Monday, April 25, 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

With an update, below.

I've written about freecycle several times.  It's a collection of yahoo groups.  Each is for a small geographic area.  People post OFFERs of stuff they want to get rid of, and then TAKENs when someone grabs it.  It's great for getting rid of Things You No Longer Need.

I've never used it to get rid of clothes.  There are some people who know our family on the list, and I'd hate to post a "OFFER: Size 10 Red Minidress" and have a friend or neighbor think "hmmm....  She's not the kind of woman who'd wear a red minidress."

But I have used it to acquire clothes.  Sometimes, the clothes are great, sometimes a waste, sometimes they're a mixed bag (so to speak).  I don't re-freecycle what I don't want (although I promise to) but they do go to the clothing swap, so they are reused, which is the goal.

Today, I'm kind of breaking a rule.  I have decided to get rid of whatever I won't wear out of the house (well, with exceptions such as nightgowns).  But I answered the following OFFER:

White Tennis Skirt, Size 10 (though Size 10 from 1986) in really good condition.

I don't think I'll be playing tennis as Meg.  But I've always coveted tennis skirts, and the price is right, and a size 10 from 1986 ought to fit.

I'll pick up before work and then I have to wait until later in the week (possibly the weekend) to try it on.  If someone gave me a package and said "it's a present.  Don't open it until your birthday in six months" I'd say "fine" and put the package aside.  If someone said "it's a dress.  Don't open it until your birthday in six months" I'd have a rough six months and may cheat and open it just a half-year early.

It'll be a long week.  I'm even thinking of sneaking it into the office and trying it on in a stall.  But I won't.  But tell the truth ~ you'd consider the same, wouldn't you?

Update:  I did.  I'm usually the first person here, and always the first male here, so the restroom is pretty safe. 

It's a wraparound skirt and seems to fit OK.  I need to check it out further at home, but at least the hard part is over.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, Meg--many's the time I've bought something new (dress, skirt, blouse, shoes) and had to wait days for the chance to wear them...and hoping that the chance will come unexpectedly sooner.

  2. Very nice picture.Always had a fondness for women's in sports.
    ( I like to wear sports bra's )

  3. Good news about the tennis skirt and I am sure that it will pass the final dress test. Of course we are jealous of anyone who fits into anything size 10, even from 25 years go.
    I was really looking for an update on the job front. How are things going there.

  4. I love you!! having a good laugh!Your computers not up yet, the coffees not made, but we had a good look and check anyway!!! just could wait, huh! how long did you have the item in your hand before you ... 20 minutes? but, I don't know if I could of held on that long myself!

  5. I think I was a drag queen in grade school and i'm a girl. was just thinking of my old tennis skirt and came upon this site, thx for the entertainment. and when I get new clothes (now), I wait to try them on b/c i'm afraid they'll look bad. Repressed much? lol


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