Monday, September 30, 2013

This Space Uninetentionally Left Blank

I have more Renfest, but I had a long (non-Meg) weekend and may not have had time to put together a post when I got home.

If I did, you won't see this.  :D

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Funnies ~ Arlo and Janis

If I had to pick a favourite strip, this might be it.  I love the characters, I love the cat (Ludwig), and there's even a girl named "Meg."  Click to enlarge each.

(published 1 May)

Saturday, September 28, 2013


For your enjoyment.  One cd-ish, one not-what-you'd-expect, and one bonus: I think he's telling stories.

"again:" I bet it's a story

Friday, September 27, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Oooo.... Shiny Stuff

There were a lot of nice jewelry booths at the faire.  I don't think I saw them all, but one of the first we came to sold ear cuffs.  They were inexpensive and nice and I decided I'd think about it while I wandered.  I had budgeted a few bucks to spend on "stuff" and I needed to see if I found something more appealing.

I did not.

On the way out, Charity and I stopped at the same shoppe and looked at a few different cuffs.  I like to shop with people who have at least as much sense of style as I don't.

They had some cuffs that hung off the middle of your ear, and rings of different sizes that would clip onto the ear, and all were non-pierced items.  As I was looking, with a helpful young saleslady watching, a woman came up to the counter and said to the clerk "can I wear this as a nose ring?"  And the saleswoman looked pained and said "I'd prefer you didn't.  At least not until you buy it."  I laughed and said "I'm glad you said that.  You almost lost a sale."

I bought two cuffs and two rings.  No pics ~ I haven't even tried them on yet!

On the way out I decided to have a little fun with the salesgirl.  After being in close contact with someone, I assume they know I'm not what I appear to be.  They might know at 500 yards, but I don't make that assumption.  More than once, say at a makeup counter where I'm getting some makeover assistance, I say "can I ask you a question?  When did you know?" and I uniformly get a "when did I know what?" which is wonderful to hear as well as flattering, but I really do want an honest answer.  I never pushed the issue and stopped a long time ago. 

So I assumed she figured out Meg.  As we were leaving, I hung back a bit and let Charity go ahead.  Then I got the salesgirl's attention and did my best nervous/upset look and said softly "she makes me do this."  I was rewarded with a shocked (horrified?) look and I quickly turned away and hurried off to catch up with the group.

I bet she has a story to tell her friends.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Gender Edition

I enjoyed some new experiences at the RenFest.

In the past, I've been addressed as  ma'am, "you ladies", "guys" (which is fine; I say that too) and on rare occasions, nothing at all.  I mean, the speaker deliberately avoids pronouns, which is also fine. 

Man in Costume
I think I've passed beyond the age where I'll ever be called "miss," although one manager at work refers to people my age (including me) as "young fellah(!)", so maybe he would. 

But this is the first time I've ever been regularly addressed as "m'lady."

Another fun Renaissance Faire experience: as I said,  in several shoppes, I was told "if you want to try anything on, just let me know."  I declined, mostly because it's such an ordeal to take off everything I was wearing.  In the fur shoppe (picture earlier in this sequence), the saleslady said "wanna play dressup?" which I didn't know how to answer.  I was thinking of saying "what do you THINK I'm doing?" but the saleslady just put a wrap on me before I could answer.  I really didn't mind.

Near the end of the day, I walked right past another t-girl, in costume.  We smiled and nodded at each other and moved on.  She was with a male friend and I don't think she's a regular dresser.  Well I never see her at the cd-anonymous meetings. :)  Alas, I wasn't able to get a picture.

I also took a picture of a man in an exquisite costume as he was walking towards me.  When he got close, he winked and kept walking.

The king is on the right. :)
During the faire, the king and queen wander through their kingdom, greeting citizens.  I asked the king if I could get our picture together.  He not only assented, he put his arm around my shoulder.  I wasn't sure how to respond, so I put my arm around his waist, my friend took a couple of pictures, the king asked how I was enjoying his land and I said "it's wonderful.  And very tolerant" and we parted ways.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Adjustments

Today I have a hint.

