Sunday, June 19, 2011

Arizona Notes

My Arizona rental car had two features, one I could use, one not so much. 

Cruise control is useless back home.  In Arizona I can go at 75 or 65 or whatever the limit is and not even see another car for ten miles.  Cruise control is priceless.  And Meg does NOT want to get pulled over!  So driving at exactly the speed limit is a good idea.

The other feature, heated seats, isn't very useful although it does feel like it's stuck in the 'on' position.

On Sunday night, I drove about ten miles south of town.  I could go no further.  A new fire had sprung up, and police were turning everyone around.

Tuesday, I could see the fire from my room and from the office.  Ramsey Canyon, a very popular Nature Conservancy preserve is threatened.  At least one of the people from my company was evacuated.  It looks like the fires won't be controlled until the rainy season starts in a couple of weeks.

This is not the big fire you've been hearing about.  That's still raging.  This is a new fire.

It's both scary and sad.

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  1. If you can... check your email. I love reading about the pure joy MEG brings you. When she's out of the "box" she's really a go getter.
    I'm glad you where able to not just shop, but get an eye full of Arizona's area sites. Even better that you found an "inside" person whom was able to show the very best that there was. It's past the "walking thru" check if you pass.. your so on top of the right "look" nobody notices. You are my ideal, your selection of dress Is at the top of fabulous. I'm reading, watching, and Learning each time you write. :) hugs!


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