Saturday, June 11, 2011


Tuesday, after work, I came home and wanted to switch immediately into my black shoes and wear them for the evening.  It's not a great test because I'll be sitting a lot, but it's better than nothing.  I want to see which shoes are most comfortable.

But I didn't.  Arizona won out.  My feet were so sweaty I couldn't put on my shoes for a bit.  But I did wear them for a couple of hours.  Wednesday, I wore the fuschia wedges, as you saw from the photos.  They're neither terribly comfortable nor terrible.  I think I could wear them for a full day, but I think I'd like backup.

Wednesday was wedges all evening, as you could tell from my photos.  They're OK.  I think I can wear them all day.  I think.

Thursday, mules.  The mules are the most comfortable, I think.  They're from "Air Supply Plus" and padded and soft.

I'll write about my Friday night either later today or tomorrow.  Remember: today is definitely a going out day!

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