If you're just starting out with underdressing and decide it's possible to stretch the envelope a bit with a camisole (or bra) under a heavy shirt so no-one can see it, keep in mind:

* really.  No-one can see it.  (ie, 100% safe)
* If they pat you on the back or shoulder they might notice, but I doubt it.  But they might.  (85% safe)
* and here's the important bit: at some point, the strap will slip.  It may happen several times during the course of the day.  And THERE IS NO MALE EQUIVALENT OR WAY TO EXPLAIN IT WHEN YOU REACH INSIDE YOUR SHIRT TO PULL THAT STRAP BACK UP.  So just live with it until you're alone.  Because someone will notice that. (oops)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Flowers in Your Hair

At every faire, people sell garlands for your hair.  I've never bought one for myself.

This year, I wanted to complete my costume and I thought the flowers would be perfect.

I passed one (male) seller and eventually saw a woman with her own setup.  It was a good move: she made good choices for me.

The first one she selected was a feather garland, which was new to me!

She picked out three for me to try, and my friends stood around assessing each one.  The pictures below are the one with the feathers and the one I purchased.  The middle picture lets you get an idea of the other garlands she had ~ so many colours and combinations!

Oh...  Two corrections.  The purse was mine, not Charity's.  She added the scarf accent though.  And the "sword umbrella" (or "umbrella sword") was purchased at Macy's.

Feathers!?!  What would my bird think?

SOLD!  And look at what I didn't buy!

My "posse" made a good choice.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Knights and White Satin

If you've never been to a Renaissance or Medieval Faire, go.  Costume or not, drab or dressed, it's a lot of fun.  I've been to a couple in New York, one in Wisconsin, the Maryland one, the (short lived) Virginia faire, and probably one or two others.  This was my first in costume (or dressed for that matter) and it doth add to the experience!

I spent a lot more time in shoppes than I have in the past, although mostly not shopping.  There are two types of clothing: uninteresting and just out of my price range, or fabulous and WAY out of my price range.  The shoppe that sold a $50 cotton skirt also had a $95 silk one.  That's not really expensive and if I could justify wearing it a few times a year, I'd consider it.  But....  In more than one shoppe, I was told I could try on anything I wanted, but it's such a chore taking off what I wore that I declined, except for one case.

There were pewter (and leather!) steins; and a shoppe that just had items (beautiful items such as cuffs,

Meg in Furs
bags, wraps, and more) made from fur and hide. 
There was a glassblower who made fantastic items, some at the faire (they had an oven fired up); and pewter, silver, ceramic, wood, and so on knickknacks of every variety.  And there were clothing and accessory and Renaissance-costume accessory and jewelry shoppes everywhere.  And when you first walk in you can rent a costume.  Or borrow something to have your photo taken in Renaissance garb.

You could ride an elephant or camel, eat a variety of unusual (and usual) foods, drink ale, wine, cider, and mead (sometimes mixed ~ I had an "Angry Red," Angry Orchard cider and Kilian Red ale).  You could watch jousts, plays, jugglers, magic shows, wandering minstrels, street acts of all sorts.  Between events, the king and queen would stroll among the citizens and guests.

It's a fun day, and I can see why people return every year.  Or several times a year.  We missed shows and events except for juggling.  Maybe another trip is in order.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some More Loose Parts

It's been a few weeks.

(the IV says "Living Daylights")

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get Over It

Adam is a bit conflicted about gender. He's OK with the shirt, but he's uncomfortable with how he's perceived. I think the problem is we're all too sensitive about gender roles. I also think Laura would let Adam wear her old maternity pants.   Click to enlarge.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Knight and Day

Our gang.  Click to enlarge
We seemed to avoid one of the things I hate: traffic.  In the past, there have been long backups on the roads leading to the site, long backups to park, long lines to get tickets....  This time, it wasn't bad at all.  They direct you to park in rows and we lucked out by getting at just about the end of a row, right outside the wall.  It was a hike to the ticket office, but not as bad as it could have been.

