Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Help Needed!

First an oops: I need to shave my arms before Tuesday morning.  Last night it occurred to me that my classmates and possible workmates might notice my hair-today-gone-tomorrow look.  It is a short-sleeve town after all.  Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's a new job and a new group of people.  I think I need to make a concession or two.   I shall be wearing my charm bracelet however.  I will remove the women's watch.

It's now 11am.  I'm home alone for about two hours.  My goal: get pictures of my new tops and possible skirts; write this post; look for a pair of flats I KNOW I have.  They're women's, they won't pass, but the odds I'll see someone I know are small so I might wear them.  I have to find them first.

Also, get out my jewelry and makeup and ensure I have everything I need!

It's now almost 1pm and as you can see when you read on, I accomplished most of my goals.  I took pictures, I found my flats (and another pair I had forgotten about!), and I went through my makeup/jewelry.  I've been wearing my black earrings/necklace/bracelet the last few times I went out.  I think I'll be a bit more colourful this trip, since my clothes will be more colourful as well.

If you offer opinions (and please do!) remember I need a more casual look.  Friday night, I might get away with a dressier dress but not for weekend shopping and touristy things.  Unless I go to church Sunday. :)))

And remember to check my morning post for more shoe options.

On to the clothes!


 A good idea, but alas, no.

Are these at all passable?  Not really.  The straps are too thin, the heels are wrong ~ but they'd be great to go through security.  Slip off, slip on.

I would have worn them, except they're size 13 (I picked them up via freecycle) and they slip right off.  I'd need to pad the front or back or something.

So sneakers it shall be.
I found these hiding in the basement in a box (with the flats).  I forgot about them.  They are perfect if I wanted to go to a club in Arizona, but that's not one of my plans (although someone I've been chatting with says they go out once a week or so, so maybe...).

Too dressy for tourist traps.  Maybe I could wear them shopping Friday night, but, well, I don't know.  I'm not sure what outfit they'd go with.  But they certainly wouldn't interfere with my nice new pedicure.

I bought this skirt for my Mardi Gras outing.  Diagonal stripes were in then, and I thought they were really appealing.  The top is new, and I'm wearing it in most of my pictures because most of the skirts have some purple in them.

If you like a top and different skirt (including the first ones I posted), let me know!  Alone, I am a fashion fail waiting to happen.

If you get a close-up you can see my normal charm bracelet.  I wear it everywhere.

The blouse's neckline is Just High Enough to not need a camisole.
The skirt is light and airy and feels nice but I just don't know.  Here, if you zoom in you can see my usual drab necklace and bracelet.  If you see someone wearing these two items, you can be pretty darn sure you've spotted Meg's alter-ego.
Another skirt I bought for Mardi Gras.  This one never made it out of the closet.  There's always a first time.
The salmon top I bought.  I like this top.  The skirt looks southwestern, I think.  I tucked in the top so you could see the waistline and drawstring.

One more....

A very light, although lined, skirt. Other than the first purple one, I've never worn any of these out. They're all just too long for Meg! But I think longer is more casual and that's really the look I want, but of course I don't want to give in and go with jeans or shorts.

Voting is now open. I do my final packing at 7 tomorrow so vote early and often!


  1. I like skirt #2. The fourth one is a nice pattern, but I think the wrong length. Either top is fine - I have a leaning towards purple myself.

    A nice unisex pair of sneakers will be invaluable. I think the black shoes would work for things other than clubbing, unless they're really tiring to the feet (in which case, I'd rule out clubbing too).

  2. -- + 1 for the outfit featured in the first pic. I think you would look great in it.

    And if I'm allowed +2 on the salmon/Southwestern combo which I think you'll look even better in, especially accompanied by the wedges.


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