Friday, April 29, 2011

I Made Some Time

I did get my eyebrows waxed ahead of my trip to Dallas.

I left work around midday yesterday.  This has nothing to do with my impending departure from the company.  It does have to do with my impending departure for Dallas.

Prior to a trip, I have to understand the customer's system and the product I'll be configuring.  I have to make air, car, hotel reservations.  I need to arrange when and where to meet the customer.

At home, I generally have to do laundry and pack for the trip.

With my weekend being largely devoted to TSA, I realised I didn't really have time to launder and pack.  So after ensuring I've put in at least my normal 40, I left early.

Passing the mall, I decided to take a chance and see if one of the women who had done my brows previously were available.  V, who had done that and my manicures was not.  The woman who did it last time, when V was on holiday, was.  She was the one I went to afterwards and told about Meg.

She did an, um, enthusiastic, job.  At first glance, I thought she went too far, but my brows passed the big test: my wife.

One deciding factor was it was Thursday.  My wife works until 9 or later on Thursday, so any redness would be gone by then.  She always comments on my brows but not this time.  There was no clue.

I might try to keep my brows like this, and next time let her give them a bit more arch.  By the time I'm 90, I'll have a nice, feminine brow. :)

I packed a dress and a blouse and a couple of skirts for Meg.

I may be off the air for the next few days.  I'm going to wipe all of my browsing stuff off my computers before giving notice, although with a trip to Dallas imminent I think I'm safe from being booted out the door.

I'll be doing TSA after work and tomorrow and then catching up on some sleep that I won't get tonight.

I hope to write Sunday, but I have to get some things organised before my flight.  I get in late, with just enough time to unpack, get out my torture device and try to clean up my arms and/or legs, and shower.

With luck, next week will involve going out and posting photos.


  1. Good luck and have a safe trip. Business is good but when I get busy it is always my CD life that takes it on the chin.


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