Sunday, April 3, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

Over the weekend, after I returned from Richmond, I downloaded the pictures you've been viewing and I printed four. I put those four in an envelop and on Monday, I left work early and headed to Tyson's mall, so I could talk to my manicurist C.

If you recall, I owe her an apology. I still don't think I told a story, but I certainly didn't tell the whole truth and I should have. I took a shortcut for two reasons:

1. fear. I didn't want her to say "Oh. My. God. I don't want to work on a transvestite!" I know that's most likely not going to happen. I'm probably not the first, or she's heard stories from other workers there. She was also young and has probably had more exposure to people like me.

2. fear. She's going to work on my brows. Anything else that someone does to me, can be undone pretty quickly. If it can't, it's something that won't be noticed. Brows are the one exception. If she decides to make a high thin arch, I'm stuck with that for the next few weeks.

Also, as I mentioned, expediency. She wanted to start on my brows and I needed to let her know quickly what I wanted. It takes less time to say "I'll be playing dress-up for an event" than "I do this a whenever I can, but I don't want a femme look except just a little bit because mostly I'm not dressed up and I have to look male to the world at large even though I really enjoy the femme look and maybe if you went a teemy-tiny bit too far I'd be OK with that."

Monday, I returned to the mall with my envelop of photos. I walked in to the nail place and asked for C. "She's with a customer and won't be available for about an hour. Can someone else help you?" "No, I'm looking for C. If I can, I'll check back in an hour."

I couldn't, so I tried again Thursday. She was there and available. I told all, I told her why I didn't say anything in the first place and I told her I felt bad that I did not. She assured me that it doesn't matter to her, and I told her I know that NOW, but I didn't know it when I walked in.

Her only worry was "the manager told me a man was looking for me a few days ago and I was afraid I did something wrong."  I said "I'm the only one who did something wrong."

All is good. Maybe next time I'll have less fear and more honesty.

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