Monday, April 11, 2011

Dinna With Dana

Meg and Dana, After Dinner
Around the time I arrived in Colorado Springs, a reader named Joanie wrote "if you'd like to meet someone while you're in Colorado Springs...."  I paraphrase, but she introduced me to Dana.

Dana's story is Not Your Typical Crossdresser.  I am.

She never dressed until just four years ago.

She's divorced, but it's pre-dressing up, so dressing wasn't involved.

Her ears are pierced.

She's very involved in Tri-Ess and other organisations, even facilitating groups for F2Ms.

She has a girlfriend who'd think it fine if she went fulltime.

She does outreach (something I'd love to do!)

She spent a twelve day holiday in New Orleans, including a cruise in the middle, all as Dana.

Her (grown) kids and grandkids know, and go out-and-about with her.

And... that's her own hair!  I mean, that's my hair too, but I made it mine by purchasing it.

She came down to my hotel for dinner, which was very accommodating of her.  I don't know the area, and my old eyes are behaving less and less well at night.  We went to Flatirons, which was right next door to the hotel.  She drove the short distance to the restaurant; I walked, mostly because I like walking and like to be seen.  So of course, I left my room and the hall and elevator were empty.  The lobby was empty; there wasn't even anyone behind the desk!

We were treated like any other ladies at the restaurant.  I had no doubt I was sitting across from a woman.  She's reached that nirvana I wrote about a few months ago.  She knows passing is more about how you see yourself, and how you feel about yourself, than how others see you.

Please don't look back through the blog to see if you missed something.  I've never been out with another transgendered person.  If they were all like Dana, I'd never pass by another opportunity.  (And I'm still kicking myself about Richmond and Vanessa!)

Dana and I had a lovely conversation.  She's very easy to talk to, and incredibly nice.

After dinner, I walked back to the hotel.  I would have liked to stay out later, but I had an early flight the next day and my brain was unsure of the time zone.

The hotel lobby was still vacant, although I lingered for a moment and as I was about to go up to my room the woman I'd seen every other night there asked if I needed anything.  I said no, since the elevator was here and, other than validation, I didn't need anything.

Up in my room, I was euphoric.  I didn't do a lot, but I met someone wonderful, I had a good meal, and I just felt good, and felt that I looked good.

I should have changed right away but instead I just enjoyed being Meg, went over the evening, and tried to wipe the smile off my face.


  1. What a great story! Please, if you get to the Philly area, let me know ahead of time; I can't promise to meet you dressed, but I'd love to talk to you in person!


  2. It seems like you had one of the best nights of Meg's life meeting with a comfortable and at ease CD. Having this type of experience can both make you jealous of what you perceieve others may have and give you hope and inspiration as to what you may achieve.

    It seems like I have thought of geting out while on a trip so often that it now looks like it will never happen. Your adventure gives others hope.

    Thanks for a great post.


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