Saturday, April 2, 2011

Under Cover of April First

On Friday, I brought in my prints from Richmond.  I was thinking of showing them to one woman in particular at the office.  She doesn't know explicitly about Meg, but she knows that I dressed up for the past two Halloweens.  She was out of the office that day and didn't see me.

I thought I'd respond to questions with "didn't you know?  This is something I do sometimes....  Or maybe I just set this up for April Fools Day."

I know this is risky.  But it's also fun, and I thought I'd go with fun over risky.

I considered telling all to my NY friend (see this and the following rally reports) who was here for Halloween and spent several hours with Meg.  If he reacted badly or oddly, I'd turn it into an "April Fools."  But if I did, I could never really tell.  I don't think I ever will, but if I misread his reaction and said "I got you good!"...  That's the end of that.  The lie is out and the truth is lost.

I had complimented C on her dress earlier in the week.  It had a washed-out leopard print and looked fantastic on her.  She said "it's not as nice as your dress!" so I said "wait 'til you see the next one."

So Friday, I reminder her of that conversation and showed her the picture of me at home.  I wanted an out, or I would have shown her the Clinique photo.  She said I looked great, she asked what my wife thought of this, and... that was it.

Another office opportunity:

Earlier that day, I was talking to F (who saw Meg in the office that Halloween day) and somehow the chat turned to clothes.  She said how she liked to shop for t's and jeans.  I said "I prefer dress shopping."  She said "yeah.  You and those bold prints."  I said I thought solids were nice too and it depended on the style.  She said she didn't like solids.

Later, I dropped by with the same picture and I said "I just wanted to say, you were right about the prints."  She looked and said "I'd swear that was your twin sister."  I said "it is."  She said "no, she's your clone."

But no questions.

Do they know?


  1. Who said moths were the only ones attracted to the flame? :)

  2. "Do they know?" Well, probably they suspect that it ISN'T just for Halloween with you. The question is will they be cool with it and will your employer be cool with it. If it is a major corporation, then probably as they've seen and survived. But the you're looking to make a change anway.
    These are bells that cannot be "unrung".


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