Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Testing the Waters

My new work hours are fungible.  I find that it's best to not leave later than 7.40 or I hit traffic near the end of my trip.  The last of my family normally leaves the house around 7.10.

Tuesday morning, I took advantage of that.  For the record, I'm writing this Tuesday afternoon.

Ugh.  But a nice dress
While we were away for the weekend, I was thinking about What To Wear in Arizona.  I remembered an old white dress that I had never worn out but I liked.  I had an intense urge to try it on immediately, but being 200 miles from home sort of prevented that.  I also remembered that I bought a long blue dress at the same time, and thought that might be a good choice for Arizona as well.  The two dresses are pictured here.  The pictures are from August 1998 and they are headless because I look horrid.

Tuesday morning, as soon as the family left, I tried on about a half-dozen dresses and lined up a few more to try Wednesday.  I didn't have appropriate underclothes so it's still hard to tell what will really work, but both the white and blue dresses seemed OK.  The white has a kind of high waist ~ I need to take a second look at it.

I also pulled out a long flower patterned dress which I never wore out but it might be good for the trip.  It fit well.  I also found a red flowery dress that, after much deliberation ("it's really too tight" vs "it's really pretty") went into the clothing swap bag.  I pulled out a couple of sheaths.  One I thought was too formal; another was a bit too tight (but possible).

I have more to try on.  I want to see if I have open-toed shoes I could wear.  I want to try on the "finalists" with appropriate padding and undergarments.

mornings and that's it.  I can maybe try some clothes Monday, but I'd rather be packed by then!  Also, if I can't find anything appropriate I'd like to shop a bit.  There are not a lot of shopping options near my new job.  No Marshalls or similar store.  There's a dying mall not far away.

Here's the plan:
Wednesday: look into my shoes.  Do I have anything barefootish?
Thursday: try on additional dresses/skirts/tops (although I doubt I have any appropriate tops)
Friday: Try on the "finalists" (probably six or seven ~ some combination of dresses and skirts?) with appropriate undies.  Get to work later, if necessary.


  1. Both the white dress and the longer blue dress look great and seem to have weathered the years rather nicely.
    Unlike GGs it seems that some of us CDs worked so hard to acquire parts of our femme wardrobe that we have a very hard time culling the closet. I still have items that are 20 years old that will never see the light of day that I cannot seem to jettison.

  2. I think the white dress is very cute, but perhaps a bit on the young side, if you know what I mean. If you wear it, I'd suggest white or neutral low-heeled sandals to go with it.

    I think the blue dress may be a little too long...if you wear it, I'd suggest white or pale blue open-toed pumps, with at least a two-inch heel. (I find long dresses look incredibly frumpy without heels.)



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