changed my little "About Me" on this page.

I'll know for sure by the end of the week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy's (?) First Bra

This is from a strip called Preteena, which ended in 2008.  Teena (10) is a bit of a tomboy.  Her older sister Jeri thinks she is the Object of All Male Desire.  Mom decides to take both for a bra fitting.  Here are two cartoons in sequence.  It's easy to take this as a mom and her son, and let your imagination go from there.  Especially with the "Uh, Miss" comment.  All that's missing is quotes in panel one ("My two 'daughters' would like to be fitted.")

Monday, April 18, 2011

Search Me ~ Again

I don't check my blog stats religiously. This is not unexpected.  I don't even practice religion religiously.  (Happy Pesach, fellow tribeswomen.  Funny aside: there are traditionally boiled eggs on the table at a Passover Seder [ritual meal, like the Last Supper].  One mixed couple I know put coloured Easter eggs on the table.)

But I looked at the search terms that found my blog over the past several days and found a few that I need to share.

Two people (or maybe the same person looked, couldn't believe it and looked again) found me when looking for
John Travolta Grease outfit.

One person found me via "no more panties" ~ I'd love to know what she was really looking for, since my blogpost was kind of the opposite of that.

I was thrilled to see someone searching for call me Meg pretty crossdress.  Thank you, whoever you are!  I hope you stick around.

The last two I want to mention are... odd.  I wonder why they clicked on my blog when they saw the google results.  They are:

call girls around Tyson mall


Colorado Spring IHOP April 10, 2011 teens skip out on ticket

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Safe Computing Hint: Never Open Unknown Attachments

I'll be in New York for a few days, jammed in a too-small apartment with too-much family.  This is the only apartment in New York City without internet access, so blogging and answering mail will be iffy.  But please take a peek.  I'll do my best to at least leave a cartoon or two or three.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's A Start

Clicking is required for readability.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ow. OW! OwOwOwOwOwOwOwOw!!

It really wasn't that bad, but I will need to rethink epilation.

For those who aren't familiar with epilators, they are a device that Torquemada would have used to get heretics to confess, if only there had been electricity in the 15th century.  They (the epilators, not the Inquisitors) use little tiny tweezers to rip the hair from your person.  It is then neatly strewn about your room and the surface of your body, where the little roots stick to anything, without prejudice.

I tried my Braun epilator on my arms and legs prior to my Colorado trip.  I did this more than once.  It's an experiment, and I'm not done yet.

There Is Pain.  It's not horrible, and this battery-powered device claims to work wet or dry, although I only tried it dry.  I'm guessing wet it wouldn't have enough traction to yank out hairs.

Considering the number of hairs it missed, I'm also guessing a plug-in model might work better.  And, in hindsight, considering the difference between coarse male body hair and finer female body hair, a device made for men might have been a better choice.

I tried to follow the instructions carefully.  This meant keeping skin taut, which is difficult when you're working on an arm or a hand.

Sometimes, I'd go over an area and it would look the same.  The epilator head would have hairs stuck to it, and my arm would have hairs lying on it, but it seemed like it missed a lot.  After I had made several passes, I went over the area with a razor.

An epilator is not for last-minute touch up.  Your skin will not look pleasant for a few hours after the procedure.

I avoided areas that might be more sensitive than others, such as my chest, especially after it grabbed my arm a couple of times.  The device would catch, the motor would hum instead of spin, and I'd be left with a hickey.

After covering an area, I'd think "that didn't hurt a LOT" and then there'd be a kind of regional pain that's hard to describe.  It was, thankfully, short-lived and maybe would have responded well to topical witch hazel, or internal tequila.  I didn't have immediate access to either.

I don't think I had allowed the hair to grow out enough before testing the device.  As I said, I am going to give it another test in a couple of weeks.

Right now, I have a bigger problem.

I have shaved, waxed, and tweezed.  In the past, I have raised moustaches and beards.

