Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way Outside My Comfort Zone

I sent an e-mail yesterday.  I am committed.  I will be going way outside my comfort zone next week, in Arizona.  I don't know what day yet, but I'll do it.

This project has two requirements people, one documentation person, seven testers (I've met two), and nine developers.

They all kind of work for me.

I'm not a manager, I'm a dotted line under the manager ~ where you often see the administrative assistant, except I'm not.  I have the lofty title of "Chief Engineer."  Near as I can tell, my job is to push the engines to warp 9 when they're only made to go warp 8.5 and I have to tell the captain they're going to blow in a bad Scottish accent.

So I wrote these seventeen strangers and said "hi.  I want to meet you all when I'm in Arizona."

I'll meet with them as a group and individually.

Friday after work in Sierra Vista, I hope to get dressed, and get a manicure and pedicure.  Saturday and Sunday, I hope to shop and do touristy things, as Meg.   If I do, I'll be out and forced to do things I haven't had the nerve to do yet, such as eat out and use the ladies'.   I hope to get to Tucson and meet a couple of t-women there.   I have been too busy to write back, but I hope to make some time to meet them.

I'm more nervous about meeting my peeps.

Perhaps my comfort zone hasn't expanded... just moved.

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