Thursday, July 5, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...

(note: it's supposed to be therapy day but time ran out.  That should be tomorrow.)

Yesterday, I was back with the family.  I was actually a bit nervous about how this would go.  The boys will be fine.  But when I'm alone with my wife, I feel like I'm under attack.

No t-activity for a couple of days.  Tuesday, after work, after therapy, I waited for my older son to call.  He took a bus down from NY and I told him I'd pick him up.  He wanted me to stop for pizza and then I plan to be staying "home" overnight ~ there's a lot to do, getting ready for the 4th.  July 3rd at my house, for the past few years, has involved getting all sorts of bits and pieces together: tables, tablecloths, a 10x10 tent, signs, 30 or so pounds of sugar, hundreds of cups, coolers... and we wash lemons.  Boxes of lemons.

On the fourth, my son's 4-H group has its big fundraiser of the year: they sell lemonade at a local fair.  We begged my oldest kid to come down because he's a tremendous help.  I spend the day schmoozing with the other parents and looking at the other booths.  There's a lot of jewelry for sale and I can sometimes sneak a piece for myself.  This year, things went a bit different, and I'll write about that another day.

We skipped fireworks because all of us were pretty exhausted by the end of the day.  I barbequed in the evening stayed over again, and took my son back to his bus early in the morning.  I learned that I need to stay away more ~ the issues start up as soon as we're back together.

It's a lot of fun, really.  It's near the top of the ways-to-have-fun-in-drab list.

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