Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Road Again

Did I mention I'm going to Colorado Springs for a few days?  I'll be leaving in about ten hours from post time.

I planted a seed, but I haven't watered it.  I said to my wife "I had so much fun travelling dressed last time, I'm thinking of doing it again."  She scoffed and said something about having to go through security.  I said "do you think I'd be the first?"  She said "no" and changed the subject.

I won't be flying pretty, but I will have Meg in my luggage.

I have three days to do the work, and it looks like three days is far too long, unlike my last project.

I expect to be at the customer from 8:30 until no later than 5:30.  I also expect my evenings to be free, although I may have another customer (whom I'm waiting on) to work on in the evening.

There is a shopping center less than a half-mile from the hotel.

I'll arrive late Monday and probably just shower and go to bed.  If I'm awake enough, I may do some hair removal.  I was shaving daily so I could spend some time working on arms, legs, chest, but then I stopped once I decided I'd only be changing in Colorado.  I'll was thinking of bringing a bottle of hair remover, or buying one after I arrive.  Instead, on Friday, I started researching epilators and on Saturday  I bought a Braun.  The model I considered was only available at WalMart and there are no WalMarts near here.  I considered picking one up in a Colorado Springs store, but then I'd be cutting it close.  So to speak.  I'd probably have to wait until Tuesday (since they'll probably be closed when I arrive Monday).

So I got a more expensive model at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It's rechargeable, so I charged it today.  I didn't mention my purchase to my wife, but I never do.  She knows I buy stuff; she doesn't ask what.  I think she's afraid that would be misconstrued as interest.

So now that I think about it, I think I'll try to remove some hair on Monday, just to see how much it really hurts and if it leaves marks.  I had heard that it can, but they disappear within 10 hours or so.  So if I epilate my arms and legs, which are covered at work anyway, I should be able to go out after work.

I can probably get out Wednesday evening, maybe Thursday evening as well.  I fly back east early Friday.

This will be a good trip.


  1. Have a good and safe trip. I have to pack tonight for a crack of dawn flight out tomorrow. I will also be packing a small bit of 'Pat' but I am sure Pat will never see the light of night. I will be in business suits from 7:30 breakfasts until after dinner meetings each day.

  2. The first time hurts infinitely worse than the second. I might have given the first time a longer trial to heal, but you should still be good.

    Have an awesome trip, Meg.

  3. Your wife may be right to be concerned about the security aspects of flying as Meg. Do you want to be the one randomly picked for a hands-on pat-down? And then there's the issue of ID matching physical appearance.



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