Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dani Asked....

"What is TSA?"  This is TSA.  It's a great organisation, mixing business with technology.  These, the organisers hope, are the future engineers and engineering managers.  As such, they expect the entrants to behave professionally.  But they're all teenagers, so they can only enforce that they dress professionally.  Which means female teachers and students all wearing clothes I'd like to be wearing.

I was judging high school video games.  There were nine entrants and three standouts.  Today, we interview each of the top teams and decide on the final standing.  I will make a point of telling the best that there are three top games and the difference between them was minuscule ~ we might as well have tossed a coin.

Too bad I can't get a copy.  I can only urge them to find a place to publish.  It'll look great on their cv.


  1. My elder son would have loved that organization as a high-schooler! He's currently a doctoral candidate in computer science.

  2. You get to judge video games?

    You do realize you just made me the most jealous person on the internet, right? Life is so not fair.

    Wish you all the best on your trip, Meg.


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