Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Bit More Meg Than Planned

Writing Tuesday morning....

My suitcase is full.  A bit less than half is for my four day trip.  The rest is for Meg.

Because the suitcase had a bit of extra room, I packed some cotton camisoles ~ one for each shirt for each day.

Tuesday, I wore the cami pictured here under a green shirt.  Yes, those straps disappear under a decent shirt.  In case of someone putting their hand on your shoulder, or a hug, all bets are off.  I expected neither of those things.

Tuesday Night Update: I was sitting at a computer and said something funny and my Colorado contact laughed and reached down and squeezed (squoze?) my shoulder.  Mild panic, but I didn't see a reaction and I made several cd-like comments during the day.  Such as, at one point we were looking at modus operandi information and the one I pulled up at random was about someone being assaulted at a transgender support group.  I said "you know, it seems like every time I'm at a transgender support meeting someone gets groped" to huge laughs and a "you're crazy."  Not crazy, but certainly having a good time.

I also wore green socks, because, well, why not?  And getting the customer used to me wearing socks that match my shirt will prepare them for my pink shirt on Thursday. :)

But when I pulled out my pants I was surprised.  I thought I pulled out a fairly new pair of black slacks.  I only brought one; I know that's a stretch for three days, but that's how I pack.  They were not only an older pair of slacks ~ they were women's.

I don't wear them anymore because they're a bit snug and a bit faded, but that's all I have so they will do.

I'm writing early Tuesday morning.  I may shop tonight and get new (girl) jeans ~ I need a pair or two, and maybe I'll pick up new slacks.  Boy or girl, well, I haven't decided yet.

I do plan to go in drab to the nearby shopping center to check it out before going out Wednesday night.

Tuesday Night Update: I did look around the shopping center.  It's huge, sparsely populated, and not very interesting.  Because I had to work pretty late Tuesday and won't have prep time, I plan to get out on Thursday.

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  1. Hi Meg Iwill out Enfemme on Fri.& Sat. at the Femmefever Ball!


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