Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Request for Help ~ Honest

Well, for this trip anyway.  I have seven outfits for three (max) outings.  Well, that's assuming I mix-and-match.  I tried to match the top to the skirt for each of these pictures, but if I screwed up let me know.  I can go out three times at the most.  Tell me what I should wear for my first (evening, to get my manicure and pedicure), second (sightseeing in Tucson), third (sightseeing at tourist traps).

Here we go.

It's very late and blogger wants to put pictures and words all over the place.  Plus, I rotated pictures and it refused to acknowledge that and I had to rotate them all sideways and then they uploaded properly.  Insane.  Anyway, it's very late and I can't spend more time on making this pretty, but please tell me what you think!

purple flowers, purple top
I think this purple top and flowery skirt go well together.  I know it looks like my bottom is huge and top is tiny, but the camera angle was a bit low in all of these pictures.  Also, no makeup and wig means no faces.  My hair is mostly gone ~ alas, no tan at all.  My bare legs, I think, are frightening.

The blue flowers, well, I don't think it goes with either top, but I'm not sure.

The flame seems to go with the salmon.

The dress is front and side ~ it actually looks like I have a butt!

The reason I said NO DRESS is because it's way overdressing, but I think I can do the Friday night nail session wearing that and maybe the black shoes.

I brought the fuschia wedges, the mules, and the black shoes.
flame, salmon top

blue flowers, salmon top




  1. Hi Meg,
    I think any of the outfits would look good. I do like the purple flowers purple skirt and top and the wedges best. Also as to breakfast at the motel, you might just go for it and see. I travel and have just worn shorts and a top and wig and wedges and minimal make up and it seemed to be OK. No noticable comments and I do not pass as well as you. Enjoy!! Lisa

  2. --Blue flowers/salmon top is my least favorite here. I can't tell what material the dress is made from, but looks like it would be the least comfortable outside. That material may breathe better than it looks like it does. Probably best for manicure. Otherwise, I say just wear whatever you're in the mood to wear at the time.

    Probably best to avoid this comment completely, though. I have a notoriously bad fashion sense.

  3. Go with all three skirt and top picks. I would avoid the dress. In photos it looks too warm.

  4. Of the three, I don't like the blue flowers skirt, but handkerchief hems have never been a fave of mine. The purple top/skirt is OK but not with those shoes. The dress is your call. I have no idea how cool it really is. Just remember that it will be HOT by 10AM so take care with the heat.

    As for breakfast, remember that Friday, a goodly bunch will be going home, so... and those that stay are very likely to be sleepng in as they don't have anything else to do but drink. Just play it by ear..

    I like the wedges...


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