Thursday, June 2, 2011

Four Options

I'd like to wear something sleeveless.  I have some sheath dresses that I've only worn in the house, and there are lots of light, pretty, sundresses in the stores.

This means I'm going to remove more hair than I have in the past.

The biggest problem is Places I Cannot See.  It's hard to see parts of the underside of your own arm, your back and the back of your neck.  I state the obvious.  Legs are easier.

I'm going to have to not only make sure my legs and arms are hairless, but I have to make sure my arms are COMPLETELY hairless, right up to and behind my shoulders, plus underarms.  My neck and upper back (at least) must be hairless.  My chest doesn't need to be shaved more than usual, although I might go further; I haven't decided yet.  I might just get carried away and keep on shaving.  I have some tapes for breast forms and I'm thinking about attaching them for the weekend.  I'm not sure how that works with sleeping, and I'm not sure how to remove them.  And I'm not sure if I'll do that at all, although it would be an interesting experience to not wear a bra, if I don't want to.

I see four options to hair removal.  I'm not sure how many I'll use, or for what areas yet.  I'm thinking about it, and I'm open to suggestions from my readers.

Remember, I have a few days to get ready and touch-up since I'll be in Arizona for three nights before my planned first trip out.

1. shaving.  My electric shaver works quite well, and I'll probably bring a hand razor as well.  That's probably the best combination for chest.

2. epilation.  I did try this again, on my arms.  It doesn't seem to get everything, it is incredibly itchy, it hurts but not unbearably.  I doubt I can use it on places I cannot see.  I'd like to try it again on my legs, to see how it does.  I can follow up with one of the other options if it doesn't work well.

3. waxing.  I have had my brows, back, and arms waxed at different times.  I'm considering some body waxing.  It's the most expensive option though, and I've had very thorough wax jobs and sloppy ones.  I'll be trying someone new.

4. dipilitation.  There's always Nair, but that's also tricky for areas I can't see or reach easily.  I've also had problems where areas redden and stay red for way too long (upper chest).

I do need to plan and decide NOW.  For three of the four, I need to leave some growth or they won't work and shaving is it by default.  Since I had to not shave in preparation for last weekend, I think my body hair is long enough for any of the options right now.  But if shaving is "it," I should be shaving already to make it easier.

I have not made a decision about my brows yet.  I haven't been cleaning them up, and that worries me a bit.  I don't want a stranger to work on them.  I've had one bad experience (where she worked hard to create boybrows and it looked awful) and the potential for going too far is always present.  Maybe if I explain what I want to do and get my brows waxed Tuesday evening I'll be good.

I'm considering:
legs: try epilator; nair or shave if it's not effective.
arms: if epilating legs work, try that.  If not, wax or nair, then shave to clean up
back and back of neck: wax.  Maybe I'll see if she'll do my shoulders as well
underarms: shave.  I think that's traditional. :)
chest: shave

Wow.  That's a lot of area to cover.  So to speak.


  1. This is when, reading your blog, I thank whatever gods there be that I am not hairy. It used to bother me before I was dressing...but now I read posts like this one and realize that I don't even need to shave my legs more than once a month!

  2. I'm in the same boat.... Needed to feminize my brows before going out. Went to European Waxing a new franchise in town, 2 outlets. They offered a free (really)first eyebrow wax for men (normally $15. I asked the female provider before she started about her experience. Done this to men and women for 9 years she said. I told her I wanted to feminize my eyebrows into an androgynous form. The result was beyond my expectation. always assk for experience!

  3. --I'm an epilator convert and will sing its praises ad nauseum, but if you're not epilating weekly, I'm not sure it's even worth it. Waiting too long will just mean you will have to experience that first pain all over again. Plus, you'll have to deal with the red bump problem again, too. Not pleasant.

    Never tried waxing, but I've heard good things. Likely the most certain method that will last the entire adventure without required multiple daily touchups (which is why I switched from shaving to epilating). I have no idea how expensive it actually is, but I think your time is probably worth it. You could wax your chest, too. Didn't realize their was a quality issue involved in waxing, though. I thought it was a relatively consistent experience.


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