Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy's (?) First Bra

This is from a strip called Preteena, which ended in 2008.  Teena (10) is a bit of a tomboy.  Her older sister Jeri thinks she is the Object of All Male Desire.  Mom decides to take both for a bra fitting.  Here are two cartoons in sequence.  It's easy to take this as a mom and her son, and let your imagination go from there.  Especially with the "Uh, Miss" comment.  All that's missing is quotes in panel one ("My two 'daughters' would like to be fitted.")

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  1. When I come home from work I see the usual set of joggers trying to have an early heart attack. What has struck me of late is the number of men who "bounce". And these aren't overweight by any stretch (pardon the pun). The sports bra makers should start marketing to these guys. Seriously.


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