Sunday, June 26, 2011

She Hasn't Said No

About once a month, my wife has some friends over for her spiritual book club.  It's more video than book, and sometimes more an opportunity to shmooze than get spiritual.  One of the members is the one I told about Meg.

Tonight is such a night.  For the first time, both boys will be away.

Last evening, I reminded my wife that she often asked me to join the ladies for her meeting.  I told her I'd feel funny as the only guy, but as Meg I'd join.  Her comment was "none of the women dress up for these meetings, or wear makeup."  I said I'd still feel like joining only as Meg.  She changed the subject.  Later, I mentioned that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me.  She said that I seem to take any chance I get.  I agreed that I enjoy my time as Meg and like new experiences and meeting with her friends would be a new experience.  She changed the subject.

Any time I brought it back up over the evening, she sidestepped and changed the subject.

But she hasn't said no.

I'll continue today, pushing for that once-in-a-lifetime chance.  If permission is granted, I'll have to spend some time shaving and getting ready.  I think my Arizona museum outfit would be a good choice.

It's all nice to plan and think about it, but I know: she'll say no.


  1. Dear Meg,
    your wife hates to say no that is why she is changing the subject and postponing the moment she has to say it. She loves you!
    Hugs, Corinna

  2. I would not push the envelop. I have gotten into fights ,with my wife doing that

  3. Rather than pushing your wife, maybe let the friend help you for next time. Since she knows that you crossdress, make her aware fo your blog so she'll know you're not a fetishist about it but rather serious in your femulation. Then have her help with convincing your wife that it is OK for you to join as Meg...and even go off to Philly or NYC for a weekend. Or even a support group. You never know.


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