In the past, I never noticed the costumes much but this year I did.  I took pictures of interesting costumes (male and female) and noticed some trends.  As I said, I was in what is sort of the stock "women's costume."  More serious costumes included boots, and a variety of devices hanging from belts: pouches, flagons, perhaps a mock weapon.  They don't allow real weapons into the area but you could buy everything up to a longsword and probably a crossbow, although I didn't notice any.  I commented to one of the purveyors of weaponry about that dichotomy and she said "we wrap them in magical butcher paper and duct tape which renders them harmless."

One of our group wore boots and said they cost more than "any car I ever bought."

I noticed many "Renaissance-ish" costumes, mostly among women.  They might include long lacy skirts, tops with eyelets and such, sandals or more substantial shoes.  They might have been making a style statement, or they might be building a costume.  I can see a costume costing hundreds of dollars easy.  Even the basic cotton or linen skirt is at least $50; a decent bodice $150, a chemise $40 or $50.  That's bottom line.  One shoppe had a lovely dress for $1800.  Start adding accessories and the cost goes WAY up.

The vendors know their audience.  One woodcarving vendor had different Celtic, British, Scottish, etc designs but they also had Star Trek insignia.

We saw a woman dressed in Stargate garb.  I complimented her on her costume.  I thought, "well they're kind of present time, but they usually visit planets that are technologically challenged, so why not?" 

There were two Dr Whos.  Again, he travels, he's been in Renaissance times, so why not.

We saw Indiana Jones.  I have no idea what he was doing there.

There was a Ninja with a sword on his back.  One of our group asked about the sword ("no weapons") and it turns out it was an umbrella ~ they sell them at RenFests.

Speaking of our group, we traveled in a pack of eight: Star and her partner Pooch; Charity and me; Star's friend (who we've met at game nights), and her husband, and daughter; and L, who was New To Me.  She's very nice.  She was a schoolteacher who does software now, and has what she called "a fetish about weapons."  She had a large, impressive walking stick and I suspect there was something sharp inside.  I didn't ask.  The boots belonged to her.

I leave you with some costumes and comments.  Click to enlarge.

Monday: About the faire
atypical costumes

more typical female costumes: bodice, shoulders, underskirts

very fancy male costume

Very fancy female costume and a ninja

Lovely lady costumes

a smoking wood nymph?  Really?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Changes

I should have asked for a tour of Star's "costume closet."  She pulled out what turned out to be the standard RenFest girl costume: a white chemise (short/long/three-quarter sleeve, worn off-the-shoulder, very cool snake bracelet that coiled up her arm.
Note bracelet, fan, head piece, shoulders,
and copious boobage
a long skirt, and a lace-up bodice.  Charity was awarded a chain-mail headpiece that Star made for her (Star's) first wedding and a

A couple of under-details:  I had to switch to a strapless bra, something I had not worn before.  I suppose I could have kept my regular bra, since the straps would have been under the bodice (remember, the chemise was off-the-shoulders) but I think the strapless was a better idea, and something new to me.  I was also glad that the last thing I did before leaving the house was to touch up my shoulders and underarms with a quick shave.  I probably should have adjusted the position a bit as my forms were kinda crushed under the bodice and I lost most of my shape (such as it is), but if they were too high the bra would show.  Look at my picture to understand what I mean.

Also, I was able to jettison the cinch (because the bodice was tied pretty tightly) and the padded panty (it WAS unnecessary under those skirts).  Some discomfort was removed in favour of some other discomfort, I suppose.

I wasn't sure what shoes to wear.  In preparation for the faire, I had bought inexpensive flip-flop-type shoes but the bit between my big toe and the adjacent one was very uncomfortable, at least on my left foot.  I tried putting a band-aid over the toe-crotch.  I think that might have worked, but I had already irritated that spot and I had to drop that idea.  I wore Mary Janes, which felt odd: skirts and flats were a strange combination for me.  I brought my regular leather sandals that I wear when I'm wearing sandals in drab.  They're women's, but don't look very femme.  I do know they're pretty comfortable, and that's what I wore to the faire.  Considering we walked pretty much non-stop for seven or more hours, it was a good choice, and had a fine RenFest look.  And my pedicure got another airing.  The nails are kind of growing out now so this might be their last horrah.

