Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Very Special Weekend, Part II

Friday morning, I had hoped to get up and out early but we were enjoying each other's company and it was later than I hoped when we were done with breakfast and ready to get ready.  Aeify is a lot of fun to be around.

Flashback: A couple of weeks earlier, Aeify sent me a picture from a shop.  She wanted a new dress or two for DC and was trying them on and sending photos.  One was a long sleeveless purple dress which was nice.  Another was a short sleeved green dress, just below knee length, which I really liked.  I texted back my approval and "I wear a 12."

AND we're both Gemini!
She showed up with two identical dresses, one for her and one for Meg.  She asked if I really wanted to wear the same dress and I said "why not?  People will just think I'm your mother" and we haven't outgrown the mother-and-daughter look.

After Aeify did my makeup (she's much better than me, in case anyone had any doubt) we took a couple of pictures and left for DC.

One other makeup note: Aeify surprised me by filling in my lips with the lipliner pencil.  I thought it was called lip LINER because you drew a line.  She said that the lipstick stays on better if you fill in with the pencil first.  I'm always happy to learn a new trick!

Before arriving, Aeify asked if we could see Batman on opening day.  I didn't even know it was opening that Friday but I said sure, and started looking for theatres.  It turns out it was in a couple of Smithsonian IMAX theatres and mostly sold out, but I did manage to get us tickets to the 4pm show at the Air and Space museum.  Air and Space had the first IMAX in the DC area, and it's where I saw a little 20 or so minute film called "To Fly" ~ it was incredible, but I had never seen a popular film on IMAX before.  The American History museum has a larger screen, but it was completely sold out.

We drove to Ballston Commons Mall, probably the easiest nearby place to park and get on the metro, and I found out quickly that the identical dresses were going to get some attention.  As we sat down and turned to look at the map I heard someone from across the car say "are you two twins?"  Aeify didn't hear this, but I mentioned it to her and ignored the asker as if I didn't hear him either.

I decided this was going to be an experiment ~ are people going to react to me (us) more today because we're "twins" or about the same as during the rest of the weekend?

We got off at the Smithsonian exit and walked across the mall to American History.  First we headed to the "first ladies' gowns" exhibit and discussed which we liked and which we didn't and why.  In the past, I pretty much ignored this exhibit, but with Aeify it seemed irresistible.  We wandered the museum and we definitely got more attention than I usually do when I'm out dressed alone.  There were some comments (all positive, all aimed at the "twins") and lots of smiles.  At first I was kind of self-conscious, but I started to enjoy it and relax.  Actually, it was all relaxing.  I slept fine the night before ~ no pre-outing jitters keeping me up ~ and was calm and relaxed all through the getting ready rituals: shower, shave, makeup....  Maybe it was because I knew I'd have company (although that could have been a reason to be MORE anxious) or because I was out a couple of times recently or maybe this is a new phase in Meg's life or, well, something else I don't understand yet.  But I don't remember being anxious or nervous or excited or ANYTHING except calm and ready to go out as "girlfriends."  Even taking that first step out the door ~ I didn't look up and down the street to see if someone's watching me walk out as I usually do.

With 90 minutes or so to go until the movie we walked across the mall to Air and Space.  Aeify stopped to eat (I wasn't hungry) and we got on an amazingly long line which just got longer and longer, snaking through the museum.  Waiting was OK.  I enjoyed just spending time with Aeify as much as doing something.  She's a wonderful lady, and I can only hope she found me as interesting as I found her.  And, of course, it is an incredible feeling to be out and about and treated as a girlfriend.  I do admit, some habits die hard.  Remembering to replace, let's call it chivalry, with common courtesy.  So if I'm at a door first, I'll keep it open for the lady behind me, but not stand aside and let her through first.  But I really want to stand aside!

After Batman, we headed back to the metro and had dinner at the food court at the mall. 

The only "I shouldn't" moment I had was at the museum ~ there was a line at the ladies' room and I didn't want to stand in line.  We went to a different one where open stalls were rare but findable.  And I learned some bad words to say about women who "hover."  I mean, come on!  At least clean up after yourselves!

And I want to say that I used the ladies' both before and after the movie.  I generally don't expect to go three hours with a bathroom break.  The rooms were crowded both times and were not a problem at all.  I'm getting more comfortable going into a room where ladies do not expect men.  I didn't stand around though ~ into a stall, washed my hands and OUT.  It's becoming more natural but I must admit ~ I need to retrain my body a bit.  When I sit, no matter what I want to do, my body says "time for number two, right?" and I have to fight that urge.


  1. Another great meg day! I don't know how you can remember in such detail all the moments of the day. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Aeify! I'm so happy as you need some enjoyable fun times.

  2. Seeing the two of you together makes me so very happy and smiling, especially this:
    “She showed up with two identical dresses, one for her and one for Meg. She asked if I really wanted to wear the same dress and I said "why not? People will just think I'm your mother" and we haven't outgrown the mother-and-daughter look.”
    Thinking about entwining …. ☺
    Love (to know) you both ….


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