Monday, July 16, 2012

Spiritual Meg, Part I

Friday night, I planned to go to a local synagogue.  I deliberately planned to not go to my synagogue.  I know a lot of people there and I don't want to encourage gossip.  And, although we are a fairly liberal congregation, a lot of the people I know are older and maybe not so open to seeing the guy who fixes their computers in a dress.  I think most people wouldn't recognise me, but all it takes is one.  And they may recognise my voice, no matter how Meg I make it, it still has that New York nasal undertone.

I was going to go to a synagogue in Burke.  At least one reader attends there, and I used to be a member until maybe fifteen years ago.  Then I checked the map ~ it would take almost 40 minutes to get there.  The services started at 8, which was OK.  Many reform synagogues switch to a "summer schedule" and have services earlier during the summer months.  More conservative synagogues match service time to sunset.

I knew there was at least one reform synagogue closer to me.  A quick google found it.  They have services at 6:30 during the summer.  I know they're a smaller congregation.  I knew I could get out of work early.  I looked at my options.

430-530: dinner time
530-730: get Meg ready
730-800: drive to synagogue, probably be a few minutes late

415-615: get Meg ready
615-630: drive to synagogue
830 or so: home, dinner

I went for the latter.
Meg before synagogue

I could be home from work in plenty of time.  I had already picked out a dress and undergarments and had a plan.  I decided to stop on my way home at Burlington to see if I could find some new jewelry (yes) and to look at some dresses (no).  I picked up some groceries next door and went home.

I showered, shaved close everywhere, and was way ahead of schedule.  I considered making dinner before I went, but I wasn't really hungry yet.

I put on my dress and... I didn't love it as much as I thought I did.  I tried on a few different dresses and finally decided on the one pictured here.  It's navy, wrap style but not a wrap dress.  The deep V required a cami; I wore a black shaping camisole which looked pretty nice.  But when I was done, everything was different from what I originally put aside!  (A female friend said "that's a very girl thing to do".)

I went outside ~ again, no-one was there ~ and had an uneventful drive to the synagogue.  I easily found parking and walked in, just a couple of minutes late.


  1. Meg
    Soo proud of YOU!

  2. It seems to me that Meg choosing to go to Synagogue is proof (as if any more were needed) that Meg is a serious expression on yourself, not some sort of fetish, simple fun thing or a response to some form of miss treatment during childhood. Worshiping God (in Spirit and truth) is the natural response of a mature complete person.

    Of course it should also be fun

  3. Meg, a question I've been meaning to ask:

    Since I know the heat and humidity in DC is, if anything, worse than here in Philly, how do you deal with it when dressed? I notice you've been going bare-legged lately, but how about the extra layers of clothes that being Meg requires?



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