Monday, July 23, 2012

Back In The Closet

By Saturday, July 7, Meg had pretty much taken over the house.

An upstairs bedroom had a table.  Her makeup was on the table, ready for a dry run before going out.  Tops and skirts to try on, as well as a dozen or so dresses, were hanging in that closet.  She put aside looking at tops and skirts so she could find a dress for Wednesday and Friday, when she'd be out.

The basement had the rest of her stuff: a drawer full of panties, more clothes in the closet including a copious number of camisoles waiting to be tried on.

And so on.

I was definitely enjoying this freedom, which definitely improved my overall mood and outlook on life.

Then the homeowner called.  His college-age daughter would be staying Sunday and Monday.  "You can stay, of course," he said.  "No I can't," I said.

So Sunday morning involved rapid fire dress and shoe try-ons, followed by The Packing of Meg.

Some stuff made a one-way trip.  Skirts and tops I like mostly stayed at the house.  I don't need 25 or more of each ~ I'm not going out that much, and I have more that I haven't reviewed yet.  I brought back five skirts and two tops.  I don't know why I didn't leave more dresses, but maybe I'm more hopeful that I can get out more.  I'm more likely to wear a dress than an outfit.  I just love them more.

Most items stayed in the car.  And now I'm back in the drawers/closets/etc and I did get out last week, so it wasn't horrible.

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