Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Very Special Weekend, Part III

Saturday was rainy.  My eyes were tired from wearing my contacts all day.  Sunday was clothing swap day and we spent some time looking at Meg clothes to try to find something to wear and we watched some videos (we have similar tastes but different histories) and we talked and ate and walked around the neighborhood between raindrops and before we knew it Saturday was gone.  There were Meg activities, but it involved looking more than doing and, you know, that was OK.

A Gemini in front of a Gemini
I am still reluctant to part with my girl clothes and such.  I worked hard to get each piece.  It's never easy to find a dress that will cover my back hair or with enough sleeve for me to wear (although that's changing).  It rare to find cute clip earrings or hot shoes in my size.  So I tend to treat the earrings that are like torture devices for my ears or the shoes I can only wear for an hour or the dress that's way too dressy or way too frumpy for me as a trophy, not as a wardrobe item.  Plus, my range changes.  I shaved and waxed to the point that I could wear shorter sleeves and lower backs than I thought possible before.  So should I get rid of that sheath dress just because I can't or won't wear it out today?

I have to remember that as my range expands so do my options.  I can get a new dress that I will wear out today, and it'll be easier to find.  And what I do have will be out-of-date and attract negative attention anyway.  So do I need my trophies?

Aeify had no such issues, at least with my clothes!  When I pulled out a dress she had no problem telling me it was hideous (for me) and that it should go in the swap bag.  More than once I heard something like "that's nice, for 1983."  Into the swap bag.  I think if I had her around for another day or two I'd cut my closet needs in half, and have only things I can and should wear.  I am not complaining, and I never questioned her judgements.  And I enjoyed playing Barbie, and I'm glad I had someone to treat me like her own dress-up doll.  (Notice I did not say "fashion doll".)


  1. Meg,
    I am so glad that Aeify came for this visit. It seems that you were in dire need of a good amount of 'Meg' time. It seems like everything worked out very well and that this time was good for both of you. Sometimes it really helps to get a change of pace from our regular lives. I find that getting dressed and into my 'Pat' mode helps wash away the stress and problems of my male life. Being a CD is an instant escape.

    I also need to go through my wardrobe and cull the crop. I have the same feelings that you do that each feminine acquisition is a bit of a trophy. For a few years my wife has been after me to thin the closet. We have talked of setting aside a day for that purpose but we never seem to get to that point. I have stuff that must look terrible on me but I keep it since there is always the remote chance that it will get a wearing. I think that my wife would be more critical in judging what goes in the 'Good Will' bag.

    Once again I am so happy for both of you.


  2. Meg -

    I'm glad you have a friend like Aeify - I'd love to have one who'd be comfortable going out with you, shopping with you, and even "twinning" (wardrobe) with you for a day.



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