The other part of the typical female costume was something I did not have and could not add: copious and obvious cleavage.  It was everywhere.

Note fan, shoulders, total lack of boobage
My skirt was one that came from a yard sale and it was definitely see-through.  Star said "no problem" and explained that underskirts were longer than skirts and made to show.  Noblewomen wore nice skirts as underskirts; other women used their worn skirts as underskirts.  She gave me a floor-length black skirt that looked pretty frayed on the bottom but looked great under my other skirt.  It was long enough that I had to quickly learn to gather up the skirts before ascending/descending steps.  And it was pretty crowded in the car driver seat, with me and all that fabric.

Star added belts under our bodices.  I had a pouch hanging from mine, which had my car fob so I could put my purse in the trunk and the car would still work.  We tied fans to the belts as well.  The fans came in handy, especially when watching the jousts.

Friday: We Arrive in the 17th Century.  Or so

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ It's Like I'm Writing a Book

As I was moving a few posts around the calendar last week, I had the wonderful thought that this is like writing a book.  I write.  I edit what I write.  I change sentences to improve the prose and fix the flow.  I move posts to promote the storyline.

Sometimes, when I break up the flow to put in a news article or my Wednesday "Simple Pleasure," I think of Moby Dick, where Melville just stopped telling the story to insert a long chapter about whether a whale is a mammal or a fish (spoiler alert: he decided it was a fish).  I'm not comparing myself to Melville; as a writer, he was much too terse.

I'm sure the "Simple Pleasure" breaks are more on the level to "Good Idea Bad Idea" (like this or this) breaks in Animaniacs.

I've always wanted to be a writer.  I do have my (male) name listed as a co-author in a technical specification, but that's as far as I've made it.  (If anyone has a copy of IEEE 716-1985, I'll be happy to autograph it for you.  A copy costs $75 at time of publication so I never purchased one myself).  I've authored some patents, but they were sort of ghostwritten.  And I've read them and I'll freely admit that.

I don't think I could write a story or novel.  I would be happy and at peace as even a marginally successful writer.  But it's nice to think of the 1200+ posts I've assembled here as my Magnum Opus which both overstates my work and degrades the term.

It has been suggested that I was a woman in a previous life and I'm having trouble "letting go," hence the appearance of Meg.  I prefer to think that I'll be a woman in my next life and Meg is practice.  Maybe the same goes for my writing.

So, tell your children/grandchildren to be on the lookout for a famous writer named "Meg."  Tell them to write her (or send a telepathic message, whatever's in vogue then) and let her know you enjoyed her practice writing from her previous life.  She'll be thrilled and confused.  And maybe you'll be delivering an outline for her next book.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forward, Into the Past ~ Preparation

Ugh!  Those SHOES
Yes, we went to the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD.  The lyrics were The Byrds' Renaissance Fair.

I wore my long black-and-white dress out of the house, along with Mary Jane flats, silver star earrings, another silver ring with a black cylindrical stone and patterns that looked vaguely Celtic, bangles, and a simple necklace.

I was going to skip my padded panty on the belief that it would be lost under the big Renaissance skirts, but it turns out the dress I was wearing was a big too clingy, if you get my meaning.  I also wore my cinch.

I had another long dress that I haven't worn out yet but I thought I'd save that for another game night rather than a quick run to/from our friend's house.  It turned out I wore it a bit longer than expected, but that's a story for another day.

For the faire, I had on lighter makeup than usual.  I also decided to go for the longer of my favourite two wigs.  I thought longer hair looked more historically accurate, but what do I know?  I don't even know what year(s) they were trying to recreate.  I'm guessing around 1500, because the king was Henry VIII.  I don't know which wife he was on.

