Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Finally Found One!

After my nails were dry, I walked into Dillards and lingerie was right by the entrance.  As I sat in the salon, I realised I needed a longer slip.  I had a short slip, for the dress, but this skirt is very sheer and really needs a slip.  Even sitting in the pedicure chair, I could look down and see my legs easily.

I found the small selection of slips and noticed some floor-length ones.  I picked up the leg and it wasn't a slip at all!  It was a pants liner!  The elusive pants liner!  It had three rows of lace, one at the hem and the others a couple of inches above each other.  I took one off the rack and held it up to my waist.  It was very long.

A woman asked if she could help.  I said "no" and then "I do have a question.  I've seen pants liners where the bottom comes off easily at the lace.  Does this one do that?"  She said no, but it could be altered.  Instead, I found a slip that was just about the right length ($12.80) and I bought that.

I stepped into the cool, dark, Arizona night and I could hear a herd of teenagers heading toward the mall.  My car was between the group and the entrance.  There was a mix of boys and girls and they were talking loudly.  I was worried for the first time that night but I kept to myself and got to the car about the same time they did.  There was no problem, and I returned to my room.

I've been sitting here, writing for the past couple of hours.  It is now 11 and I still haven't changed and I want to get out early to meet a woman in Tucson tomorrow!

So I don't know how Saturday went yet, but that will be tomorrow's story.

By the way, I forget if I mentioned it here, or to someone in private, but I'm not very productive when I'm dressed.  Tonight, I was.  I think Meg is growing up!


  1. --I've been doing some serious thinking on the "growing up" issue. Might have to write you about that soon. I think you'll find your productivity will continue grow, possibly in ways you never realized. :)

    Sounds like a wonderful end to a wonderful evening.

  2. I am glad that you picked up a new slip. You can never have too many slips.
    I have bought pants liners in full lenght and knee lenght from Roamans.com and womanwithin.com. Both lengths had lace cut zones so I could adjust the length.

    The concept of productivity while dressed is interesting. I get very flummoxed if I am trying to get out of the house but I have found a new winter hobby of cooking and I find that when I dress to cook I can truly commendeer the kitchen. When I am dressed I seem to pick up strength and energy and an ability to lose myself in my cooking.
    Good luck.


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