Monday, July 30, 2012

A Very Special Weekend, Part I

Aeify came to visit.  She's looking to move out of Memphis, and I was honoured with the possibility that she'd consider my area for her future home.

I know it was probably a bad idea, but we agreed she could stay in "my" house.  For my housesitting gig, I'm barricaded in the basement and it is a big enough house ~ four more bedrooms and two baths upstairs.  If we wanted, it could be a bed-and-breakfast setup, where the only time we'd meet would be in the kitchen, and the only reason I'd know she was here was I'd have some sheets/towels to wash.

But we've been corresponding a bit and so I took off Friday (she arrived late Thursday) and we spent quite a bit of time doing tourist (and Meg) things Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I think I now understand there's a difference between acceptance and Acceptance.  My wife accepts.  She doesn't approve, but she accepts.  Aeify Accepts.  I decided to greet her in a top and skirt ~ I didn't tell her that's how I'd be dressed.  I just did it.  I also decided to put on a little eye makeup ~ mascara and liner.  She came in and we said hello and she never mentioned my outfit, never acted as if anything was unusual or unexpected....  Not even a giggle.  Most women (my wife included) would have said something to the effect of "what's this about?"

It was like that for the weekend.  She was nice enough to help me with my makeup, but didn't care if I was dressed to kill (or at least blind) or if I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

We spent a little time chatting after she arrived but, as I said, it was late and I had a lot planned for the weekend.

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  1. she looks like a fun person. So this is an online friend that's moving closer to you? it's always good to have those types of friends to help support you


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