Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Eyes Are Everywhere

I no longer sit in a private office or cube where I can turn my monitor away from passing eyes.  There are six desks in the room I'm in, and people come and go all the time.

This limits what I can do outside of job-related web access.  Formerly, when on break or during lunch, I'd check out the Washington Post headlines, or the comics, or femulate, or I could pre-post tomorrow's callMeMeg entry, or check out other trans-related sites, or approve comments.

I can't do most of those things now.

I can still check my mail (infrequently) ~ even my Meg accounts.

Yesterday, early, I received an e-mail from Glamour Boutique, the only trans-related site I shop at.  I spent the entire day hoping for an empty room for at least a few minutes so I could open it and see where I might spend my money.  It never happened.  Normally, I don't mind being kept in suspense.  "Do not open 'til Christmas" does not bother me.  Unless, that is, it's a package from someone who knows about Meg.  Then I want to tear it open immediately.

I really wanted to read that e-mail, but I know it's going to be mostly pictures.  Later in the day, when there was only one other person in the room, I was calculating how well he could see my screen from where he was and whether I could safely open the message.

The answer was "fairly well" and I had to wait.

Patience is supposed to be a good thing, isn't it?


  1. In terms of virtues, "Patience" may be over-rated.
    Privacy, on the other hand, is a life essential that is never more important than when it is taken away.

  2. Meg, my sympathies. Last year, I worked as a consultant at a small software development firm. I had a cube but it was out of the way and I could occasionally browse cd / tg related sites and check my e-mail. Nothing like Websense either. I spent limited time on these activities, did my job well and everyone was happy.

    This year, I'm working at a much more conservative and locked down place and although I'm not sharing an office, my cube is much more out in the open. It's a little frustrating.


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