Friday, April 15, 2011

Ow. OW! OwOwOwOwOwOwOwOw!!

It really wasn't that bad, but I will need to rethink epilation.

For those who aren't familiar with epilators, they are a device that Torquemada would have used to get heretics to confess, if only there had been electricity in the 15th century.  They (the epilators, not the Inquisitors) use little tiny tweezers to rip the hair from your person.  It is then neatly strewn about your room and the surface of your body, where the little roots stick to anything, without prejudice.

I tried my Braun epilator on my arms and legs prior to my Colorado trip.  I did this more than once.  It's an experiment, and I'm not done yet.

There Is Pain.  It's not horrible, and this battery-powered device claims to work wet or dry, although I only tried it dry.  I'm guessing wet it wouldn't have enough traction to yank out hairs.

Considering the number of hairs it missed, I'm also guessing a plug-in model might work better.  And, in hindsight, considering the difference between coarse male body hair and finer female body hair, a device made for men might have been a better choice.

I tried to follow the instructions carefully.  This meant keeping skin taut, which is difficult when you're working on an arm or a hand.

Sometimes, I'd go over an area and it would look the same.  The epilator head would have hairs stuck to it, and my arm would have hairs lying on it, but it seemed like it missed a lot.  After I had made several passes, I went over the area with a razor.

An epilator is not for last-minute touch up.  Your skin will not look pleasant for a few hours after the procedure.

I avoided areas that might be more sensitive than others, such as my chest, especially after it grabbed my arm a couple of times.  The device would catch, the motor would hum instead of spin, and I'd be left with a hickey.

After covering an area, I'd think "that didn't hurt a LOT" and then there'd be a kind of regional pain that's hard to describe.  It was, thankfully, short-lived and maybe would have responded well to topical witch hazel, or internal tequila.  I didn't have immediate access to either.

I don't think I had allowed the hair to grow out enough before testing the device.  As I said, I am going to give it another test in a couple of weeks.

Right now, I have a bigger problem.

I have shaved, waxed, and tweezed.  In the past, I have raised moustaches and beards.

NOTHING itched like the post-epilation hairs growing back.  Without even thinking about it, I have scratched my wrist raw.  I am now doing my best to resist the urge, but it's difficult.  I'll be with extended family next week and I rarely worry about my hairless arms attracting attention, but now I have little scabs and redness attracting attention to my arms, which are mostly hairless.

I admit, if I were to go out tomorrow I'd just have to do a once-over to pick up the stray hairs.  My understanding is, hairs grow at different intervals and there were hairs that were yanked and hairs that were below the skin at yanktime, and those hidden hairs are now in full bloom.  They would have to go.  The hairs on my arms and hands are sparse right now.  I need to figure out how to prevent the grabbing and the itching.  I need to wait a couple of weeks until the hairs are all rip length.  I need some time alone so I can use this without the boys wondering what the heck dad's doing now.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go scratch.


  1. It may be that the old tried and true razor may be the best solution for you. It seems like you put yourself through the mill with results that were no better than if you had simply shaved.

    BTW, I do like the 'Clinique' photo.

  2. Hi Meg

    I have been using a mains powered Braun for the last four months and it is nasty the first couple of times and gets easier to a point where it is almost pleasant feeling the tugging of the hairs. I moved on to using a home IPL machine for most of my body but as I can't see to do my back or shoulders I am still using the epilator there and it is just a slight nuisance.

    I am really pleased with the results of the IPL on my legs and arms though I have yet to see much improvement on my face. However, I was using the device at a low setting om my face until someone told me to ignore the instruction as a man's skin could take a high setting and a man's hair needed it.

    Keep on going with the epilator. Move it quite slowly over the skin to pick up most hair and use a mains one, not the battery version.


  3. Hi Meg...often read your blog...have been using a mains powered braun epilator to good effect for some years....moving the epilator in the direction of hair growth is less painfull, against the direction of hair growth is more effective.....the longer the hair, the more painfull...hope that things get better for you.....Vivien B


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