Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Not To Wear

Or at least, What I Didn't Wear.  This travelled to Colorado with me, and it seemed like a shame to just pack it back up so....

By the way, I always hang my clothes in the hotel room closet.  Do I care if anyone sees that the guy in 305 has a dress and skirts hanging up?



  1. I was on the road last week as well and while I did take some "Pat" clothes, shoes, a purse and makeup, the work aspects of the trip kept me busy each day from 7AM until after midnight. Pat's clothes did hang in the closet until they had to be packed for the trip home.

    In Pat's universe there is 'always next time'.

  2. Why should you care? The maids are the only ones coming in and they don't really know who's in the room...maybe you had a guest?

    And I can't believe you didn't wear that outfit, it's lovely!

  3. I second Dani's comment. Those colors look great on you.


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