NOTHING itched like the post-epilation hairs growing back.  Without even thinking about it, I have scratched my wrist raw.  I am now doing my best to resist the urge, but it's difficult.  I'll be with extended family next week and I rarely worry about my hairless arms attracting attention, but now I have little scabs and redness attracting attention to my arms, which are mostly hairless.

I admit, if I were to go out tomorrow I'd just have to do a once-over to pick up the stray hairs.  My understanding is, hairs grow at different intervals and there were hairs that were yanked and hairs that were below the skin at yanktime, and those hidden hairs are now in full bloom.  They would have to go.  The hairs on my arms and hands are sparse right now.  I need to figure out how to prevent the grabbing and the itching.  I need to wait a couple of weeks until the hairs are all rip length.  I need some time alone so I can use this without the boys wondering what the heck dad's doing now.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go scratch.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And I Bid You Goodnight

Ready for bed, because nobody sees Meg without her makeup! :D

This is the gown I found in Richmond.  It's a tad longer than I wanted, but I really love the style and fit and colour and detail.

This is the first (and probably last) barelegged picture you'll ever see of me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Not To Wear

Or at least, What I Didn't Wear.  This travelled to Colorado with me, and it seemed like a shame to just pack it back up so....

By the way, I always hang my clothes in the hotel room closet.  Do I care if anyone sees that the guy in 305 has a dress and skirts hanging up?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weird Trip

No TG content today.  It's just a little review of my flights to Colorado Springs.  If you're interested, read on.  If not, well, I won't be insulted.

I flew to Colorado Springs on the only direct flight there is each day.  Too late, I found out that I could have met up with a reader or two in Denver, if I only connected through.  Who knows ~ maybe I could have arranged to finish in Denver, change, and drive to Colorado Springs.  It's no longer than my Richmond drive, really.

The outbound flight was advertised as on-time, but once we got on, the flight crew said we were "too heavy" and three people had to get off, are there any volunteers?  Then they added a $400 voucher, an overnight hotel stay, and a meal voucher.  Three people volunteered ~ and they decided a fourth had to go too.  They were about to vote someone off the plane when the guy across the aisle volunteered.  Then they decided they could put the luggage they removed (!) back on.  Then they decided they could put the last volunteer back on, so the guy they just tossed came walking back onto the plane.  I'm not sure who's luggage they planned to leave behind, or if the people they jettisoned had nothing to wear, but I got to Colorado Springs only 90 or so minutes late.  We had to take on extra weight in the form of extra fuel to divert over Lake Erie to pass the storms that were heading east.

The return flight had its own weirdness.  Everything went on schedule, or close enough, but the drink cart was accompanied by a large fly.  A Very Large Fly.  A Jeff Goldblum sized fly.  The flight attendants made some comments on how annoying the fly was.  I had a coffee, and as I took the cup, the fly landed on my wrist.  I've been bitten by deer flies before and hadn't liked it, so I put down the cup and shook him off.  He landed again.  I shook him off.  He landed again.  I shook him off.  He landed...

...right in my coffee.  And he died instantly.

I said "the fly won't bother you any more.  He's in my coffee."

I also said "I thought this was a no-fly zone."

I also said "I missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I didn't say 'waitress, what's this fly doing in my coffee?'"

I also said "This is Seriously Strong Coffee."

I had a good time anyway.  The fly, not so much.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dinna With Dana

Meg and Dana, After Dinner
Around the time I arrived in Colorado Springs, a reader named Joanie wrote "if you'd like to meet someone while you're in Colorado Springs...."  I paraphrase, but she introduced me to Dana.

Dana's story is Not Your Typical Crossdresser.  I am.

She never dressed until just four years ago.

She's divorced, but it's pre-dressing up, so dressing wasn't involved.

Her ears are pierced.

She's very involved in Tri-Ess and other organisations, even facilitating groups for F2Ms.

She has a girlfriend who'd think it fine if she went fulltime.

