Sunday, June 5, 2011

Help Me!

Private to Sara: write me!
As I mentioned, I bought two pairs of shoes.  My kids were out briefly yesterday, so I wore each pair, plus one I had in the house, for 10-20 minutes each.

 The black shoes are my old shoes.  I'm not sure where or when I picked them up.  They might be thrift store shoes.  I've never worn them out but they fit my Arizona requirements: light and airy.

It did take me a minute or five to figure out the straps!

These are my new fancy shoes.  I think they fit the "casual" criterion.  I've never had wedges before.  They feel OK.  If I do get my toes done, these are a good candidate of shoes to wear.
What do you think?

I was looking at a different pair of shoes from the same company.  I had picked up the only pair of 11s and then I saw these.  I liked the colour better; I was afraid white would scuff especially if I was off the beaten path at all.  The heels are low enough for walking but high enough to remind me I'm wearing heels.

The style was slightly different from my original choice.

When I tried these on, I realised they have no strap on the back.  That was on my "must have" list.  I didn't want shoes slapping at my feet all day, or falling off because I'm not used to them.  Plus, I've heard worse things about flip-flops than high heels.

But I wore them for a bit and they seem fine.

Opinions, ladies!  And if you haven't looked at the dresses and skirts from the other day, please do.  And I hope to post some other skirts/tops before the weekend is over, so please come back around 4pm Eastern!


  1. The black pair are perfect if you have any evening affairs planned...and of the other two, I prefer the wedges.


  2. I would take the black pair and the pink pair. Mules can take som getting used to especially if you want to do much walking.

  3. -- +1 for the wedges


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