Friday, June 10, 2011


I had breakfast at the little restaurant across the street.  Many of the clientele wore army fatigues.  I was there early, and Meg would be there later, if she decided to eat there.  Two of my classmates are staying at this hotel.  I'll try to find out what their weekend plans are without getting invited along.  I just want to avoid them.  I may have to give up Sunday and join one or more, to be sociable.  As I've said, I'm not sure if "sociable" or "Meg things" are further outside my comfort zone.

I skipped lunch to meet my new teams.  I was hoping to get out by 4 so I could grab some fast food (ugh) before my waxing appointment at 5.  I didn't.

I originally went to a different salon that sounded promising.  No appointments Tue or Thu, and they closed early on Wed.  Plus we planned to have dinner as a group Wed, so that wouldn't work anyway.  The friendly woman suggested Friday, but that wouldn't work.  I went to my second choice salon.

A young woman told me there were no appointments for that day, but she had some for Wed or Thursday at 5.  I asked if the waxer had experience with eyebrows and she said "ten years."  I opted for Thursday, at 5 with Liz.

People dropped out of the Wednesday dinner, so I dropped by the salon where an older (as in, older than me) woman said there was nothing available that evening so I stayed with what I had.

The older woman, I discovered when I arrived, was Liz.  She led me to the wax room and left while I removed my shirt and pants and wrapped a towel around my waist.

She was friendly and chatty.  She must have noticed my panties as she tucked the towel over the waistband to keep them wax free, but said nothing.  She said I had to sit up so she could do my shoulders and I told her I wanted to be able to wear a sleeveless top without hair showing.  She said "I understand."  I was tempted to ask if she really did, and explain if she didn't.  I didn't ~ it didn't seem necessary.  She could also see that my chest was shaved down to about my nipples ~ no comment on that either.

I know she couldn't go up to my hairline.  It's ragged in the back and the only way to make a smooth line would be with a razor.  So I tried to fix the back myself but I'm not that worried about it.  My wig will cover any sins.

When she was ready to do my brows she asked if I wanted to "follow the line" and I said I wanted a slight arch.  She said "like now.  They're arched.  I can follow the arch."  She did.  She asked if I wanted them trimmed and I said "whatever you think they need."  My wife will not like this.  I do ~ it will make the weekend easier.

Shaving my arms has not worked as well as hoped.  I gave myself some serious razor burn on the underside of my upper arms the other day.  It looks better today, but not great.  I'm still learning where the most sensitive skin is, and how to avoid it.  I know the inside of my elbows and backs of my knees are very sensitive.  I barely touch the skin with a razor there, to avoid burn.  I know my underarms are, but I didn't realise it extended down my arm so far!  Boy sleeves cover it; girl sleeves will not.

My evening was spent in my mules, and I tried to put all of my clothes, accessories, and makeup ready for tomorrow evening.  I noticed I brought way too much makeup.  I mean, for starters, do I need four mascaras?  Absolutely not!

The salon closes at 6, so I can't have my nails done there.  There's always the mall.

I keep going back and forth between skirt and dress for Friday evening.  I'm concerned that the nail lady will feel like I'm trying to flash her if she's giving me a pedicure and I have a short dress on.

I just realised I've never had a pedicure as Meg.  I think this will be my third.  I will deny ever having had one to the nail lady, of course.


  1. YOU NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meg... wow! What an exciting visit! :)

  3. Screw anonymous.

    Are you using a razor for sensitive skin and a shaving cream for sensitive skin?

  4. I apologize. I guess Anonymous was speaking "tongue in cheek." I thought somebody was dissing on you.


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