Charity had a surprisingly roomy leather purse which I mostly took over with cash, wallet, makeup, keys, glasses, and camera.  She just took a kind of scarf she could fold and put stuff in, hanging from her belt and I put her wallet into the purse, which I carried with me all day.  She tucked another scarf into the handbag clasp, just for accent.  You can see it a bit in the picture.

I was a bit apprehensive about what I'd be wearing.  I didn't know what I was going to wear to the faire, so I didn't know how to prepare.  Mostly, the concern was hair: did I remove enough from my back/chest/arms?  I knew my legs would be fine, since I expected to be wearing something floor-length.  I could have asked, but Star was doing us a great favour by lending us clothes and I didn't want to bother her.  Besides, a little surprise never hurt anyone.  I also worried about my bust and if I would have the coverage I need.

We got out a bit later than planned, stopped at the nearby Giant for grab some bagels, and got to our friends' house just a few minutes later than planned.  We had some coffee, ate those bagels, and Star went up to her "costume closet" which is larger than all of the closets in my apartment combined.

Thursday: faire-weather clothing

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Title Is Left As An Exercise for the Reader

Renaissance Meg
I think that maybe I'm dreaming

I smell cinnamon and spices
I hear music everywhere
All around kaleidoscope of color
I think that maybe I'm dreaming

Maids pass gracefully in laughter
Wine coloured flowers in their hair
Last call from lands I've never been to
I think that maybe I'm dreaming

Sun's flash on a soda prism
Bright jewels on the ladies flashing
Eyes catch on a shiny prism

Hear ye the crying of the vendors
Fruit for sale wax candles for to burn
Fires flare soon it will be night fall
I think that maybe I'm dreaming

I think that maybe I'm dreaming
I think that maybe I'm dreaming

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Silly

The blog "The Mary Sue" had a post over a year ago that I recently came across:

What Batman Would Look Like Fighting In Stilettos.

A sample:

My subject says it all.  I haven't looked at other posts in that blog, so I don't know if silliness is an underlying theme.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yom Kippur

Today is the Jewish day of atonement, when serious and even not-so-serious Jews fast from sunset (Friday) to an hour or so after sunset tonight.  I won't wish my Jewish readers an easy fast, because they probably aren't using their computer today.  But I can make the wish and they'll see it afterwards.

Anyway, this was better than a gender cartoon.  Gender tomorrow.

click to enlarge

Friday, September 13, 2013

Uncomfortable Sometimes

There was a game day at Star's a couple of weeks ago.  One of the core group was moving away and we're kind of the new kids on the block, although I don't think I'll ever replace C in the game arena ~ she has a very deliberate and analytic mind and I can't keep track of what everyone is doing in the strategy games we play to ever do that well.

There would be kids (who have met Meg) but there was also the potential presence of aged ancestors.  Star didn't mind, but my goal is to not make people uncomfortable.  I asked if she'd prefer I went in drab and was glad I did ~ she didn't want to ask, but gratefully took me up on my offer.  When I came in, I felt out of place, dressed as I was, but once the games began I got over that. 

I had met all of the players before, but only spent much time with C and our hosts while in drab.  Each did a classic double take when they first met the "real me," which was funny and fun.  Meg had spent time with the players, and they were mostly at the "other table" when we had lunch together (me in drab) and we really didn't interact.

When I was introduced at the games, one woman said "Star says we met once, but I don't remember, but she says so so 'hi!  Nice to see you again.'"  I don't think she made the Meg/me connection.  The other friends knew Meg (one was the guy who commented on my my "not casual enough" outfit) and in passing as non-Meg.  I don't think any made the connection.  I didn't push the issue or say "don't you remember me?  I was wearing that long dress last time we met."

The gaming group are t-friendly people.  I only know them from the games, and with Star as the hub.  I don't expect to interact with them outside of this group, but one never knows.  They have met Meg and Charity, and me and Charity, and said nothing/asked no questions about it.  I will say again they're a t-familiar and t-friendly group so I don't think any comment would be any different than "didn't you have a beard the last time we met?"

And, as I wrote yesterday, I'm not sure how I'll react or what my response will be if we're on the street and someone makes the "Charity in the middle" (or Star in the middle) connection.

