Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Had A Thought

No No NO!
As I was sitting at breakfast today, I was surrounded by people who I don't think would appreciate the effort and practice that goes into crossdressing.  I'm trying to be delicate.

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday will be tricky.

I'm not sure I want to eat at the hotel.  There's a place right across the street but I don't think I want to eat there twice in a row as Meg.  What I want is to avoid trouble in an area where I think trouble might be hard to avoid.

I'm a bit nervous.

I also realised that the print dress is OUT.  There is a thrift shop right across the street and I hope to visit it soon.

I brought an empty zip-up canvas bag with me.  I think it'll be full when I go home.

An Update

I try to write in advance.  I'm not very far ahead right now, but I wrote the above post Tuesday morning.

Tuesday at lunch, I came back to the hotel and did some work and then walked across the street to the thrift shop.  There are some possibles, but nothing I felt I needed to buy.  I saw a purse for $10 which I liked but passed on.

Tuesday after work I tried to get my back and brows waxed.  My first choice was booked, and booked on Thursday.  On Wednesday they close early and I couldn't make it.  I drove back a few miles to my second choice and made an appointment for Thursday at 5.  I wanted to do this sooner; I'm afraid I'm cutting it close, so to speak.  I will tell the wax lady I'd like my brows "a bit feminine" and tell her why if she asks.  I suspect she'll either know why or ask "why?" as in "why would you want to do that?"  Either way, I asked and was told she's been waxing for ten years and should be a professional about it.  I will also tell her my goal for my back is to be able to wear a tank top without hair showing.  No, I have nothing sleeveless.  I just don't want any hair showing regardless of what I wear.  If they do a nice job on my brows and back, I'll make a Friday evening appointment for my nails.  If they have no appointments available, there are two nail places in the mall.

Which I know because, after I left the salon, I went to the mall.  It's not very impressive.  There is a Dillards ($) and a Sears (¢).  I found a Sag Harbor faux snakeskin bag (they call it charcoal).  This is it.  It was on sale from $42, and I thought it roomy and reasonable.  My problem with purses is, I'd feel it was worth the money if I was in love with it, but I'm never in love with purses.  I don't have this problem with dresses or shoes.


  1. How is Meg holding up in the heat. Back here in the northeast we will hit 94 today and 95 tomorrow and it is hazy, hot and humid. Not exactly femulating weather.


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