Monday, April 18, 2011

Search Me ~ Again

I don't check my blog stats religiously. This is not unexpected.  I don't even practice religion religiously.  (Happy Pesach, fellow tribeswomen.  Funny aside: there are traditionally boiled eggs on the table at a Passover Seder [ritual meal, like the Last Supper].  One mixed couple I know put coloured Easter eggs on the table.)

But I looked at the search terms that found my blog over the past several days and found a few that I need to share.

Two people (or maybe the same person looked, couldn't believe it and looked again) found me when looking for
John Travolta Grease outfit.

One person found me via "no more panties" ~ I'd love to know what she was really looking for, since my blogpost was kind of the opposite of that.

I was thrilled to see someone searching for call me Meg pretty crossdress.  Thank you, whoever you are!  I hope you stick around.

The last two I want to mention are... odd.  I wonder why they clicked on my blog when they saw the google results.  They are:

call girls around Tyson mall


Colorado Spring IHOP April 10, 2011 teens skip out on ticket


  1. I've never really looked at the search terms part of my stats. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. call girls around Tyson Mall eh? LOL

    Someone found my site by looking for "Halle T-Girl".
    The site that more readers than any other come via is a captions blog. I often wonder what those visitors think when they land and survey the actual terrain chéz Halle. :)


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