Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Milk?

My formerly anonymous friend Pat sent me a link to this article in Slate a few days ago.  It's about a man who kind of pretends to make a sincere effort at lactating.  He's not serious.

His research is no more than anyone could find via google, and probably as accurate and useful.  His information on hormones is wrong as well.  Facts are few and far between.

Mostly, I think he wrote it because he wanted to write something few have written before.  I doubt he even did the pumping he said he did for the story.

Pat said flat-out (HA!) she'd take a pass on the breastfeeding.  I would go for it wholeheartedly.  When my wife was pregnant with our first, I said I'd breastfeed if she would figure out how.  I had a pretty good idea as to the how (although I didn't know if it would really work, but it should).  I wanted her buy-in.  I didn't ask for a lot ~ just for her to do something so I'd know she knew I was serious and that I would do it.

She, not surprisingly, never did.

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  1. I suppose the bottom line question for many in the LGBT community is the issue of "Nature or Nurture". Was I born with the desire to wear woman's clothes or was it some experience that happened to me during my 'formative years'?

    I suppose that the "T" in me is just not strong enough to make me want to breat feed.



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