I hope I respond honestly.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Been A While

Since my last Meg day, I've done a lot.

It's been about three weeks and I had things to do every weekend: places to go, games to play, people to get together with, and so on.

Except Meg didn't attend any of them.

That's OK, but I think Meg is due to go OUT.  But it's nice that there's no urgency or schedule.  And it's nice that there are some places I can go dressed either way and be comfortable (mostly).  Tomorrow's post is a good example.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simple Pleasures ~ Two Words

Over the three-plus years I've been writing this blog, I've received many favourable comments on my appearance or clothing.  I've responded to some within the comments, but I'd like to put this up front:

Thank you.

Each and every kind word means a lot to me, and just one can brighten my mood and stay with me all day.

And especially in the last eighteen months or so, I've had many days that needed brightening.

This is the Jewish period of atonement, when Jews are supposed to ask forgiveness for wrongs they've done others.  I always felt that was a negative thing to do; to balance it out with something positive, I like to thank people who deserve be thanked.

That's y'all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Does Anyone Have "Alternating Gender Incongruity?"

I don't, but it sounds fascinating.  It seems to have made a huge splash in April 2012 and then... disappeared.

'Alternating Gender Incongruity' Causes Rapid Shifts Of Gender, Scientist Claims
A graduate student of famed neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran has found a group of men and women who report that their sexual identity can switch involuntarily to that of the opposite sex and back again. The transgender metamorphosis, these people assert, can occur several times a day and at inopportune moments. It is also accompanied by the sensation of phantom breasts or genitalia of the non-biological sex.

'Our gender shifts by the hour': Incredible claim of group who suffer from 'phantom genitalia'
Scientist claim to have discovered a new gender of human which is neither male nor female.

It leaves those with the condition sensing ‘phantom genitalia’ of the opposite sex.

A group of people with the previously undiagnosed ‘alternating gender incongruity’ (AGI) said they can switch involuntarily from male to female and vice versa instantly.

Sexuality and "Alternating Gender Incongruity"
In an article from the (somewhat) controversial journal Medical Hypotheses, researchers claim to have found a new neuropsychiatric syndrome called Alternating Gender Incongruity. A reporter from Scientific American commented on the article a few weeks ago, and the blog Neuroskeptic carried a short synopsis of the study the week before that. However, neither has commented on what I think are the two most fascinating (and perhaps troubling) aspects of this study. 

and last....

Alternating gender incongruity: a new neuropsychiatric syndrome providing insight into the dynamic plasticity of brain-sex.
Between the two extreme ends of human sexuality - male and female - lie a poorly understood and poorly studied spectrum of ambiguously defined sexual identities that are very much a part of the human condition but defy rigid classification. "Bigender" is a recently formed sub-category of transgenderism, describing individuals who experience a blending or alternation of gender states. While recognized nominally by the APA, no scientific work to our knowledge has addressed this fascinating condition, or proposed any physiological basis for it. In addition, the alternation aspect has not been proposed as a nosological entity distinct from blending. We present descriptive data suggesting that many bigender individuals experience an involuntary switching of gender states without any amnesia for either state. In addition, similar to transsexual individuals, the majority of bigender individuals experience phantom breasts or genitalia corresponding to the non-biologic gender when they are in a trans-gender state. Finally, our survey found decreased lateralization of handedness in the bigender community. These observations suggest a biologic basis of bigenderism and lead us to propose a novel gender condition, "alternating gender incongruity" (AGI). We hypothesize that AGI may be related to an unusual degree or depth of hemispheric switching and corresponding callosal suppression of sex appropriate body maps in parietal cortex- possibly the superior parietal lobule- and its reciprocal connections with the insula and hypothalamus. This is based on two lines of reasoning. First, bigender individuals in our survey sample reported an elevated rate of bipolar disorder, which has been linked to slowed hemispheric switching. We hypothesize that tracking the nasal cycle, rate of binocular rivalry, and other markers of hemispheric switching will reveal a physiological basis for AGI individuals' subjective reports of gender switches. Switching may also trigger hormonal cascades, which we are currently exploring. Second, we base our hypotheses on ancient and modern associations between the left and right hemispheres and the male and female genders. By providing a case of sharp brain-sex shifts within individuals, we believe that the study of AGI could prove illuminating to scientific understanding of gender, body representation, and the nature of self.

