Thursday, July 12, 2012

Therapy the Sixteenth

First, I don't know if I mentioned this, but the office I'm now in is officially designated as a military installation.  That means access to general websites, including personal mail, is restricted.  So I cannot publish comments until the evening now.  Just sayin'.

Couples' therapy: no t-issues, and somewhat depressing.  Every time I leave, I am more worried and anxious than the time before.

Before therapy
My individual therapy yesterday, however, was interesting.

I got home later than expected but not very late.  My job involves people calling random meetings, usually for late in the day.  So it's hard to plan things like Meg At Five.

I put on my black-and-white dress, some gold jewelry, and got to the office about fifteen minutes early.

The first appointment was earlier and the office manager was there along with another therapist and a couple of clients waiting.  The second was late and the office was empty when I walked in.  My therapist (M) said for late appointments like this, she gets her pick of offices since no-one else is about.

Wednesday, I showed up and saw a father and two young sons leaving.  Inside, the office manager was there, another therapist, a young woman doing her intake paperwork, and a couple sitting at the other end of the waiting room.  No-one paid any attention to me.  I am still never sure if that's good or bad.  I assume it's because no-one notices a woman over a certain age.

My therapist came out, looked at me, and invited the couple into her office.  I was confused.  I thought it very possible that I was mistaken and she wasn't my therapist.  I've mentioned my face blindness.  It rarely fails me.

For some reason, she came back out a minute later (the office was empty at this point) and I went up to her and said "I believe I have a five o'clock appointment with you."  She denied the possibility, said she has a standing appointment with that couple.  She asked if I would wait until 5:45, when they were done.  I pointed out that she was running late and it would be 6, but I'd wait.

If I wasn't dressed, I wouldn't have waited.  During the session, I mentioned this.

But I won't get into that now.  Because I was an hour late, and I'm writing this at 11pm on Wednesday and it's long and getting longer (the post, not just this sentence) and I'm still Meg (yay!), I'll continue Friday.

But it was all good.  Except the wait, but, hey, I was dressed.


  1. "I'm still Meg (yay!), I'll continue Friday" and so you should! continue to be Meg that is. Sounds like an interesting encounter, I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.

  2. Bravo,
    It is a good thing just to have been out and about as Meg during the day time mixing with the civilian population.

  3. Meg
    You look GLOWING

  4. Meg, you look terrific. I can see why you'd want to stay in Meg mode as long as possible.

    From previous posts, it sounded your therapist was going to be very helpful and assist you with exploring your options. The whole "wait an hour for me" thing seems odd. I hope the session went well. You just seem to perk up when you describe your individual sessions.

  5. I love your photo!! Happy, excited, reddy to GO! I hope you enjoyed the nite! hugs! karen

  6. you look radiant! When you look that good, why wouldn't you want to be Meg full-time? I've dreamed of going to therapy dressed; I can't wait to hear about the session!


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