Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Oopsie

I think the "bug out" I wrote about was a little warning from my Muse to me.  I was thinking of ordering a couple of Meg items while I was there ~ I'd order from Amazon or Zappos, places that I know do not follow up with snail mail catalogues and such, and, if they did, it would be innocuous.  But if I have to run away for a couple of days, and that's when the package arrives....  I don't make any assumption of privacy.  That comes from the kind of companies I work for.

I'd hate to come back to the house and find an open box with, say, my new corset or platform pumps sitting out.  I do need to hide less, but I don't need to be stupid about it.

(I was going to label this "Danger Will Robinson" but I have the nagging feeling I've done that before.)


  1. Amazing entry, as always. I have a little comment similar to your situation - (I'm trans, btw if you couldn't tell). I was at Target today and decided I was finally going to buy my first bra... but kinda chickened out (even though I've been full time for over 16 months) and just decided I'm going to buy one on Amazon.

    Well, good job on the blog... in fact, your blog actually is the one to finally push me off and do my own!

  2. Hi Meg! Reminds me of my recent butt/hip pads purchase at Amazon. The box came delightfully unmarked. But, the visa bill won't be saying "Amazon" but rather something a bit more feminine... darn those sub-sellers! :D
    Hug, Sara

  3. It seems like you are learning to trust your muse. That seems like a good thing. Two days after you decide to NOT order 'Meg' stuff to go to the temp house your house sitting sabbatical prematurely comes to an end.


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