Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bust or No Bust

Well, both.

Too Drippy for Meg

I wasn't sure what my plan for Sunday was, but I had Meg clothes (probably the same as Friday night ~ I wasn't out long that night) and painted fingers and toes and some ideas of Things To Do.

Sunday morning, I woke up early thinking I could get dressed and go to Bisbee and take the copper mine tour and have breakfast there.

Instead I woke up early and was sneezing non-stop.  I don't know what was causing that ~ my eyes were watering and I had to make a decision.

Instead of getting out my makeup, I got out my nail polish remover and tissues and sadly started removing my fingernail polish.  It still wasn't over: I didn't need painted fingers to go out.  Just a painted face.

Mine tours were at 9 and 10:30 and further on into the day.  I wanted to make the 9, but I wasn't wedded to the idea.

By 8, the sneezing had slowed (but not stopped).  I was getting hungry so I decided to leave Meg at home and got dressed in a t and jeans.

I didn't consider it over for this trip though.  Bisbee was about 40 minutes away; I could come back afterwards and change for the afternoon and maybe go to Tombstone (touristy, but Meg might enjoy it).

The mine tour would have been a tad awkward.  Ladies, wear pants on this one!  Much of the tour is on a mine train, where you are straddling a 4x4 or 6x6 or something.  It's not skirt friendly.  I suppose you could ride sidesaddle but the tunnel is narrow and it's probably a real bad idea.  The tour was given by a man who worked in the mine for thirty years, and he had a lot of little details that a guide with a script wouldn't know.  For instance, he mentioned that the miners were "allowed" to take rocks for themselves.  If they found a pretty rock, they could take it ~ they hid it in their lunch bucket.  Everybody knew, nobody cared.  If they found gold or silver they could take that too, but they never did.  If they took copper, well, it was only a couple of cents worth.  The mine boss did the same, except he got the pick of the rocks.  Sometimes, the miners would steal his finds on the principle that the rocks are community property until removed from mine ground.

Breakfast in Bisbee also might have been uncomfortable for Meg.  It looked like a biker town, and I'm sure it was Meg friendly, but I was thinking about how I would have felt as I looked around and I felt I would not have had a lot of support there.

Corsets and Petticoats

After breakfast my eyes were still shedding water so Meg stayed home as I went to Tombstone.

I didn't go to the OK Corral re-enactment.  There are lots of places to buy native jewelry or geodes or stones.  There are a lot of restaurants ~ if it wasn't so far, I'd go back for dinner.

The other thing you can find in Tombstone is the Wild West side.  Guns, holsters, leather goods, "old time photos," and people in period clothing.

If you're looking for 1880s clothing, head for Tombstone.  Lots of fancy Saloon Girl clothes (pricey), lots of more modern western wear of the kind I was looking for: pretty tops, long loose skirts, denim skirts, light and open shoes.  AND bonus: if you're looking for corsets or petticoats, you can find them here.  The prices were all reasonable and I Was SO Tempted.  I'll be back and less likely to resist temptation.  If Meg was there, she definitely would have bought something!  Or several somethings.

Monday Nothing, Tuesday Nothing

Sorry.  That's a really obscure song reference.  Ten points to anyone who gets it.

Monday, I did not have class but I went to my office and met my peeps.  I tried to be open, friendly, sociable ~ everything I am normally not.  That, seriously, was harder than being Meg on Friday and Saturday.

I planned to work until 4 or so and then go out for dinner and maybe shopping at the mall where I had my nails done.  Instead, I worked until almost 7, and i had more work to do in my room.

Tuesday, I had to choose: I could get out at 430 and do something as Meg for at least an hour or two, but if I put in extra time I could take a day off when I got back to Virginia and spend it with my son who'll be going to New York for a summer job.  I love Meg, but not as much as my boys.  I worked late to get ahead on hours.  I don't have any vacation hours I can take yet and the contract frowns on unpaid leave.

I won't have the travel opportunities I had at my last job, but I still plan to have times out at home, for another clothing swap and maybe a trans-meeting.  That's a current goal of mine, and I need to work out the logistics.  It's certainly not impossible.  My wife is getting more vocally opposed though.  I need to figure out how to quash that.  I will also be coming back to Arizona, and I may go to some conferences.  Meg will be around.

And A Special Note for Dani

Dani wrote, in a comment:

As soon as I have an excuse to get rid of my mustache (maybe an upcoming play will provide it), I will attempt this...but only at night and only if going to a place where I am sure not to see anyone I know.

BTW--did you go bare legged?

Well, yes.  It was something new for me, and I felt better with a longer skirt.  It's also the first time I was out with a skirt below my knees!

But... the reason I copied this post is so maybe you could use this clip as your why I don't have a moustache explanation.


  1. Meg- Oh my! I've always wanted to see Bisbee! Have been out that way, but not down that far! (ooh, that sounds kinda like an analogy for TV, no?) :D

  2. --John Stuart Mill-nil, nil would be my favorite line. Unfortunately, I get 0 points for cheating. (thanks Google)

    Just be sure to take the opportunities that they are available.

  3. When , I am not Diane , I have a mustache


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