Friday, July 20, 2012

Notes from the Field

I kind of kept my eye on the clock Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church.

It took about 35 minutes to shower and shave ~ shave everywhere.  I was pretty clean-shaven but I still had to go over everything... everything since I didn't know how short my sleeves or skirt would be yet.

Drying and moisturising and contacts took another ten or so.

It took about 40 minutes to do my makeup, but that's not a fair test: I royally messed up my eyeliner and had to do it over.  Then I realised I had done my liner before my primer.  I use an Urban Decay eye primer which is opaque and it covered my eyeliner a bit so I did it AGAIN.

Taking everything off, including taking a shower, took about 15 minutes.

My first thought was, I'm taking a lot of time to create and dismantle Meg but my second thought was, I have to spend a lot more time as Meg once I'm dressed so the time dressing is small in comparison.


  1. Meg
    Girl time is worth it

  2. My thought is that the time spent dressing is always time well spent.
    I enjoy being dressed and I like the dressing process. It is all good.

  3. Eyeliner and eye makeup is hard, but I bet it would get a lot easier if we were doing it everyday. Like the old joke,tourist in new York City asks how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice.


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