Monday, June 6, 2011

Travel Day

I'll be home alone once the kids head off to school.

My plan:


Make sure all of Meg's stuff is packed gently and snugly.  Make sure I have enough clothes for my workdays.

All of the pants and two of the shirts I packed are women's.  My only non-Meg shoes are from the women's department.  All of my undies and socks, well, that's all I own.  I did bring mostly solid or OK-for-male patterned socks.  I will be working with military sorts after all.

My travel wardrobe is a tee, one of my new girls jeans, girl socks and undies of course and my usual necklace and charm bracelet.  I am adding One More clearly girl item: Meg's watch.

As I mentioned, my plan for girl shoes for the flight will not pan out.  I also looked at a pair of black loafers with a 1-3/4" heel (I measured).  BUT ~ they'd probably bother my little toes, and I think I'd be uncomfortable, physically with the fit and psychologically with the style.  I'll do the watch.  One thing at a time.  If a stranger comments on the watch and I say "my battery died so I borrowed my wife's" is that a story?

Oh....  I also almost made an error.  Normally, I have A Meg Outfit.  That includes a bra and a cinch and a couple of pair of hose in case one runs.  This trip, I will need to pack a second bra and cinch.  I don't think each will stand up to more than one day's wear.  And I can't guarantee it will be dry the next day after being hand-washed in the evening.

I may need a larger suitcase.

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  1. Meg, I hope you read this on Tuesday morning.
    CONGRATULATION!! Today your blog is a year old!
    You’ve kept working an almost daily commentary.
    I love your stories, thoughts, and dreams. You have touched and helped many people.
    I have enjoyed every moment.
    I hope no matter how you get to dress, tonite (Tuesday) that you get a chance to lift a glass “to Meg” and you get a “special dinner” in celebration!!


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