She does outreach (something I'd love to do!)

She spent a twelve day holiday in New Orleans, including a cruise in the middle, all as Dana.

Her (grown) kids and grandkids know, and go out-and-about with her.

And... that's her own hair!  I mean, that's my hair too, but I made it mine by purchasing it.

She came down to my hotel for dinner, which was very accommodating of her.  I don't know the area, and my old eyes are behaving less and less well at night.  We went to Flatirons, which was right next door to the hotel.  She drove the short distance to the restaurant; I walked, mostly because I like walking and like to be seen.  So of course, I left my room and the hall and elevator were empty.  The lobby was empty; there wasn't even anyone behind the desk!

We were treated like any other ladies at the restaurant.  I had no doubt I was sitting across from a woman.  She's reached that nirvana I wrote about a few months ago.  She knows passing is more about how you see yourself, and how you feel about yourself, than how others see you.

Please don't look back through the blog to see if you missed something.  I've never been out with another transgendered person.  If they were all like Dana, I'd never pass by another opportunity.  (And I'm still kicking myself about Richmond and Vanessa!)

Dana and I had a lovely conversation.  She's very easy to talk to, and incredibly nice.

After dinner, I walked back to the hotel.  I would have liked to stay out later, but I had an early flight the next day and my brain was unsure of the time zone.

The hotel lobby was still vacant, although I lingered for a moment and as I was about to go up to my room the woman I'd seen every other night there asked if I needed anything.  I said no, since the elevator was here and, other than validation, I didn't need anything.

Up in my room, I was euphoric.  I didn't do a lot, but I met someone wonderful, I had a good meal, and I just felt good, and felt that I looked good.

I should have changed right away but instead I just enjoyed being Meg, went over the evening, and tried to wipe the smile off my face.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just A Taste

Click to enlarge.

This is me from last Thursday, dressed and ready to go out.  I had dinner at Flatirons, the steakhouse next door.

I wasn't alone.  I hope to have the full story tomorrow.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Oops

While I was away, I noticed that I had forgotten my sunglasses.  I also forgot my moisturiser, but my makeup went on cleanly and I thought I looked pretty good ~ with one stupid exception I'll write about soon.

Also while I was away, my son decided to change the oil and filter in my car.

These things are related.

After I returned, my son said "I was wondering... are those your sunglasses in the car?"

Meg's sunglasses are in a little sunglasses compartment above the mirror.  I just left them there, figuring no-one would ever look, and if Meg was driving, they'd be available.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Talks Like A Woman But Walks Like A Man

Just a quick post, since I didn't have a lot of free time last night.

Yesterday, I was in the IHOP near my hotel and a large mustachioed black man was doing host duties.  His voice was at least an octave higher than mine.  I wanted to comment, but he probably got teased a lot about his voice and I didn't know how he'd react to "when I go out dressed as a woman, I often wish I had your voice."

I also enjoyed some "Meg dreams" last night ~ I'll relate if I remember them and I have nothing else to write about.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going OUT Now!

It's about 7pm on my last night in Colorado and Meg is going OUT with a new friend named Dana.

Short Notes

Just a couple of notes....

Yesterday, Diane posted a comment saying she'll be at the FemmeFever ball on Long Island (where I used to live) Friday and Saturday.  I'd like to invite Diane to drop me a note ~ if she'd like to write about her experience for the blog, or share some photos here, I'd be happy to oblige.

I received a private note from a reader ~ she's in Denver.  If I knew, I would have flown into Denver and either driven or connected to Colorado Springs.  As it is, at 100 miles or so, I can't possibly fit a trip like that in.

Another reader pointed me at a couple of CS ladies who I may be able to meet with tomorrow.  I'm still sad that I missed Vanessa in Richmond.  The project is more messed up than I was led to believe and I had another long day on Wednesday.  My goal is to get out at 5 on Thursday, and be dressed and ready for... something... by 7.  I'm still stuck in eastern time, so 7 is 9 to me, but I have all this stuff that I packed and I hate packing things and not using them!

