Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving Out/Moving In

As I mentioned, I had to move Meg out of the house and back in again.  I was out for two nights right before Meg's first outing of the summer.

Originally, there were 22 boxes and bags, including my male stuff which of course could stay in the house while I was out.  If anyone poked around they'd find shirts, pants, non-standard socks, and, oddly, no underwear.

I had to move nine boxes and thirteen bags out of the house.  I left some stuff at my house: I picked up some stockings and a garter belt on freecycle; I left that at home.  As much as I enjoy them and want to try them, I have more "must" stuff than "want" stuff.  I do have a goal!

The reason I still had 22 packages was I had sorted things, so I had, for instance, a bag of tops and a box of skirts to replace the larger box of stuff.  The dresses moved into two bags.  Some packages stayed home.

I brought in my tops and skirts that I have tried and left most at home.  I kept a few that I really like, on the assumption I'll be going out in them during the next few weeks.

I left my now HUGE swap bag at home.  I think, by swap day, I'll have enough other items that even if I don't pick that up to swap I'll have plenty to share.

I also decided to leave all of the shoes I've tried on and want to keep (about ten pair) except for the two pair I planned to wear that week.

At the last minute, I decided to leave dresses I've logged (except for a few that I really want to wear ~ the ones that are nice enough or too heavy for summer, for instance, can stay home.  Then I changed my mind again.  The dresses I tried on were the "A" dresses ~ ones I'd pick first to wear out.  I need to try on and perhaps swap those "B" dresses.

I also left a bag with makeup stuff I won't need (fake nails and such) and my old wigs at home.  I do want to try on wigs and get rid of what isn't Meg, but I can bring those another day.

So I'm down to "only" seven boxes and six bags.  I wonder what the neighbors think of this moving in and out dance?

Actually, I'm only mildly in "I care" mode about neighbors ~ in addition to picking up the newspaper in sandals every morning, I was doing yardwork in shorts and sandals the day of my move ~ the shorts were kind of obviously women's shorts (do any men's shorts have cuffs?) and my bright red toenails were on display for all.  No-one came by though.  I guess 100 degree temperatures discourage all but the most diehard walkers.

If anyone came down to the basement while I was at work last Wednesday, they'd know something was up.  Even without opening a box they could look on the bed and see a wig, forms, jewelry.  Makeup is out in the bathroom.  A hanger has not only my dress but my bra, cinch, slip, and panties hanging from it.

I've been very anxious for a number of reasons: work, marriage, Meg.  Some of Meg is caused by the hiding.  I think I learned a lesson while I was breaking my back moving items.


  1. It's a good the homeowner called you.... things could have say "very interesting!" if you hadn't recieved some notice!! But Meg's alway prepared!

  2. Oh my, Meg!!
    Good luck... Ugh.
    LIke your going out to get the paper in slightly femme clothes and yer toes! I've gone out with some women's "generic" stuff on similarly for the paper, it's nice. Always glad it's early and a little dark, tho :)
    Hug, Sara


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