Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up In The Air

Right now, I'm not only working at my current job but I'm also trying to track down everything even remotely Meg-related that's on my (two) work computers.  This means:

* images.  I normally take a break and read the funnies and save some ~ especially those that are crossdress or style related.  I also sometimes have Meg pics on the computers here.  They all have to go!
* notes.  I keep todo and other similar lists.  I don't want anyone seeing a packlist that includes "breast forms, bra, eye liner, dress...".  I also put blog entry notes into files that may be on the computer here.  My breaks are a busy time!
* e-mail.  I sometimes send e-mail to my work e-mail with blog notes or other related stuff.  Must Not Stay!
* browsing history, cookies, temp files.  I'll probably uninstall Firefox and delete my profile.  I have a session restore program that could be used to discover assorted t-blogs and other t-related links.  I need to ensure I'm logged out of everything.

and on and on.  I'll probably trash everything before handing in notice, in case they decide that I can leave immediately.  One never knows with this place.

I still don't know if my tentative offer will become an actual one, so I'm still looking and not talking.  In fact, you ladies are the only people I've told about this!

Meantime, since leaving is not something I often do, I was looking at resignation letters.  I'd like to resign more-or-less like in the show I lifted those images from (does anyone else remember The Prisoner?), but I won't.

The first letter I found started with:

I would like to inform you that I am resigning my position as....

And my reaction is "I would like to inform you?"  That sounds lame.  I'm leaning more towards

I am ecstatic to inform you that I am resigning my position as....

or maybe

I am having non-stop orgasms at just the thought of informing you that I am resigning my position as....

I have a rich imagination, but I never do anything with it.

My manager has a new manager.  He introduced himself today, after being in the office for a week.  I was really hoping to have my letter ready so I could go into his office and say "hi.  I'm _____ and, well, this is awkward" and hand him the letter.


  1. Meg, I left a consulting company several years ago after being with them for a long time. Between outsourcing and business verticals and being at one client for a long time, I didn't know who to resign to. It took three calls but I finally found the right person (she was in Cleveland, I live in Chicago). I don't think there's a lesson here just a story of what work life is like these days.

  2. I thought you might enjoy. Please moderate if you wish!
    Found on blogspot.
    Weird Al as Lady Gaga!
    great fun video
    I alway loved Al (and yes that shows my age) (it's been 30 years ... OH GOD!)

  3. Meg, I have very much been enjoying your blog. I probably don't have to tell you this, but just deleting and removing the browser won't eliminate traces of that information on the hard drive. Any way you can do a thorough cleaning of the files? Do you think they will go searching for anything?

    Just some thoughts...would hate to see you get yourself in hot water.

  4. I once had a new boss; he yelled at me for missing a pointless meeting. Right at the end, I told him "This has nothing to do with what you just said, but I'm leaving at the end of the week." He just stared at me. :-)

    I never did ask him for a reference...

    The best resignation letter is one sentence: "I am resigning ("my position" if you want to get alliterative) effective whenever it's effective. Sincerely, Me (well, your name)" Short, sweet, no room for misinterpretation, burning bridges and so on.

    After that, do as you're doing - and prepare to be immediately escorted from the premises.

    Good luck on your new venture!

    Carolyn Ann

    PS Never, ever, ever, put personal things on a work computer. You don't know if they have monitoring (a lot of firms do monitor their workers), and you don't know if someone will simply walk off with the machine! Besides, I've seen people fired and not allowed near their machines because the evidence for their firing is on the machine. These days, it's best to assume your work computer is monitored.

  5. Meg:

    Will your resignation come complete with all the thunder sound effects? And will you wind up in the Village?


  6. When I leave an employer, I usually write: "Efective at the end of m shift on (Date), I will no longer be employed by (Company)." Short, to the point and in NO WAY can ever be used against you.

  7. Suggestions:
    1. Don't surf in places that you wouldn't want your boss seeing. (Oops... Now to fix that....)
    2. Clear out your temporary files, and any places where you may have installed programs.
    3. Erase your browsing history.
    4. Remove "Hidden" attributes on all files possible, and manually search through them for stuff to be deleted.
    5. Numbers 2/3/4 are common sense things you are likely already trying. And I hope you get the results you want. But if you're friends with the IT person, you may want him/her to reimage your computer to be safe....

  8. I am thinking that the less said the better.
    Just follow my speech advice...K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid).
    During WWII the Admirial needed to report an encounter with a German U-boad and merely report "Sighted sub...sank same".
    Just do what is needed to get the job done and as you walk away you can mumble under your breath "Wham...bam...thank you maam."


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