Friday, April 1, 2011

And Back Again

The rest of the trip was sadly Meg-free.

Vanessa Shih
I had to work in the morning before going to the customer site, and for a few hours afterwards each day. A reader from Richmond, Vanessa, had written to me before the trip and suggested we meet. I was hopeful, but also doubtful. I know how this type of installation can go.

We originally planned to meet Wednesday evening, but that turned into Another Work Evening. I stopped at the mall that was adjacent to my hotel on the way back and looked in vain once again for pant liners. I did pick up some hose, a package of girl socks (one pair in my luggage was torn), and a nice nightie that I was going to model before I went to meet Vanessa (not FOR Vanessa!) but that never happened.

After Wednesday was cancelled, I figured Thursday after work was a sure thing. The customer went home at 4, and I had one more night in the hotel. I was tired from the long days but not THAT tired.  I thought I might check out as Meg on Friday and change on the way home.

I left at four and headed back to the hotel, planning my change so I could try to arrange a time and place to meet Vanessa.

Before I got there, I had a phone call from my wife. There was a minor emergency, and could I head back that evening? I'd need to be back by about 8.

I could have said no, but I wasn't sure of her state of mind after seeing Meg leave earlier in the week. I decided to leave it to fate. If I could check out at 5 without paying for an extra day, I would. If I had to pay, I'd stay.

"Oh, no problem. Let me see if they charged you yet. If they did I can credit it out. Nope, you're good."

I sent my regrets to Vanessa, checked out and sadly headed back.

I did have time to stop for dinner, so I stopped at the Spotsylvania mall again, hoping to see H. I was going to see if she recognised her customer from earlier in the week and I wanted to discuss the skin care items we had talked about earlier in the week.

H. was not there.

As you can see from the picture here, Vanessa is really cute!  And I covet that dress.  You can see more pictures on her flickr album.

I should have more free time next week in Colorado Springs. Anyone from there reading today?

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  1. Meg,
    It seems like you hit the tilt/default cycle. As a married, hetero, employed, parental, otherwise occupied, cross dress we find that the best we can do is hope and plot that we can get out and about while dressed. I see that as my 'default' mode. If I do not have to be a worker, employer/employee, husband, parent, any one of the three men in a tub I can get into CD/default mode.

    On the other hand planning CD time is always subject to having the machine go "tilt" and the planned CD experience gets put on the shelf until the next 'default' period. It seems that there is always the possibility that a planned CD time or event will be subject to having the plug pulled and aborting the plans at the drop of a hat.

    On the other hand I do hope all was well with you on the home front.



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