Friday, June 24, 2011

Hint, Hint

I have a new work-related e-mail account. I won't go into details, and I won't post any comments that go into details ~ people who have seen this before know what it is.

You've all probably had accounts with security questions. "What is your mother's maiden name?" "What school did you go to for 3rd grade?" "What is your quest?" "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

This was security questions on steroids.

There was a choice of twenty questions. You had to pick fifteen. Each had a choice of pre-defined answers, or you could fill in a "custom" answer. This is useful in the off chance that the name of your childhood best friend wasn't on the list of a dozen or so names they included.

I picked, among other questions, "what scares you?" "what is your favorite hobby?" and "what game did you like best as a child?"

For hobby, I wrote-in "cding."  That wasn't one of the choices.

For what scares me, I wasn't sure what to write but one of the choices was "getting caught." Bingo. That works for me. :)

For game, I was writing in "handball," something we played every night as kids (Chinese handball, actually. How many of you played that as a kid?) But I looked over their list and there was "dress up." Handball was fun, and the loser had to buy a soda for the winner, but if I had the choice between handball and dress-up, I would've gone with dress-up. So I put down the alternate reality answer.

And why not.


  1. "I seek the Grail." "European or African?"

    Chinese handball? Is that the one played bouncing the ball into adjoining squares on the sidewalk?

  2. I do like your code responses. I would suspect that your log on will be fully secure.

    We played Chinese (sometimes referred to as Japanese where you hit the ball down on the ground before it hit the wall) handball as well as straight off the wall handball and occasionally stoopball. We got lots of mileage out of our little pink "spaldeens" (Spalding).

    If playing "dress-up" was a common enough activity to do as a kid you would think that more adult women would jump at the chance to play dress-up with willing adult males.


  3. --Fifteen? You're required to answer all 15 security questions just to reset your password?

    That's just ridiculous.

    I'd have to write them all down just in case I forgot exactly which answer I had given for a particular question. My choice of "what scares me" changes on a daily basis.

    Today's answer would appear to be "cockroaches."


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