Well, not really last.  Google the subject and you'll find lots of articles.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Concerns About Outing

I'm sure I'm not alone on this.  I'm sure everyone who's gone out with a close friend or SO has this problem.  And maybe this concern.

There are two ways to come out.  One is, well, you come out.  The other is, you're outed.

Coming out is good.  Being outed, not so much.

I never went out with my wife, but Meg has gone to several events, both t and civilian, with Charity.  But I also go out in drab with Charity ~ grocery shopping for example.

On my own, I don't worry.  I doubt anyone will look at me and Meg and think, "that's the same person."  But someone will look at Charity and put two and two together.  Right now, the real problem is going out in drab.  There are very few people who know me (drab) and Charity.  There are many more who know Meg and Charity.

One day, someone is going to come up to Charity, someone who knows Meg, while I'm there in drab.  If enough people see Clark Kent and Superman hanging around Lois Lane, they're gonna figure out they're the same person, in spite of that elaborate disguise (glasses).  Disclaimer: I'm not comparing myself to Clark Kent.

Maybe Lois Lane.

I'm not sure what action I'll take when someone says "wait a second...."  I suppose the first issue is whether it's a civilian or t acquaintance.  But I really haven't thought of a response, other than "yes."

And I'll have a different perspective tomorrow.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Duplex

I posted a Duplex just over a week ago, on a Saturday but I haven't had any Just Funny ones since April or so.  Here are a few.  Four are funny and one's just kinky. :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seeing Double

I'm wondering if there are more.  Maybe some that are funnier.  Does anyone have a better caption?

"With that tie?  Really?"
"Ann Taylor, but I don't know if they have your size."
"No, I'm not going to guess how much they cost."
"I know you have to get to your other job right after work, but really... how long does it take to change shoes?"
"I told you ~ you need longer pants when you wear heels!"
"I am not going to guess if they're stockings or pantyhose."

Friday, September 6, 2013

From today's Washington Post, under the headline "

Use of preferred gender pronouns indicates expanding acceptance of transgender people

As Nicholas Gumas settles into his third year at George Washington University, he won’t just be asking incoming students for names, majors and home towns. If the situation calls for it, he says he’ll ask for preferred gender pronouns, or PGPs.
To clarify their gender identity, students can request that others refer to them with traditional pronouns (he, him, his or she, her, hers), pick from a number of hybrid options, such as ze, hir, hirs, or use the plural pronoun “they” to refer to an individual.

Read the story here.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mott the Opal

(Shana Tovah, all)

Some of you got the Mott the Hoople reference.  It was actually a threefer.

* There was the basic pun.

* A few of you pointed out that Mott was one of the original Glam (or Glitter) Rock groups.  Opal is definitely a glam rock.  Or a glitter rock, I suppose.

* There's something of a gender reference as well.  Glam rockers were known for wearing outrageous or at least androgynous clothing, hairstyles, and makeup.

As an added bonus, Mott's best-known song is "All the Young Dudes" which contains lyrics such as

Now Lucy looks sweet cause he dresses like a queen
But he can kick like a mule it's a real mean team

And their second-most well-known song is arguably "All the Way From Memphis."  She is actually from Points Further South, but most recently my roommate Charity came here, well, all the way from Memphis.

Finally, my friend Rhonda took a close look at the ring and wrote

BTW, the ring is really nice. And shiny. VERY shiny. Looks like you took reasonable precautions when photographing a reflective object (e.g., clothes on), although I've only been able to get the magnification of the ring up to 400X (just kidding). It does look like two people, the one on the right looks to be in a white top with a high collar of some sort. The one on the left is blurred. 