My next trip is probably going to be South Carolina, but I have NO idea where in the state yet.  If any readers are in the Palmetto State, please keep an eye and if we're close, maybe we can get together.

I wish I had an idea where each of my readers are so I could make sure you know when I'm travelling.  Even if all we can do is meet in drab, I'd like to meet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Bit More Meg Than Planned

Writing Tuesday morning....

My suitcase is full.  A bit less than half is for my four day trip.  The rest is for Meg.

Because the suitcase had a bit of extra room, I packed some cotton camisoles ~ one for each shirt for each day.

Tuesday, I wore the cami pictured here under a green shirt.  Yes, those straps disappear under a decent shirt.  In case of someone putting their hand on your shoulder, or a hug, all bets are off.  I expected neither of those things.

Tuesday Night Update: I was sitting at a computer and said something funny and my Colorado contact laughed and reached down and squeezed (squoze?) my shoulder.  Mild panic, but I didn't see a reaction and I made several cd-like comments during the day.  Such as, at one point we were looking at modus operandi information and the one I pulled up at random was about someone being assaulted at a transgender support group.  I said "you know, it seems like every time I'm at a transgender support meeting someone gets groped" to huge laughs and a "you're crazy."  Not crazy, but certainly having a good time.

I also wore green socks, because, well, why not?  And getting the customer used to me wearing socks that match my shirt will prepare them for my pink shirt on Thursday. :)

But when I pulled out my pants I was surprised.  I thought I pulled out a fairly new pair of black slacks.  I only brought one; I know that's a stretch for three days, but that's how I pack.  They were not only an older pair of slacks ~ they were women's.

I don't wear them anymore because they're a bit snug and a bit faded, but that's all I have so they will do.

I'm writing early Tuesday morning.  I may shop tonight and get new (girl) jeans ~ I need a pair or two, and maybe I'll pick up new slacks.  Boy or girl, well, I haven't decided yet.

I do plan to go in drab to the nearby shopping center to check it out before going out Wednesday night.

Tuesday Night Update: I did look around the shopping center.  It's huge, sparsely populated, and not very interesting.  Because I had to work pretty late Tuesday and won't have prep time, I plan to get out on Thursday.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hair Today

I'm pretty sure I used that subject before....

I'm writing in advance because I expect to not have time to get a post in today.

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought an epilator on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon, my wife was out and my youngest was at a friend's house.  I sent my oldest out to pick him up and that meant about 20 minutes on my own.  I had charged the epilator earlier that day; since my office is in the basement I could hide a plug for an hour and no-one would notice.

When the house was empty, I tried the epilator on my right leg.  It was disappointing, but it was also not a great test.  I had been shaving arms and legs as I shaved each day, knowing I'd be going out soon.  I only stopped a couple of days earlier and I don't think the hairs are at an optimal length.

I wanted to do my arms instead, but knew I'd be wearing short sleeves Sunday, so I didn't.  I thought of doing my chest, but didn't want to risk showing red dots, if that was the result.

Probably because the hair wasn't that dense, it didn't hurt horribly.  It did feel like I should be bleeding after I was done.  I wasn't.  It also didn't leave a lasting impression.  Sunday, my legs looked fine.  The one I tested on didn't look different from the other (except for the lack of hair).

Sunday, my wife is out again.  I'm skipping another clothing swap because tax day is coming and I am not prepared.  At 6, I will take my youngest to Sunday school; his brother will pick him up at 8.

That means I have two hours to try the epilator on my arms (no short sleeves before I go), pack Meg's stuff without prying eyes, and have dinner.

If necessary, I can skip dinner.  My plan is 1 ~ epilate arms and maybe more.  2 ~ pack while it recharges.  3 ~ unplug the darn thing before the boys get home!

