Thursday, April 7, 2011

Short Notes

Just a couple of notes....

Yesterday, Diane posted a comment saying she'll be at the FemmeFever ball on Long Island (where I used to live) Friday and Saturday.  I'd like to invite Diane to drop me a note ~ if she'd like to write about her experience for the blog, or share some photos here, I'd be happy to oblige.

I received a private note from a reader ~ she's in Denver.  If I knew, I would have flown into Denver and either driven or connected to Colorado Springs.  As it is, at 100 miles or so, I can't possibly fit a trip like that in.

Another reader pointed me at a couple of CS ladies who I may be able to meet with tomorrow.  I'm still sad that I missed Vanessa in Richmond.  The project is more messed up than I was led to believe and I had another long day on Wednesday.  My goal is to get out at 5 on Thursday, and be dressed and ready for... something... by 7.  I'm still stuck in eastern time, so 7 is 9 to me, but I have all this stuff that I packed and I hate packing things and not using them!

My next trip is probably going to be South Carolina, but I have NO idea where in the state yet.  If any readers are in the Palmetto State, please keep an eye and if we're close, maybe we can get together.

I wish I had an idea where each of my readers are so I could make sure you know when I'm travelling.  Even if all we can do is meet in drab, I'd like to meet.

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  1. Hi Meg, I did not know you were a LI girl at one time. I will be happy to write &post a pic of the Femmefever ball . This is my 6th time at one!


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