I've got to figure out my ring size so I can shop for some nice ones. Have you had luck buying rings on-line? How about bracelets and bangles? Even my small hand doesn't fit through most of the bracelets that I find in stores. 

Addressing the last issue first, finding your ring size is pretty easy.  Go to any jewelry store (even Kay's or something like that) and ask them to size you.  They have a ring of rings in different sizes.  They'll tell you the size of any finger in a second.  OR you can bring in a ring that fits and they drop it on a long thin conical "finger."  Whereever it lands, you read your size.  And men's and women's sizes are the same, so don't worry if you're deep in the closet ~ get your finger sized at one store while you look at men's rings, then go to another and say "she'd like this ring.  Can I get it in an 8?"

7 is my size, by the way.  And the jewelry show had women's rings up to 10, possibly 11.  I forget.  Most had separate trays with different sizes so you didn't have to hunt much.

As for that picture (reproduced below)....

Well, I was the only one in the room.  That's me behind the flash (on the right), but there's definitely someone to my left wearing something cute and frilly.  I can see the bodice and an arm.

Is that you, Thalia?  Did you finally show yourself?

Me, right.  ??, left

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Encounter ~ I Think I've Been Insulted

I had a pedicure a few weeks ago.

When I entered the nail salon, the technician called from the back, "you want wax?"  I said nothing,
Yes I have odd toes
mostly because I don't shout across rooms.  When I got closer she said "wax.  Wax your eyebrows?"  I said "no thank you."  I was tempted but wax would have taken off my eyebrow colour and possibly the foundation around my brows.  Plus, she might have taken off a lot more brow than I'd be comfortable with the next day.

I'm not sure why she asked.  From that distance, I probably passed.  There was no point where she had an "oops" moment, thinking she had asked me something inappropriate for my true (vs presented) gender.

Maybe they're told to ask everyone.  Maybe only people with thicker brows.  Come to think of it, my bangs probably covered my brows.

Huh.  I don't think I've been insulted after all.  I think I've been treated as I presented.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One More Thing About the Jewelry Show

I saw a lot of items I wasn't interested in.  I ignored the jewelry in cases.  I'm pretty sure it was all out of my price range and why torture myself?

I saw some inexpensive items I liked, but few I loved.  I only saw earrings for pierced ears so I skipped
those.  I think if I found pierced earrings that were Must Haves, that would influence my decision.  I didn't.  I did decide that I won't be buying earrings for the foreseeable future.  I won't get pierced earrings for the reason I just mentioned.  And with the recent discovery of the magic cushions, I can wear more of my formerly uncomfortable clip-ons, so my options have been expanded.  And if I decide to pierce (a far from certain decision) I don't want to extend my investment.  For the record, the fear of getting holes poked in my head is pretty strong.

Among the items I loved was an opal ring.  It was incredibly inexpensive compared to opals I've purchased (as gifts) in the past.  It was a manufactured opal, which is a new concept to me.  So I not only bought the ring, I decided it needed a name.  I called it Mott.


It's Mott the Opal.

(how many of you did I just lose permanently?)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jewelry Show ~ After the Show

After leaving the jewelry show, I did have to make a ladies' room stop.  I hoped it would be in a less-crowded venue than at the show.  We stopped in a Steinmart on the way back to look at clothes and ANOTHER woman came in....  I closed my bag and left quickly.

At the restaurant
get rid of that coffee.  The store was as empty as the show was crowded.  The restroom was vacant while I was in there.  As I finished, I was about to touch up my lips when a woman walked in.  I figured she was heading towards one of the two stalls and I smiled and said hello and she walked past me towards a stall.  I started to open my purse and the door opened again and another woman walked in.  Well, she would probably head towards the other stall but if
I stopped for dinner at a moderately priced restaurant.  A nice Jordanian waitress took the order.  We chatted and joked a bit, I told her I didn't like the meal because I was forced to eat too much.  When she gave me the bill, I told her she was very nice and it's too bad I don't tip.  (Of course I do.  I just like to see their reaction.)  She took my card and came back with a second bill ~ she took off the appetizer and said "I take care of customers I like."

I'll be going there again.