I wrote the above Sunday afternoon, which explains why I'm being even worse than usual with tenses.  If I have time after 8, I'll add a review of my episperience.  I think I coined a new word ~ and not a very good one at that. :D

By the way, this is the Braun I wanted to get. and this is the one I bought. I paid $20 more by not ordering. And remember, if you follow either link and order anything, I get a peso or something.

Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Road Again

Did I mention I'm going to Colorado Springs for a few days?  I'll be leaving in about ten hours from post time.

I planted a seed, but I haven't watered it.  I said to my wife "I had so much fun travelling dressed last time, I'm thinking of doing it again."  She scoffed and said something about having to go through security.  I said "do you think I'd be the first?"  She said "no" and changed the subject.

I won't be flying pretty, but I will have Meg in my luggage.

I have three days to do the work, and it looks like three days is far too long, unlike my last project.

I expect to be at the customer from 8:30 until no later than 5:30.  I also expect my evenings to be free, although I may have another customer (whom I'm waiting on) to work on in the evening.

There is a shopping center less than a half-mile from the hotel.

I'll arrive late Monday and probably just shower and go to bed.  If I'm awake enough, I may do some hair removal.  I was shaving daily so I could spend some time working on arms, legs, chest, but then I stopped once I decided I'd only be changing in Colorado.  I'll was thinking of bringing a bottle of hair remover, or buying one after I arrive.  Instead, on Friday, I started researching epilators and on Saturday  I bought a Braun.  The model I considered was only available at WalMart and there are no WalMarts near here.  I considered picking one up in a Colorado Springs store, but then I'd be cutting it close.  So to speak.  I'd probably have to wait until Tuesday (since they'll probably be closed when I arrive Monday).

So I got a more expensive model at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It's rechargeable, so I charged it today.  I didn't mention my purchase to my wife, but I never do.  She knows I buy stuff; she doesn't ask what.  I think she's afraid that would be misconstrued as interest.

So now that I think about it, I think I'll try to remove some hair on Monday, just to see how much it really hurts and if it leaves marks.  I had heard that it can, but they disappear within 10 hours or so.  So if I epilate my arms and legs, which are covered at work anyway, I should be able to go out after work.

I can probably get out Wednesday evening, maybe Thursday evening as well.  I fly back east early Friday.

This will be a good trip.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

Over the weekend, after I returned from Richmond, I downloaded the pictures you've been viewing and I printed four. I put those four in an envelop and on Monday, I left work early and headed to Tyson's mall, so I could talk to my manicurist C.

If you recall, I owe her an apology. I still don't think I told a story, but I certainly didn't tell the whole truth and I should have. I took a shortcut for two reasons:

1. fear. I didn't want her to say "Oh. My. God. I don't want to work on a transvestite!" I know that's most likely not going to happen. I'm probably not the first, or she's heard stories from other workers there. She was also young and has probably had more exposure to people like me.

2. fear. She's going to work on my brows. Anything else that someone does to me, can be undone pretty quickly. If it can't, it's something that won't be noticed. Brows are the one exception. If she decides to make a high thin arch, I'm stuck with that for the next few weeks.

Also, as I mentioned, expediency. She wanted to start on my brows and I needed to let her know quickly what I wanted. It takes less time to say "I'll be playing dress-up for an event" than "I do this a whenever I can, but I don't want a femme look except just a little bit because mostly I'm not dressed up and I have to look male to the world at large even though I really enjoy the femme look and maybe if you went a teemy-tiny bit too far I'd be OK with that."

Monday, I returned to the mall with my envelop of photos. I walked in to the nail place and asked for C. "She's with a customer and won't be available for about an hour. Can someone else help you?" "No, I'm looking for C. If I can, I'll check back in an hour."

I couldn't, so I tried again Thursday. She was there and available. I told all, I told her why I didn't say anything in the first place and I told her I felt bad that I did not. She assured me that it doesn't matter to her, and I told her I know that NOW, but I didn't know it when I walked in.

