Friday, July 6, 2012

Therapy the Fifteenth

We spent the first $35 catching up, which was pleasant enough.  Then we got down to business and the pleasantness... vanishes.

My wife has decided we were "in love with the idea of each other," not with each other.  She says the problem is mine: I don't love myself enough to love another.  She accused me of not using my time to do the "hard work" repairing this relationship will require.  This is without actually asking me what I've been doing.  Or, for that matter, if I agreed with her diagnosis.

She also keeps repeating that I am taking a vacation from her, which is not what I'm doing.  I've said many times, in many ways what I am doing.  I think the best description I've come up with is, it's a retreat ~ a place where one can step back from life and look at the big picture and see how you'd like to fit into that picture and how you can make that happen.

All that said, I'm going to stop doing the couples' therapy posts, unless something occurs is relevant to this blog.

As it is, it's way too personal and way too depressing.  No matter how she looks at the relationship at this point, I'm going to continue doing that hard work and I hope to write a wrap-up post when my gig is over ~ one with a happy ending.

I will write a bit about my individual therapy thing ~ there was no visit this week, but visit three will be next Wednesday.  I hope to make it eventful.

I had a bit of "don't care" fun Wednesday and Thursday, and I'll write about those events next week.  Please check out the funnies tomorrow and Sunday.


  1. Meg
    I really wish you good luck with the couple's therapy and also with the relationship with your wife and family.

    Since your wife is in the counseling profession it would seem that she is looking for some sort of classic diagnosis that can then be treated. She also seems to want the comfort of a defined condition. I go back to my basic premise that all people are different and that our approach to things often change as we experience different things. Trying to fit people or relationships into a 'one size fits all' catagory is as much of a pursuit of a pipe dream as the idea of 'one size fits all' pantyhose.

    Keep the faith

  2. Hi Meg
    I am back from the left coast. I had hoped things would get better for you.


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