Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Zits and a Little Bit of CD

I reprinted the Zits Halloween cartoon a week or so ago.  I thought I should pull out a few other Zits to share.  The next day, the first one below appeared.

It looks like Jeremy (the son) is getting blue polish.  I can't tell what's being done to the dad.

Now, I've never had a pedi over anything but that little whirlpool.  What's with the ottoman?

And, if she's just getting her nails painted, well, that's kinda boring and I can understand.  But she should have gone for the full "spa pedicure" and they'd be saying "when can we go back?"

Anyway, it's followed by four "Pierce had his wisdom teeth removed" cartoons. 

But this one was just so timely....

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  1. I really enjoy the comics. I wonder if that's a trans-thing? Stana mentioned comic books and Archie the other day. But I follow a few too-without as much luck in finding trans related material, so I appreciate it when you single a few out. Don't stop!


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