Her only worry was "the manager told me a man was looking for me a few days ago and I was afraid I did something wrong."  I said "I'm the only one who did something wrong."

All is good. Maybe next time I'll have less fear and more honesty.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Under Cover of April First

On Friday, I brought in my prints from Richmond.  I was thinking of showing them to one woman in particular at the office.  She doesn't know explicitly about Meg, but she knows that I dressed up for the past two Halloweens.  She was out of the office that day and didn't see me.

I thought I'd respond to questions with "didn't you know?  This is something I do sometimes....  Or maybe I just set this up for April Fools Day."

I know this is risky.  But it's also fun, and I thought I'd go with fun over risky.

I considered telling all to my NY friend (see this and the following rally reports) who was here for Halloween and spent several hours with Meg.  If he reacted badly or oddly, I'd turn it into an "April Fools."  But if I did, I could never really tell.  I don't think I ever will, but if I misread his reaction and said "I got you good!"...  That's the end of that.  The lie is out and the truth is lost.

I had complimented C on her dress earlier in the week.  It had a washed-out leopard print and looked fantastic on her.  She said "it's not as nice as your dress!" so I said "wait 'til you see the next one."

So Friday, I reminder her of that conversation and showed her the picture of me at home.  I wanted an out, or I would have shown her the Clinique photo.  She said I looked great, she asked what my wife thought of this, and... that was it.

Another office opportunity:

Earlier that day, I was talking to F (who saw Meg in the office that Halloween day) and somehow the chat turned to clothes.  She said how she liked to shop for t's and jeans.  I said "I prefer dress shopping."  She said "yeah.  You and those bold prints."  I said I thought solids were nice too and it depended on the style.  She said she didn't like solids.

Later, I dropped by with the same picture and I said "I just wanted to say, you were right about the prints."  She looked and said "I'd swear that was your twin sister."  I said "it is."  She said "no, she's your clone."

But no questions.

Do they know?

Friday, April 1, 2011

And Back Again

The rest of the trip was sadly Meg-free.

Vanessa Shih
I had to work in the morning before going to the customer site, and for a few hours afterwards each day. A reader from Richmond, Vanessa, had written to me before the trip and suggested we meet. I was hopeful, but also doubtful. I know how this type of installation can go.

We originally planned to meet Wednesday evening, but that turned into Another Work Evening. I stopped at the mall that was adjacent to my hotel on the way back and looked in vain once again for pant liners. I did pick up some hose, a package of girl socks (one pair in my luggage was torn), and a nice nightie that I was going to model before I went to meet Vanessa (not FOR Vanessa!) but that never happened.

After Wednesday was cancelled, I figured Thursday after work was a sure thing. The customer went home at 4, and I had one more night in the hotel. I was tired from the long days but not THAT tired.  I thought I might check out as Meg on Friday and change on the way home.

I left at four and headed back to the hotel, planning my change so I could try to arrange a time and place to meet Vanessa.

Before I got there, I had a phone call from my wife. There was a minor emergency, and could I head back that evening? I'd need to be back by about 8.

I could have said no, but I wasn't sure of her state of mind after seeing Meg leave earlier in the week. I decided to leave it to fate. If I could check out at 5 without paying for an extra day, I would. If I had to pay, I'd stay.

"Oh, no problem. Let me see if they charged you yet. If they did I can credit it out. Nope, you're good."

I sent my regrets to Vanessa, checked out and sadly headed back.

I did have time to stop for dinner, so I stopped at the Spotsylvania mall again, hoping to see H. I was going to see if she recognised her customer from earlier in the week and I wanted to discuss the skin care items we had talked about earlier in the week.

H. was not there.

As you can see from the picture here, Vanessa is really cute!  And I covet that dress.  You can see more pictures on her flickr album.

I should have more free time next week in Colorado Springs. Anyone from there reading today?