Friday, June 3, 2011

Schedule BUSTED

As I mentioned, it's best to get out of the house by 7:40 to avoid traffic.  Yesterday, that didn't work.  I had a few dresses I wanted to try and photograph.  I had some longer skirts I wanted to try.  I have some light, shorter skirts that I wanted to try as well.

To get the best idea how the dresses would fit, I needed to put on my bra, forms, and cinch.  I also wanted to look further back in the closet and see if there were other possibles for Arizona.

I worked fast, but it was about 7:50 before I was done.  Then I had to take off the undergarments, put everything away, get dressed in drab, brush teeth, make sure I didn't leave anything out, put the camera in the basement, get my computer and such for work, and get out the door.

I wasn't real late, but I didn't get to the knee-length-and-above skirts either.

There are several options that I'm posting here.  My hair and makeup are still in the closet, so no head in any of these.  I tried to get my feet for longer skirts.  I didn't try on the white or blue from the other day, but they're still options.

The top in the skirt pictures is just the first thing I grabbed.  I'm actually hoping to get back to the shops today to get a pair or two of summery shoes (I don't really have anything appropriate and comfy shoes are a must, or Meg will have a short time out), and a top or two.  I'm thinking cap sleeves and not shaving as much as I planned.  Or cap sleeves and I WILL shave, just as a dry run for next time.

Let me know what you think, in either comments or e-mail.


b&w mini
Ab&w sheath
long pepper
short print
salmon mini
black maxi

light blue maxi

flame maxi

black flower print

purple flower print


  1. I think all the short dresses are very cute, although the salmon mini may be a touch TOO short for everyday wear. If you can get the arms shaved, then the sleeveless b&w sheath is just look smashing in it.

    Of the long skirts, I'd stick to the more colorful ones...better suited to the season and the Arizona environs, IMO.


  2. For the desert heat I would go with the three print skirts, the long pepper and the b&W mini. I think the fabric and the neck cut of the other dresses make them look a bit warm.

  3. Ab&w sheath, short print,& salmon mini would be my choices then the flame maxi. However, wearing the maxi through the airport may initiate a wand or body search whereas the shorter skirts should be OK. Good luck. Lisa

  4. --If you aren't used to that kind of heat and will be spending more than 30 seconds outside at a time, I would avoid the darker colors. Skirt length is significantly less important, unless you plan on spending a sizable portion of your time outdoors.

    Aesthetically? I like Flame Maxi and Short Print. But that's just me.


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